Updated at: 07-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Now that Tropico 6 has been released, you can find many of these DLCs for a very reasonable price.


Big Cheese, or Tropico 5 Players can finally put their goats and llamas to good use after hearing about the creamery from The Big Cheese. Another addition to the package is a brand new scenario in which El Presidente is tasked with making the finest cheese in the entire world. “Tropico 5: Mad World” It includes the addition of the Madness scenario, the St. Dimpna map, and a new song. In addition to being able to wear the somber-looking funnel hat, you’ll have access to the Asylum, a new health care facility that offers rudimentary medical care and mitigates the effects of stigmatization.




Trafic 5: Spies– The downloadable content (DLC) contains a lot more than the add-ons, including new campaigns, new buildings, and new features.

To name a few examples of espionage:

In a brand new campaign, you’ll take on six difficult missions as part of an exciting story Nine brand-new structures with espionage and military themes There are four new island maps, such as “Dos Torres” and “Grito Grande,” that can be used in sandbox games. Four brand-new songs There are now four options to dress your avatar, including a new “Evening Gown” for women and a “Tuxedo” for men. There are now six new add-ons to customize your avatar, such as the “Spy” hat and the “Long Curls” hairstyle. ‘Espionage’ now has its own unique set of sandbox activities and occurrences.

Waterborne in Tropico 5 With their new Waterborne concept, the Tropicana is extending their existing buildings into the ocean with floating condos, underwater dining venues, offshore workplaces, and more.

Some examples of water-based activities are:

A brand new storyline and campaign spanning 6 difficult missions. Nine brand-new offshore structures and ships There are now four additional island maps to choose from. Four brand-new songs The addition of 2 new outfits for the virtual character Avatars get six new add-ons There are now water-themed sandbox activities and events.

Tropico 6:

In the time since we wrote this, the highly anticipated sequel, Tropico 6, has been released with a slew of new features and stunning visual upgrades thanks to the Unreal Engine 4.

In addition to brand new content and graphical upgrades, Tropico 6 also includes the return of fan-favorite features from previous installments.

There are a number of downloadable content packs for Tropico 6 that add new buildings, features, and opportunities for entertainment.

Tropico 6 DLC:

Explore the newly released downloadable content for Tropico 6 if you’re thinking about buying the game.