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This is by no means a comprehensive walkthrough, but rather a basic guide to answering one of the most pressing questions that any new player will have: which heroes should I prioritize? Best Damage Dealing Class in Dungeon Defenders 2?

Dungeon Defenders 2 Best Dps Class: Best Starting Characters Guide

First Deck

While it’s possible to create a specialized character for each tower in the late game, in the early to mid game, it’s best to focus on a smaller group of characters who are more flexible. The following quartet of heroes is my top pick. The general plan for this deck’s construction is to AOE clear low-health foes by placing an EV wall, gas trap, explosive or inferno trap, and strength drain aura in each lane. Then, to deal with the ogres and flyers, construct a “tower stack” of Deadly Strike towers protected by a reflect beam and boosted by an overclock beam. With enough room on the map and enough DU, this strategy can be modified to incorporate ensnare auras, flameburst towers, darkness traps, and other similar mechanics. Apprentice Builder for the Deadly Strike Tower and the Flameburst Tower

A powerful enemy killer and anti-air builder. A DST can be used in almost any build, making it one of the most flexible towers in the game. While not as popular, Flameburst Towers are incredibly effective in the early game and can still be useful as AOE lane coverage in rare instances. A high StatsRange (the primary early-game stat that makes an Apprentice useful). Power/Rate (2-1 for DST, 3-2 for Flameburst) In the early game, any equipment with Range, Power, and Rate will suffice, with fortify serving primarily as a safety stat for the app towers in the event that a stray enemy makes it to one. Strength Drain Aura, Ensnare Aura are two of the Monk’s Aura Building abilities.Depending on the map, this character’s Ensnare Aura can be useful for dealing with kobolds, and his Strength Drain Aura is a big reason why walls can survive at all. However, unless you plan on devoting a monk to solely dealing damage to towers, you may as well skip Lightning Aura until then. You can simplify your early-game gearing by focusing on fewer stats when you use the monk as a utility character. Strengthen Stats (Important in the long run, but monk auras drain quickly at the beginning of the game, so this is more of a survival skill than a campaign one). Distance (larger auras make it simpler to avoid being trapped). Any equipment with at least Fortify and Range is useful for this monk.

Power/Rate is only necessary if you intend to use the lightning aura early game; otherwise, you should focus the DU on huntress traps until you have a dedicated lightning aura monk later on. Among the many traps that Huntress has constructed are the ones for poison gas, explosives/fire, and obscurity.This is your all-out-attack utility builder, capable of stunning lanes with poison gas and removing elemental immunities with darkness trap, as well as clearing lanes with explosives and inferno traps. In the late game, when special enemy types become more dangerous to your towers, traps become even more popular because they cannot be targeted by enemies and therefore cannot be killed unless you let them run out of charges. A lot of upkeep is required for traps until you get some fortify (see previous monk paragraph for discussion). Force.Distance (See above discussion regarding the monk). If you can afford to do so, trading some of your Defense Rate for more Defense Power is a good idea, especially when dealing with Explosive Traps. If you crank up the speed too quickly in the beginning, your traps will lose their charges and “die” much sooner than intended. You should do more damage at a slower rate (power > rate) until you have enough fortify to support a higher attack speed. Engineer: EV, Wall of Protection, Reflect Beam, and Overdrive BeamIn the late game, having multiple EVs is crucial, but in the beginning of the game, you should prioritize wall construction with your EV. With EV walls, you can cover an area that would normally require two squire walls with just one, and for less overall DU cost, thanks to their adaptive cost/health (longer walls cost more DU but have more health and vice versa). If you choose EV as your first waller, you will also gain access to her reflect wall and overclock beams.

In most cases, spending the required 4-6 DU on an overclock beam that isn’t stat-optimized for your wall EV will still be the best use of those DU, as it will benefit multiple defenses at once. Stats Strengthen (the most critical stat right now, raise the wall’s HP) the defenses. Power (This is the most important stat to prioritize (without compromising Fortify) if you want to increase your overclock beam’s performance. Range/Rate These numbers are great for overclocking, and even better if your gear decreases as a result. This isn’t a necessity at the beginning stages. Get Fort if only for its stats. In terms of gear with dual stats, look for Fort Power. Besides this point, anything else is a bonus.

Dungeon Defenders 2 Best Character: First Specialist Characters – Dungeon Defenders 2 Best gear

Assuming you have reached level 70 with your first group of four builders and equipped them with respectable level 70 gear, you should pause briefly to level up some specialist characters. In the time it takes to level up your original characters by a few more notches, you could have an entirely new cast of characters reach level 70. Use your current builders to construct your preferred EXP map, then switch to your new heroes to ride out the storm and earn experience. Among the first wave of specialists, I think the following names are the most pivotal: Useful Persona – Power Up the Monk

This is a very helpful character on maps where you can take advantage of a large number of DSTs by sitting on an overclock beam. Stand atop your pile of DSTs and drop your tower boost every 15 seconds by equipping your monk with a summit campaign pet that increases defense rate and pouring all of your skill points and gear into “Skill.” If you’re looking to upgrade this monk’s weapon without increasing his attack stat, focus on increasing the weapon’s elemental damage instead. But its true value lies in its ability to provide a significant boost to a tower stack. Increases the effectiveness of your tower upgrade ability (StatsSkill). Health (maintain your life when you’re constantly moving around to improve, repair, or fight off random enemies). Casted (improved repair/upgrade times). I won’t go into great detail because there are already excellent resources for creating a powerful boost monk.

DPS Huntress (or another DPS hero of your choosing) is the active character.Sitting on a boost monk won’t be enough to get you through a map with a difficult boss or lane, so be prepared. The addition of a dedicated damage-dealing character that you can use to clear out zones or take out bosses without having to worry about repairing or upgrading is invaluable. To that end, I suggest you begin with a DPS huntress, though EV is also a good option, the Squire is common (though less so now than it once was), and the Apprentice is effective in the early to mid game but struggles in the late game (although it can boost apprentice towers, making it functionally similar to a boost monk in some respects). Increases your physical damage done in melee or at a distance; less relevant if your focus is elemental damage; essential for a damage per second huntress.

Vitality (a must-have on any DPS hero, or else the player will waste their time just staying alive). Agility (You must have a total of 100 in this stat from gear or points to achieve maximum speed; having more than 100 has no effect). Casting (quicker maintenance/improvements). Acquired abilitiy or boost (whatever you put on your equipment, but not the main focus). Constructed by: EV – Overclock BeamIt’s time to split the overclocking laser from the waller EV. Keep all of your fortify points on your waller, but put more emphasis on power for your Overclock character with this strategy. The best place to spend your points and upgrade your gear is in your stats. While it’s true that any stat boost for the overclock beam is welcome, power is where you’ll really see an impact.

Dungeon Defenders 2 Tier list

From the highest echelons of fighting games to the lowest ranks of first-person shooters, tier lists are ubiquitous in the gaming industry. I’ll be discussing a well-known fighting game tier list and why it needs to answer to players for the decisions it makes.

Tier lists for fighting games are typically compiled by a small group of highly skilled players who either have dedicated a great deal of time to mastering the game and have achieved notable success in tournament play, or who have simply lucked out and learned the game at an early stage.

By making a tier list, they are simultaneously placing blame on the game for their victory and providing an explanation for why so many players have been able to so easily dispatch of them. A tier list is not a forecast of the state of the game upon its release; rather, it is an explanation of what players are doing that has been misunderstood as “unfair.” A tournament’s final standings are used to compile the tier list. The idea is to group competitors according to their expected performance in the tournament, with lower tiers representing lower skill, middle tiers representing average skill, and higher tiers representing higher skill. So, what exactly is the issue? You see, it’s not too different from trying to guess a ranking. Your approximation will be close, but keep in mind that the developers are still human and may make a mistake. Because they combine prediction and measurement, tier lists have their limitations. Because they don’t all agree on everything, it’s better to have a variety.

Dungeon Defenders 2 leveling guide 

A case ofDwarf Fortress 2Instructions for Setting Heights I’ll provide information on dungeons that can help you level up quickly, both easy and hard ones. These locations are great for gathering resources and leveling up your characters. You can use this Dungeon Defenders 2 leveling guide to help you find the many locations with the most coins, metal bars, and other items that will help you progress through the game and become a more powerful defender. The loot system in Dungeon Defenders 2 is intended to reduce the likelihood that you’ll feel compelled to repeat the same task more than once. In exchange for coins, players can shop for and equip a variety of different items in the game’s shop. Free supplemental content can be acquired with Dungeon Defenders 2 gold and metal bars. What can be purchased from the game’s shop is as follows:

  • Bars of Metal
  • Fuel Cells
  • Harmful Spots
  • Gains from Experience
  • Vaults of Hidden Wealth

At this store, you can purchase the following four categories of goods:

Toxic Sludge You can use these items to give yourself a fighting chance during a siege.

Metal Bars and Experience Enhancers: These items raise your character’s overall stats.

Hoards of Gold: The place to go to get hard-to-find stuff like weapons, armor, and ammunition. If you need more money or metal bars, read the Item Shop Guide. In Dungeon Defenders 2, there are some options for developing your character.

To begin, the in-game shop offers a wide variety of items that can help your character advance in levels and become more formidable in battle. Consider, too, that increasing your level grants access to new features and abilities. Gaining experience through actual fights is the best way to level up. As your character gains levels, they gain access to new, powerful abilities. Earning skill points, which can be used to purchase or gain new enhancements and abilities, is a crucial part of progressing through the levels. The more powerful your character is, the more harm they can do to their foes.

Dungeon defenders 2 best apprentice staf

In the event that you acquire new enemies, there is always the chance that they will flee. In a fight, you should always be on the lookout for loot and try to grab anything that could help you. Once an enemy has been vanquished in battle, loot can be taken from their corpse. These are both crucial items that will speed up your progression through the game. Dungeons also have a high chance of spawning a wide variety of items, some of which can award you with extremely rare loot if you’re lucky enough to find them. In light of the fact that this is purely coincidental, you should always be on the lookout for unique objects.

FAQs about Dungeon Defenders 2 Best Hero 2021

1. What is the best character in Dungeon Defenders?

Asserting a single player as the game’s best character is next to impossible, as it is entirely dependent on the playstyle you intend to adopt with your team. It’s obvious that the team with the highest DPS is the best.

2. How do you build a monk in Dungeon Defenders 2?

The monks in Dungeon Defenders 2 are nearly identical to their predecessors. To avoid being out-healed by minions, you’ll need to compile a deck of cards with a sufficient combination of damage dealt and life stolen.

3. How do you level up fast in Dungeon Defenders 2?

As its name suggests, Dungeon Defenders 2 is all about the rush. Quick level clearance is essential to avoid instant death at the hands of the game’s minions. If you want to level up quickly, playing rush and focusing on quests that reward you with loot is your best bet.

4. How do you get stronger in Dungeon Defenders 2?

Purchase strength potions to boost your physical and magical defense in Dungeon Defenders 2. A good character build and some strength potions are your best bets if you want to beef up your physical capabilities.


You should end up with a roster that looks something like this: DST/Flameburst InitiateGeneric Aura Generic Monk Fall Into a Trap The Huntress Waller Extremely Fast Overclock Hero of your choice (we recommend the huntress to start) gains a significant amount of EVs when the monk uses this ability. I’ve made it through wave 25 of Nightmare Hardcore on Glitter and into Massacre using only the seven characters presented here. The new fusion/rift system obviously necessitates more intense specialization, which I will not cover in this guide. However, if you are a new player, I suggest playing the game without rift mode until you have a stable roster capable of clearing NM or Massacre content. Your best bet now is to level up to 90 so you can access the highest quality equipment. By that time, you’ll know which towers you rely on the most, allowing you to focus on developing heroes who are adept at using that tower type and quickly leveling and equipping them with your core squad.