Updated at: 26-05-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Star Wars Uprising is a new mobile massively multiplayer online game that anyone can play for free. It’s possible that some elements could be perplexing to players who are unfamiliar with the genre. These Tricks and Tips for the Star Wars Uprising will get you up to speed with the game quickly.

Amplify Your Capabilities Leveling your equipment is the only way to keep plowing through the missions. First, I level up my weapon, then my primary piece of armor, and finally, my secondary piece of armor. I don’t think I’m particularly strong, but I haven’t yet faced an adversary I couldn’t defeat, either. You should prioritize protecting a particularly valuable piece of armor. Avoid dispersing it too widely; you regularly need to replace various pieces of machinery.

Participate in a Criminal Organization I can’t emphasize this point enough. If you want to succeed in a massively multiplayer online game, you’ll need a group of close friends by your side. How to become a member of a Cartel is a simple matter. Check the chat and see if any Cartels are hiring; there always will be. You’ll get a Cartel invite via private message in a matter of minutes. You can accept the invite by opening your chat window and clicking the fist icon.

Find a Solid Pairing I’m referring to a particularly effective and enjoyable combination of abilities. I’ll share the one that has gotten me to level 14 without any deaths or problems. If I want to use my Ultimate, I switch between Power Cell, Hold Out Blaster, and Think Fast. Having access to a Power Cell allows you to hold the power Hold Out Blaster for twice as long, allowing you to quickly and efficiently dispatch multiple foes. Think Fast provides a minor damage buff that will help you burn them down even faster.

Prove Your Sense of Direction This is because some can be stored in a charged state while others must be used immediately. Not until level 5 did I realize that the Hold Out Blaster could be held down and repeatedly fired like a machine gun. The Scatter Gun, on the other hand, needs to be charged before it can be used. To ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck, try them out.

Strategies for Sending Out Invitations Open your chat window and select the person’s name to send them an invitation. In addition to inviting them to your party, muting them, and adding them as friends, you can do a few other things from that screen. In the Influence menu, where your crew members are also located, you will find your friend list and your Cartel. To send an invitation, simply click the hand or people icon.

Initiate a Quest and Deploy Your Crew Send out your Crew if you have any! If it’s yellow, there’s a better-than-average chance they’ll come back even if they only have a 50% chance of success. It’s best to stay away from the red missions, as they’re extremely challenging for them to complete. Crew quests and regular missions provide excellent opportunities to enlist new members.

Star Wars Rising Hints

Carry out Your Daily Routine Every day, you’ll be given a new mission to complete, and some of them will be quite difficult. Assault missions are the ones you’ll find on the planet select screen. These are easier to accomplish with a partner and can boost your Cartel’s standing. If you can manage to complete all 5, you’ll be rewarded more handsomely for your efforts.

Multiple Levels of Difficulty in Quests With the exception of the introductory quest, all subsequent quests will be categorized by increasing levels of challenge. As the level of challenge increases, so does the quality of the rewards. With a green light for simple tasks, a yellow light for moderate difficulty, and a red light for extremely demanding ones. If a quest’s color is yellow, it’s easy enough that you should be able to complete it. If the difficulty of a quest is red, try it at the next lower level. You can still complete Assault missions, even if you don’t have a partner, by doing them on the easiest difficulty.

Make Sure Your Arsenal Is Fully Stocked Bonuses can be claimed in the armory for acquiring new pieces of armor, weapons, and crew members. You can get credits, a crane ticket, and even Chromium every time you visit. Check it out as it’s extra free stuff!

Watch Out For Treasure Vaults One chest per level is the norm. There aren’t that many of them, but if you don’t find one, you might not get a chance to upgrade your gear. Be on the lookout for a chest as you run through a level. They will not appear in the lower levels.

Combat Is A Place Of Healing In-battle use of the healing tanks is permitted. Thus, if you enter a fight at full health and see a Heal tank, hold off using it until you are actually taking damage. This has helped me out of a lot of jams during boss fights.

The Force Is Defeated: Lightsabers Are Not Available – Since I frequently encounter this inquiry in the chat, I’ll answer it here. In the game, you can’t play as a Jedi or a Sith. Lightsaber combat is out of the question Blades are available, but you won’t be using a Lightsaber.

Assemble Waste Dishes It is possible to improve your gear by spending Desh Scraps. I wish I had known this before beginning the game. Each time you level one of them up by combining it with another, you’ll gain a tiny bit of bonus experience. If you combine the level 1 Desh Scraps to make a level 2, you will gain 1640 experience instead of 1600. The combined level 3 Desh Scraps will grant 6724 experience, up from the base 6560. The further you get with this, the more reward you’ll receive. It will require credits, so make sure you’re running your credit dailies regularly.