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For the sake of yourlipsticksYou’ll agree with us that Diwali is the only time of year to break out the bold, eye-catching colors you normally avoid. The good news is that there are a plethora of options on the market that are long-lasting (that is, they survive festive feasting) and feature beautiful pigments and happy shimmer additions. Every day at Lifestyle Asia, we test and review new cosmetics, and today we’re going to share the best lipsticks for the holiday season. Be aware that these are must-have lipsticks from around the world that work wonderfully with Indian skin tones.

What’s up, y’all? Favorable lip-stick tones for people of Indian descent

The Best Lipstick Shades For Indian Skin

The best red: Smashbox Bawse, Rs 2,050

We are confident that Lilly Singh has our best interests at heart, so when blogger Debashree was asked to participate in the brand’s Diwali campaign this year, we didn’t hesitate to say yes. The new liquid matte formula called Bawse claims to stay put for 8 hours. Priming oil helps maintain the softness and suppleness of the lips.

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The best nude: Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick in Interview, Rs 1,995 

Since the launch of the brand’s bullet mattes, one or the other nude shade has consistently been the most popular. Three of our favorite brightly colored options are “Graduation Day,” “Third Date,” and “Ladies Night.” It’s also worth noting that Interview is a great choice for people with Indian skin tones.

The best pink: Nykaa Wonderpuff! Lip & Cheek Cushion Lipstick Tint in Born To Blossom, Rs 899

Nykaa has released some lovely new lip and cheek cushions just in time for Diwali. At first we were skeptical, but now we know that its creamy matte formula is what makes it so effective at producing stunning effects. It is sturdy and doesn’t weigh you down.

The best maroon: Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lip Colour’Ink in L122 Dark Sided, Rs 2,480

This Guerlain liquid matte formula is a fan favorite because it has excellent pigments and coverage. Not only is it constructible, but its weightlessness and smooth texture make it ideal for modeling.

The best violet or plum: Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid Lip Velvet Matte in Brocade, Rs 3,700

The cover The color brocade is like a bombshell in the color world. The characteristics of being lightweight and simple to apply immediately come to mind. Made with nutrient-rich powder pigments and wild mango butter.

The best orange: M.A.C Amplified Lipstick in Morange, Rs 1,700

This M.A.C. shade of orange is not for the faint of heart; it’s bold and confident. You should exercise caution when applying because of its intense color. There is nearly a 12-hour wear time on the lipstick.

The best coral: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Defiant Coral, Rs 2,850

Coral is a beautiful alternative for those who don’t care for true orange but still want to emulate the color’s warmth. This seductive color goes on smoothly and complements medium to deep skin tones. The main reason why we adore it The sleek, magnetic exterior and silky smooth finish.

The best fire-engine red: Stila Beso, Rs 2,100 

Some reds are more like fire engines than others. The latter is Stila Beso, which works wonderfully with dark to very dark skin. Applying the industrial strength formula without first moisturizing is not recommended. The addition of nourishing ingredients like avocado oil and vitamin E makes this a delicious and beneficial spread.

The best plum: Tom Ford Lip Color in Plum Lush, Rs 4,000

In general, plum is a challenging color. What color is it, exactly—deep pink or purple? Indian skin is able to beautifully absorb the deep pigments, resulting in a jewel-toned appearance, which is why this technique is successful on our ethnicity. The plum-colored, luxurious fragrance created by Tom Ford.

The best everyday pink: Nudestix Gel Color Lip Cheek Balm in Rose, Rs 2,800

To put it simply, the Nudestix formula is the stuff of which fantasies are made. This substance is silky, densely pigmented, and substantial. When it comes to Indian lip kits, the lovely Rose shade is a must-have due to its sheer, buildable coverage.

How should you pick the right lipstick shade for your skin tone?

It’s important to think about your skin’s undertone when choosing a lipstick color. The undertones of your skin are the underlying tones that can be either darker or lighter than your skin’s primary color. Choose a lipstick shade that complements your skin’s undertone. If your skin is fair, for instance, a pale lipstick would look best on you. Lipsticks come in a wide variety of shades, but darker ones will complement darker skin tones best.

The perfect lipstick shades for light skin tones

Lipstick comes in a wide variety of colors that can be used to complement your natural complexion. However, finding the ideal lipstick shade for fair skin can be challenging. Lipstick in shades of beige, light pink, or nude look great on fair skin.

Best pink lipstick for indian skin

It’s no secret that pink lipstick is a go-to for women of all skin tones. Choose a shade that is a bit lighter than you normally would if you have an Indian skin tone. A soft pink will help you achieve a subtle, put-together look.

Lipstick shades for dark Indian skin

Many different lipsticks work well with the dark skin of Indian women. Browns, blacks, and pastel pinks and purples are some of the most versatile color options. It’s important to find a lipstick that complements your skin tone and looks natural. In addition, your natural lip color should be considered, as some shades may be too light or too dark.

Best lipstick shades for medium skin

Pick a lipstick shade that is a notch or two lighter than you normally would if you have medium skin. Perhaps a soft pink or coral shade would work well.

Natural looking lipstick shades for Indian skin

It can be challenging to find a lipstick shade that works well with Indian skin, but there are some excellent options. Light brown or nude is a good choice for a more understated appearance. Choose a pink or red color to inject some life into the room. Bright colors like orange, red, and yellow will make your outfit stand out more. Make sure the shade you pick complements your skin by testing it out first.

FAQs about best lipstick shades for indian skin

1. Which color lipstick is best for Indian skin?

You can find lipsticks in a wide variety of flattering colors for Indian skin tones. Pink, red, orange, and yellow are some of the most complimentary colors on Indian skin. These hues are uplifting and will highlight your natural beauty.

2. What lipstick shades are best for brown skin?

Finding the right lipstick shades is difficult, but if you have brown skin, you know how frustrating that can be. It’s not just that different brands carry different shades; people with brown skin tend to be extra-sensitve. In light of this, we have compiled a set of recommended lipstick colors for people with dark skin. You can’t go wrong with neutrals like beige, light browns, and taupes, or with warm colors like brick reds, oranges, and corals when choosing a lipstick shade to complement brown skin. Finding a lipstick shade that complements brown skin and makes it look healthy and natural can be a challenge.

3. Which is the most popular shade of lipstick in India?

Given the wide range of skin tones in India, the wide range of lipstick colors available there is hardly surprising. In India, most women choose a light or neutral shade of lipstick because it complements a wide range of complexions.

4. Which is the No 1 lipstick brand in India?

While there are many lipstick options available to Indian consumers, Maybelline is by far the most popular. Maybelline is a popular brand among Indian women because its lipsticks are reasonably priced, last a long time, and have a rich color.

It can be difficult to determine which of the many available lipstick shades is the best option for Indian skin. That’s why I wrote this article—to help you zero in on the best lipstick tones for Indian skin!

One of the best red lipsticks is one by Smashbox. top-rated holiday lipsticks, best lipsticks for parties, and other recommendations for smashbox