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In this article, I’ll be providing my personal rankings for each of the Mario Kart DS’s 36 vehicles. Considering there are 36 vehicles in Mario Kart Wii, I’ve decided to rank them from worst to best, with six vehicles in each tier.

To paraphrase ang xem:The best kart in Mario Kart DS is the

Bad to terrible automobiles, ranked E-36 to E-31, are considered to be “E”.

Sweet and spongy Mushmallows is our number 36.

First up is the Mushmellow, one of Toad’s karts and the worst vehicle in the game. These cars are as light as the Egg 1 in the game. Also, it’s one of the slowest vehicles in the game and has a low items stat.

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Banisher, the number 35.

This is the Banisher, another of Dry Bones’ karts. The slowest car in the game, with below-average weight and drift stats to go along with its third-best acceleration and handling.

Cradle, Four-Wheeled, Number 34.

The 4 Wheel Cradle is yet another of Toad’s karts. Its speed and equipment are its only redeeming qualities. Without those modifications, it would be a painfully slow vehicle.

To the degree of standardization denoted by the number 33: TD.

Lastly, the Standard TD, the last of Toad’s karts. It has slow speed and a light weight, with only decent acceleration.

Egg 1 is the subject of the 32nd number.

This is Yoshi’s very first kart, the Egg 1. It shares low drift and items stats with the Mushmellow and is the game’s lightest vehicle overall. Just how fast it can go and how well it handles are its only redeeming qualities.

The Light Tripper, or No. 31.

The Light Tripper, Peach’s first kart, is up next. This kart’s main drawbacks are its below-average weight and low items stat, despite its above-average acceleration and decent items stats.

D-Class automobiles are about as average as it gets, scoring between 30 and 25 points.

Spotlighting at number 30 is Light Dancer.

Daisy’s Light Dancer is similar to her Light Tripper, but it’s both faster and heavier.

Standard Database (No. 29)

The Standard DB is up next for Dry Bones transportation. Because of its light weight and nimble handling, this vehicle has poor speed. However, its acceleration and handling are only second best in the game.

The 28th word is “shooting star.”

The Shooting Star is Mario’s first vehicle in the series, and it also serves as the name of a later, larger bike in Mario Kart Wii. Aside from its bulk and low item statistics, it has serviceable to good overall performance.

Constant DS, or Number 27.

The Standard DS is up next for Daisy. There are better options out there, and the vehicle’s handling is poor. The vehicle’s best feature is its ability to drift.

Here we have the 26th position, the regular PC.

The Standard PC is Peach’s next option. Similar to the DS Standard, but with enhanced performance and responsiveness. However, it has inferior numbers to the Average DS in almost every category.

Royale, the Twenty-Fifth.

The Royale is the last of the Peach automobiles to be discussed. It moves slowly, but its drift and item stats are excellent. Everything else about it is standard.

C-Class automobiles are mid-range, falling between the ranks of 24 and 19.

It’s the 24th, and it’s the MR standard.

The Standard MR will be Mario’s next vehicle. It has generally mediocre statistics, with acceleration being about the only positive one.

It’s time for the 23rd standard: LG.

The first vehicle on Luigi’s list is a Basic LG. The Standard MR’s spiritual successor, with improved stats (except for drift).

Indicated by the numeral 22, Standard WL.

The Standard WL was Waluigi’s first car. The LG Standard is essentially the same thing, albeit with improved statistics in all categories except acceleration.

Twenty-first on the list is the Power Flower.

The Power Flower is the final vehicle Daisy has produced. The only above-average statistics are drift and items.

Animals and nature are the twentieth topic.

First on Donkey Kong’s list is the Wildlife. It has below-average stats overall, with speed and drift being its only saving graces.

Streamliner, the number 19 spot.

Streamliners are Luigi’s next available ride. Its stats are about par for the course, with drift being its only real weakness.

There are some passable automobiles in the 18-13 range, which is represented by the B Rank.

Cucumber is item number 18.

The Cucumber is Yoshi’s next vehicle. Acceleration, handling, and items are its strong points, while its other three statistics are below average.

Zipper is the seventeenth-most-used invention.

The Zipper will be Waluigi’s next vehicle. The only areas in which it excels are weight and items, which are otherwise average.

Dragonfly, the sixteenth.

The Dragonfly is Wario’s first vehicle. Its speed, weight, and items are its strongest attributes, while its agility, strength, and health are its least.

The 15th entry is “Typical YS.”

This, the Standard YS, is the final Yoshi vehicle. The only areas in which it excels are acceleration and handling, which are otherwise average.

Rambi Rider, the fourteenth.

The Rambi Rider is Donkey Kong’s next vehicle. Its weak points are in acceleration and handling, but otherwise it has strong stats.

This is the normal DK, which is number 13.

It’s the Standard DK, the final Donkey Kong vehicle. Its weak points are acceleration and handling, but otherwise it has mostly average to good statistics.

The A-Rank features the best cars, rated 12 points out of 7.

This is the Gold Mantis, position 12.

Gold Mantis is Waluigi’s final vehicle. It has average stats overall, with respectable speed and an items stat that is lower than average.

On the eleventh spot is the Poltergust 4000.

We bid farewell to Luigi and his Poltergust 4000. The vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and handling are all above average, while its top speed, top acceleration, and top handling are all below average.

For the tenth spot, we have the RB standards.

The Standard RB is ROB’s first vehicle. Its handling is its only weak point, but its speed and weight are excellent.

When referring to WR standards, refer to number 9.

The Standard WR is the next automobile to be produced by Wario. Only two of its six statistics are above average: speed and weight.

Standard black and white (number 8).

The Standard BW was Bowser’s first ride. It has above-average stats for speed and weight, below-average stats for drift and items, and below-average stats for acceleration and handling.

ROB-LGS, the seventh.

The ROB-LGS is the company’s next vehicle. It has decent stats aside from handling, but good ones for speed, weight, and items.

From excellent to fantastic automobiles, 6-1, that’s what the S-Rank is all about.

B. Dasher, the sixth.

The B Dasher is the last vehicle owned by Mario. Its stats are about par for the course, and its items stat is particularly strong.

The fifth: a dry bomber.

The Dry Bomber is the final and best vehicle owned by Dry Bones. However, despite having the best acceleration and handling in the game, its other statistics are dismally low.

Rank four: brute.

Wario’s ultimate vehicle is the Brute. Although its other statistics are below average, this vehicle is among the fastest in the game.

Three, the tyrant.

After the Blitz, the Tyrant is Bowser’s next vehicle. This vehicle has the worst acceleration and handling of any in the game, despite being the heaviest. Its item stats are good, and it moves quickly.

“Hurricane” is the second most common name.

Bowser’s final ride is a Hurricane. Like the ROB-BLS, this is a heavy, fast vehicle. It has terrible speed and handling, but it drifts almost well.

ROB-BLS is the first.

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The ROB-BLS is the best vehicle in the game and ROB’s last vehicle. This rivals the Hurricane for the title of fastest vehicle in the game, and its statistics are even better than the Hurricane’s, barring the latter’s weight and drifting.