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The cruiser class is about to receive an unusual upgrade. It has been announced by Wargaming that the commander skill “Dead Eye,” previously only available on battleships, will be replaced by “Swift and Silent,” giving cruisers a survival advantage. Before any more changes are made to the new cruiser skills, let’s jump in a CA and think up some exciting new metas in the meantime.

Tier II Dresden KM


Two Thousand and Two in Dresden, World Expo and Workshops in 2021

When it comes to cruisers of tier II, choices are straightforward. The ten rapid-fire cannons aboard the Dresden allow it to fire continuously. Cruisers with greater range often suffer from horrendous spread. The Dresden compels close proximity. Those who sail with integrity are rewarded with unusual firepower.

What Makes the Dresden Great?

MachinegewehrThe Dresden’s ROF (Rate Of Fire) will make you feel like you’re firing a 105MM Gatling gun.Maneuverability:Soaring through the air, Dresden performs admirably for its category.Smurf:Just about everything in your tier seems to ignore you or would rather fight a slower target.

II Dresden

18% chance of survival Weapons: 15 Artillery As for torpedoes, we have 0AA. Combat: 2 Tactical Flexibility: 42 Absorption: 73


Battleships Around the Globe: Dresden

Tier III St. Louis USN 


Throne of the World’s Fair 2021 in St. Louis, WOWS III

A criminal organization called the St. Louis. It destroys everything in its level. Don’t believe me? Consider Dresden multiplied by four. Fires can be started with it faster than with a child’s matches. It’s not uncommon to face off against Tier 3 Battleships, and after a while they’ll tire of missing and move on to other targets while you keep lighting them up.

What Makes the St. Louis Great?

Sewing Needle Case: St. Louis has so many firearms that the city resembles the shaved skull of a hellraiser. Solid Lobbyist: US Navy cruisers are built for fire support and defense, so you can park behind islands and fire before you expose yourself while laughing the day away. Pyro: If you keep your ammunition set to HE and aim for the smokestack/bridge, you should see yellow ribbons appear on the right.

III St.Louis

Predicted Number of Lives Lost: 32 Count of Artillery: 37 The number of torpedoes is zero. AA To defend against: 0 Flexibility 35 Hide Rating: 63


In World of Warships, the USS Saint Louis is a must-have. Here’s How to Play She!

Tier IV Kuma IJN


WOWS 2021, Kuma IV

The Kuma is an excellent starting point for learning about the Imperial Japanese Navy. The IJN’s cruisers are reliable and formidable in battle. You can rest assured that this is a pleasurable launching point for your grind. Indeed, we frequently use the term “tech tree grind,” but the IJN cruiser line is anything but a slog. No emotion but pure elation. Having a backup ship ready to go in case of a dev strike is essential. No matter what happens, going to the Kuma is always a good time.

What Makes the Kuma Great?

Integrated Joint Force Bomb Rounds:The IJN’s HE ammunition is among the best in the game, with a high chance of penetrating and starting fires.Torpedoes: Use this ship like an armored destroyer and escape if your fish get hit by a 7km torpedo because of the Kumas’ deadly speed.Kite:As one of the earliest “kites” in the game, this vessel allows for significant damage infliction; when you spot an overwhelming number of enemy guns pointed in your direction, you should take advantage of your cover. Kuma is the cruiser most akin to a ninja.

IV Kuma

Expected Lifespan: 30 Rifle: 33 Nineteen torpedoes AA Protectiveness: 10 Ability to maneuver: 61 To hide: 62

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Video: Kuma | 8 KILLS | 155K DAMAGE – REPLAY GAMEPLAY 1080p 60 FPS | World of Warships

Tier V Emerald RN


Emerald, World’s Most Powerful Spacecraft, Version V, 2021

An emerald is an extremely versatile gem that can be put to use in a variety of situations. At least, that’s how the boat works. There are so many features and options on this device that it would make noise if you shook it. One of the most adaptable vessels in the game, thanks to its respectable Hydro Acoustic, Smoke Generator, and single fire torpedoes. Excellent for both novices and seasoned veterans. It’s simple to pick up and use, but there are simply too many effective strategies to learn them all.

What Makes the Emerald Great?

Separate Fish:The Emerald’s single-torpedo fire allows for fan patterns that can trap ships coming from any direction. If you see someone standing still, you can put eight torpedoes directly into their side.Generator of Smoke:Against overzealous enemy BBs, Emerald’s smoke generator and quality torpedoes provide a virtual get-out-of-jail-free card. Smoke when they get close, then let the fish loose when they’re within 2-6 kilometers.

V Emerald

Average number of days alive: 35 Cannons: 27 Ships: 34 Torpedoes Defense Against Aerial Attack: 23 Adaptability to Change: 55 Hiding Place: 68

Replay Gameplay 1080p 60 FPS World of WarShips | Emerald | 7 KILLS | 81K DAMAGE

Tier VI Dallas USN


World Outer Space Summit 2021, VI Dallas

This model was chosen to succeed the Cleveland. Dallas, which was at first viewed as a far cry from the original fan favorite, has quickly steamed into our hearts and the nightmares of destroyers. This cruiser’s primary use is in ambush situations because of its low range and high lethality. Nonetheless, many Dallas have been seen actively pursuing a DD deep within enemy territory. They made it, and the sneaky DDs were eliminated, because they had the right people on their team.

What Makes the Dallas Great?

The weapons are reminiscent of claws, allowing you to rake the enemy with fire. Robust: it sports above-average armor for its class, and you’ll be glad you have it on hand for those inevitable missteps. If you’re facing a citadel challenge, try setting up a Dallas alongside an island and popping all the attacking cruisers in the side.

VI Dallas

Success rate: 44 Number of cannons: 54 Zero A.A. Torpedoes To defend: 72 Capability for Manipulation: 54 Discretion: 55

Replay Gameplay 4K 60 FPS World of WarShips | Dallas | 8 KILLS | 126K DAMAGE

Tier VII Myoko IJN


World Sword Art Festival Myoko VII 2021

Since I didn’t want to include premium ships (some of which you can’t even buy), I had to settle for giving you the Myoko instead of my personal favorite, the Atago. The Myoko is reliable despite the abundance of strong cruisers and impressive tactics in tier VII. In any situation, whether there are two CVs, eight BBs, or only CAs, the Myoko can dish it out and take its fair share of the hit in return.

What Makes the Myoko Great?

Agility:Combine the Myoko’s rudder shift with its 35 knots of speed, and you’ve got a target that’s difficult to hit.Aiming Their Laser-Like IJN Fire Fingers:A Myoko sets fire to everything it encounters.Notable Torps:Myoko has a high torp/low cl ratio, which works in her favor in class.

VII Myoko

Probability of Survival = 49 Cannons: 67 I count 41 torpedoes. Total Number of AA Missiles Destroyed: 43 Controllability: 58 Covertness: 51

Assault of the Myoko 9 yields 3,300 base experience points || World of Warships

Tier VIII Chapeyev VMF


As stated by Chapeyev (VIII), WOWS (2021)

Once more, we are faced with a difficult option. When shopping for a cruiser of this caliber, you should be able to fully express your personal taste. To be sure, radar is useful for any team, no matter how elite they are. The Chapeyev’s radar and rapid weapon reloading make it an effective weapon against destroyers. The boat has a poor rudder shift, so when navigating open water, you should focus more on angling than dodging.

What Makes the Chapayev Great?

Guns: True, most ships do have firearms. But the Chapayev consistently delivers the tight volleys you’re after. Radar: The radar works wonderfully, but it’s simple to overuse. Make sure your team knows you’re using it so they can be prepared to pepper any exposed ships with rounds already in the chamber. Ballistics: targets have less time to react due to the flatter trajectory of these rounds.

VIII Chapayev

Rate of Survival: 45 Number of guns: 56 There are 14 torpedoes. AA In defense of: 50 Flexibility 52 Coverage: 57

Chapayev | 7 KILLS | 203K DAMAGE – REPLAY GAMEPLAY (1080p 60 FPS) in World of Warships

Tier IX Neptune RN


The Ninth Planet, Neptune, WOWS 2021

Wow, that Neptune sure is a slugger. That ship is one of a kind, and it offers multiple routes. Either an ambusher or a Destroyer hunter role is open to you. The radar is usually prioritized over the smoke generator. In contrast, the effectiveness of your 8×8 torpedoes is greatly enhanced by the presence of smoke. Try out some island hopping and use crossfire where possible; the resulting collection of citadel badges on your right will astound you.

What Makes the Neptune Great?

Ballistics: This vessel is helpful if you enjoy parking on islands. It has the ability to take advantage of advantageous situations but lacks the protection offered by the US Navy and the VMF. Glass cannon, as in, don’t get ambushed by a battleship out in the open. Producing Smoke with a Smoke Generator: The Neptune’s massive smokescreen can buy you precious seconds to figure out the most effective countermeasure to a torpedo attack. On top of that, when combined with team radar or good spotting, it can give your battleships free shots and win a whole flank.

IX Neptune

Potential for Survival: 55 Number of guns: 38 45 Torpedoes AA Assault: 96 Ability to maneuver: 50 Secrecy: 47

One of my favorite tier 9 cruisers in World of Warships

Tier X Hindenburg KM


the Hindenburg, World’s Most Expensive Wreck of the Year 2021

The Hindenburg is among the game’s most versatile vessels. This vessel works well regardless of your play style from game to game. This ship can effortlessly plow through danger thanks to its strong HE, respectable AP, and top-notch armor profile.

What Makes the Hindenburg Great?

We all know when we’ve got a ship that feels good to us. Hindenburg is the ideal combination of protection and maneuverability, as it glides effortlessly and never makes its pilot feel inadequate. You can lob rounds from safe distances with good HE before the match gets close, and then you can just angle and look for crossfire broadsides when things get more intense. If all else fails, load eight torpedoes into a ship’s hull and play your Knife Fighter card from the Hindenburg.

X Hindenburg

Expected Lifespan: 70 Bombardment: 82 32 Torpedoes AA Attack: 96 Ability to maneuver: 48 Deception: 35