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The “Right” Reason to Use Piplup as Your First Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl The upcoming Pokemon games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, aren’t nearly as good as Piplup and Empoleon.

Brilliant Diamond, a Pokemon Term and Pokémon: White Pearl Version recreate the first four seasons of the original Generation 4.The games will stay true to their chibi roots from the original, something the main series hasn’t done in quite some time. Fans were conflicted about the remake’s aesthetic when the trailer debuted, much like how they felt about the generation 3 reimaginings ofPikachu Ruby and Sapphiredecided to go with a more direct approach. Therefore, players anticipated a more up-to-date version of the classic Gen 4 games, perhaps along the lines ofPokemon X and Y or even Sword and Shield.

What you need to know about Pokémon Shining Diamond / Brilliant Pearl

Being exact copies of the originals,Brilliant Diamond is a brilliant Pokemon.and Pearlescent Gleamhave many of the same features as the first, such as the beginning Pokemon. In A Shining Diamond and Lovely Pearl,Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup are the three playable starter Pokemon. Piplup is arguably the best choice for a starter, but the player can only choose one and will likely have to trade to get the others unless they want to complete the Pokedex.

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The Versatility of Piplup

In Diamond that shines like a star and Shimmering Gem,The player, like in most mainline Pokemon games, will have to defeat an evil team, collect all 8 badges, and face off against the Elite 4 to win the game and become champion. Having Piplup’s ultimate form, Empoleon, by your side makes the game a breeze.

Pokemon games haven’t been known for their difficulty in recent years, but earlier games were notoriously difficult. Happily, Piplup can shoulder the bulk ofBrilliant Diamond, a Pokemon Term and Pearlescent Gleam. Being able to evolve from a Water-type to a Steel-type hybrid gives Empoleon a significant advantage, as its final form is resistant to more than half of all types. Pokemon like Turtwig and Chimchar, the other two available starters, typically only have resistances to a small number of damage types. Both Torterra and Infernape, their final forms, are weak to four types and only resist three. To contrast, Empoleon has resistances to 11 of the 18 types and is only vulnerable to three.

Piplup and Empoleon Dominates

Due to its new Steel typing, Piplup would struggle to survive without evolving into its final form, Empoleon. And yet, consideringBrilliant Diamond, a Pokemon Term and Pearl’s Shimmering Glorystory unfold, players of Piplup shouldn’t be too concerned. Each of the obstacles in the Gym is of a different type, and while Piplup and its evolutions can easily overcome most of them, any player who comes in well-prepared will have no trouble navigating their way through.

Similar to generations one and three, the first Gym is a Rock type. Because Piplup is a Water type, it shouldn’t have any trouble with Roark. Peck is the solution once again because the third Gym is a Fighting-type and shares the same weakness to Flying-type that Gardenia and her Pokemon did. Lucario, who has both Fighting and Steel types, is the only potential stumbling block. The fourth gym is a Water type, making Piplup a good fit. Although Piplup has evolved into a beefier Empoleon, that still may not be enough to take on Crasher Wake’s robust Pokemon. There is little the player can do to improve their chances at the Ghost-type fifth Gym. Although, since Empoleon can counteract any of Fantina’s Pokemon, it’s only a matter of time before she’s vanquished. At this point, Empoleon shouldn’t have any trouble with the Ice Pokemon used by Gym 7’s Candice. Her entire team is no match for Peck/Aerial Ace and Brick Break. Volkner and his Electric Pokemon compete in the last Gym battle. Volkner is an Electric-type trainer who also employs the use of Octillery and Ambipom. Players can explore Wayward Cave beneath Cycling Road to locate Earthquake using only their Bikes, the HM Strength, and Cut. This will quickly take care of three of Volkner’s Pokemon, and Brick Break can finish off Ambipom.

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Empoleon”s Royal Assassination into Post Game

All this is, of course, predicated on the assumption thatDiamond-Like Shine of Pokemon and Pearlescent Gleamwill stay true to the source material from the original games, which means nothing will be altered. That being said, the Elite Four are the only other obstacle a player’s Empoleon will have to clear. If you’re using Piplup as your starter, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the five elite-level trainers in this challenge.

The first is Aaron, who uses Bug-type Pokemon and can be easily defeated with Rock Tomb or Rock Slide. Bertha, the second of the Elite Four, relies on a team of Ground-type Pokemon to defeat her opponents. Fortunately, they are vulnerable to Water-type attacks, though players should still be wary of Ground attacks since Empoleon has few weaknesses overall. The third member, Flint, relies mostly on Fire-type Pokemon; to counter them, players can use water to douse the Fire-types and Brick Break to knock out Steelix and Lopunny. Rock Slide and ice-type moves are effective against Drifblim. Empoleon is weak to Psychic-type Pokemon, which is used by the fourth member, Lucian. Since none of his Pokémon have a natural resistance to water, he should focus on gaining STAB.

That should be enough for Empoleon (and its trainer) to win the Sinnoh League.Diamond-Like Shine of Pokemon and The Pearl of Great Brilliancecatch every legendary Pokemon in the game, which adds a new level of difficulty. Empoleon will have no trouble with this obstacle, as bothLuminous Diamond is a Brilliant Pokemonand Pearlescent GleamThe legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia, representing the team, are Steel and Water dragons. These two, along with the three Psychic-type Lake Guardian legendaries, will be no match for Empoleon.

Empoleon is a useful tank for Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina, and Cresselia while the player throws Pokeballs. If Brilliant Diamond, a Pokédex Special Ability and Glowing PearlIf you insist on retrieving Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus, you might as well have them wait to be captured by Empoleon at their feet.

Superlatively Brilliant Diamondand Sparkling Gem are in production now and will debut for Nintendo Switch in late 2021.