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Dutch Masters, Backwoods Smokes, and Black & Mild are just some of the popular cigar brands sold at gas stations. Although purchasing cigars from a gas station might not be the most opulent of options, you can find some surprisingly high-quality brands there if you’re in a pinch.

Most people won’t buy cigars from a gas station because cigarettes aren’t properly stored in a humidor there. Because of this, I have my doubts about their quality.

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A cigar, on the other hand, can be enjoyable regardless of cost. These top affordable brands of cigars might appease your craving for the smell and flavor if you forgot yours at home.

My Recommended Gas Station Cigars!

Dutch Masters


Dutch Masters is a company that understands the importance of both tradition and modernity. They sell both classic cigars and cigarillos, but their fusion blend is taking the market by storm.

Fruity, earthy, and even creamy flavors can be found in Dutch Masters Cigarillos and Dutch Fusion Blends. They come in convenient two- or three-packs, available at most gas stations, to ensure that you always have enough on hand for the weekend.

Backwoods Smokes


Pick up some Backwoods Smokes from your local gas station for a taste of American-made cigars. Smaller than average cigars, the ones produced by this American company are sold in bundles so that customers can enjoy them in a more manageable amount of time.

The filler is Cuban seed from the Caribbean basin, and the wrapper is Connecticut Broadleaf. They are machine-made in Puerto Rico. You can choose from savory, sweet, or spicy flavors.

Black n’ Mild


To some, the sight of Black & Mild cigars at a gas station may bring back memories of the 1990s, when they were at the height of their popularity. The wood tip cigar is a popular choice, and the brand offers a wide variety of flavored cigars as well.

Black n’ Mild has some admirable qualities, including the fact that they smoke pipe tobacco. The John Middleton Co. originally built their brand on this principle back in 1968.

Arango Sportsman


Arango Sportsman may surprise you if you’re not a fan of the flavored tobacco used in most gas station cigars. The vanilla flavor in these machine-made cigars is barely detectable, but it’s enough to give you a pleasant tingle.

The cigars’ filler tobacco comes from Honduras, and the wrapper comes from Ecuador. It’s not quite a traditional cigar, but it’s better than what you’d find at the local gas station.

Garcia y Vega


Garcia y Vega cigars are among the best available, but you won’t always find them for sale at convenience stores. When it comes to cigars sold at gas stations, this is as classic as it gets.

In addition to being one of the oldest, Garcia y Vega has been making cigars since 1882. Cigars under this label are made in a factory and feature a Cuban seed filler and an Indonesian wrapper.

Prime Time Little Cigars


In addition to being one of the cheapest options on our list of the best gas station cigars, Prime Time Little Cigars also happen to be one of the most widely available cigar brands. The fruity flavors in these miniature flavored cigars are their most recognizable trait.

Flavored cigars are like marmite; you either adore them or detest them. Trying a pack of Prime Time cigarettes is a harmless experiment; if you don’t like them, you won’t feel bad about your purchase.



Although they hail from a country you might not expect, Villiger cigars are the product of generations of skilled artisans. Even though it was founded by a Swiss couple, the company has deep ties to Germany and has since exported its cigars around the world.

As one of the more recent cigar brands to hit the shelves of American gas stations, Villiger has been selling their wares here since 2002. They take pride in their product, making it a risk-free option for cigars purchased at a convenience store.



The Avanti Cigar Company was founded in New York by an Italian-American family and is another major player in the American cigar industry. It’s the only company in the US that makes dry-cured cigars at this time.

Smoky, yet slightly sweet, flavor best describes Avanti cigars. Since it uses only Kentucky tobacco and no fillers or binders, it stands out from the other cigars sold in convenience stores and gas stations.



Among these, Macanudo stands out as an outlier due to its status as a premium cigar brand. But if you’re lucky, you can find one of their cheaper cigars at the gas station.

If you consider yourself a cigar connoisseur, you should avoid even their more reasonably priced options of Macanudo because they are still much more expensive than the standard gas station flavored tobacco cigars and cigarillos. Your search for Macanudo cigars should begin if you are a purist who refuses to settle for anything less than the best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Kind of Cigars are Sold at Gas Stations?

Gas stations typically stock cheaper, milder cigars that are more accessible to novice smokers. That’s why convenience stores stock more cigars and flavored tobacco than grocery stores.

Are Gas Station Cigars Good?

Cigars sold in convenience stores are typically of low quality. To be fair, though, for the money, a few of the brands make cigars that are quite good.

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How Much Do Gas Station Cigars Cost?

Cigars from a gas station typically cost less than $10, though this does vary by brand. Packs of them can be purchased for under $1, making each cigar or cigarillo a bargain.