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Find what you’re seeking if This is it, the Ultimate TH5 Hybrid/Trophy Base of 2021! Clash of Clans’s Best Town Hall 5 Hybrid Base Design, then your search ends here. You won’t find a better base for Clash of Clans: Town Hall 5 anywhere on YouTube than this one. This Town Hall 5 coc base design is suitable for both farming and trophy pushing. Read on for more information about this best TH5 coc base.


I’ve recently made a Town Hall 5 hybrid base, but I want to give you guys more options in case one doesn’t work for you, so today we’re making another one. Like my other base layouts, this one is a hybrid, so you can keep your loot and your trophies even if you switch between different strategies. And so, I shall return after the foundational study has been completed.

Please excuse my ang xem:Best th5 base in Clash of Clans.


We need to start with the fundamentals.

One of the fundamental guidelines to follow when constructing a hybrid base is to ensure that the town hall, which contains loot and is worth one star, is situated in a safe and central location.

Since we frequently face mass Balloon attacks, we keep the air defense in a secure location at the heart of Town Hall 5, where it can protect the entirety of the base.


The Wizard Tower and Mortar, our other two main defenses, are situated in a secure area at the heart of the base to ensure their continued safety and maximum coverage.

Thus, the primary function of the base is to shield our three primary defenses in the center and provide cover for them with the other structures.


The base is well protected from aerial assaults on all sides thanks to the strategic placement of archer towers.

The cannons are strategically placed, contributing to the base’s overall balance and making it reasonably effective against ground attacks.

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To correct the rookie error of putting all storages in the center and defenses on the outside, I have now moved on to the base’s storages, which are evenly distributed across the various rooms. Therefore, once the attacker breaches the compartment’s defenses, they gain access to all the booty. the storages in this base are spread out among various locations, making it necessary to destroy the entire facility in order to obtain all of the loot. Never cluster storages of the same type together; if all of your gold is kept in one place, for instance, an attacker can easily plunder your entire stockpile if they manage to destroy just one side of your base. Thus, in order to prevent that from happening. We stagger their placement, much like this foundation.


The base’s defenses have been improved in response to repeated ground assaults by strategically placing spring traps and giant bombs along the routes taken by attacking troops such as hogs and giants.


We planted those bombs there in the hopes that they’d destroy the wall breakers, which would prevent attackers’ troops from entering the base and instead force them to focus on the outer trash buildings, thereby thwarting the purpose of the funnel.

In terms of the outer structures, you can position them wherever you like. Be wary of grouping collectors of the same type together, as this will make it easy for your opponent to steal your loot.


Our foundational analysis concludes here. Get Ready for Some Reruns

Having troops in your clan castle can help a lot, even if your base is strong enough on its own. Clan castle troops will help you waste your opponents’ troops and time, so having wizards or loons for normal defenses and valkyrie for war defenses is recommended, but if your clan can’t donate you those, anything will do. After watching the replays to see how this base functions in action, please head on over to the comments where I have conveniently placed a copy link in the first pinned comment.


When defending your stronghold, it’s a good idea to deploy clan castle troops to cause trouble for the attacker and draw their attention away from your main defenses. In most cases, a Town Hall 5 base is sufficient defense, but utilizing the clan castle is a huge help. When you reach Town Hall 5, you can expand your clan castle to a maximum of 15 rooms; these are some of my favorite defensive troop combinations for use at that level. –

You should have at least one Valkyrie and three Archers.0 Mother Dragons 0 Master Mages 0 Master ArchersA Witch and Three ArchersThere are 3 Balloons in this Bunch

You can use other readily available troop combinations, such as all wizards or all balloons, if you can’t get the above-mentioned troops from your clan, but for the best defensive experience at Town Hall 5, I recommend you have the above-mentioned troops instead.

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Centrally located and well-protected, the Town Hall Defense against air attacks is secure. Separation between storage areas is secure. All of the spring traps are in just the right spots. Highly effective against both ground and air assaults Perfect for Cropping and Showing Off The entire outpost is surrounded by archer towers. Tower of Wizardry, Mortar, and AD are all safely tucked away in the core.


Simply clicking the Copy Base Button will take you to a new window where you can make an exact copy of this base.

Town Hall 5 farming base

The first rule ofA Clan Warhas to do with always being prepared. When plotting the expansion of your village, it is crucial to have a military base that is tailored to your specific needs. Each base should be designed with the Town Hall 5 opponent in mind, taking into account the player’s preferred play style, troop deployment, and defensive strategy.

As an early indicator of your preferred attacking strategy, your farming layout can inform the design of future town hall bases. To that end, consider the following. In any case, the farm layout here is quite roomy for a level 5 stronghold.

Two main routes lead directly to the heart of the structure, and a third, smaller route serves as a corridor between the main routes and is useful for trap-setting and farming beyond the fortifications. A town hall and another building flank the three primary buildings and keep them safe. The tower’s power and stone walls make it a formidable defensive structure, with room to spare for reinforcements. The two internal cannons are not only effective but versatile raiding snipers.

Despite its compact size, this layout is generally agreed upon by players to be significantly more effective than standard hall farm layouts at repelling attacks from Town Hall level 5 defenders. As an alternative, here’s a level 5 base design that’s just as good as any other, but with much stronger offensive and defensive capabilities.

It can be challenging to find the best base to defend your resources and trophies in Clash of Clans due to the sheer number of players. If you want to win the next battle in Clash of Clans, check out these top five TH5 bases. I really hope this manual helps you out!