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Thanks for visiting what appears to be my guide for sociopaths and infiltrators. You might or might not find what you’re looking for if you try to rummage through the steam guides or if you need assistance with something on the deck.

I’m not an expert on the deck, despite the fact that I’ve used it so much that I developed some bad habits. I’m basically just trying to get more people to adopt this practice.

You guys are credit to team!

I’d like to begin by giving thanks to a few people and organizations. -Don’t Shoot Me I’m Gay His Sniper Body And Advice Helped Me A Lot Thank you, Sweegy, for the DPS guide and build. “Casual m8” also looking for some guidance. Thanks to Melonium for the deck. Which SolidGrinch his Leaders Showed me that there is more than one way to play the game (and that Dodge builds aren’t mandatory) by providing me with access to the entirety of the game’s official wiki for all the juicy details For the guidebook format in general, see Theresa “Midget” Apocalypse; for the Bible Guide to DSOD, see KevKild.

Owning the Decks

The Dragan Character pack includes an infiltrator. By now, I’m guessing that most of you already own the deck, either through the Ultimate Edition Legacy Collection or as stand-alone DLC. However, it’s strange that you own a Sociopath. The expansion pack for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number was probably placed there because someone realized, “Hey, instead of putting the DLC on Payday’s DLC list that (for the most part) adds content for Payday 2, we put it on Hotline Miami 2’s store page.” No, the downloadable content is not included in the Legacy Collection. The deck has arrived, so yes: https://store.steampowered.com/app/274170/Hotline_Miami_2_Wrong_Number/ The base game may be required to access the features added by the DLC, but I can’t say for sure. In my opinion, the game is fun, so you should buy it.

Overview (Sociopath)

The key to long-term survival with a Sociopath deck is keeping your opponents close. It may lack Infiltrator’s damage reduction, but it more than makes up for it with its formidable peusdo armor gating and the terrifying Panic ability. The deck can keep going by being aggressive, thanks to the armor gating on kill from Sociopath, and the Panic cards come into play to control the crowd. Comparatively, the Anarchist’s armor gate activates on hit, whereas the Sociopath’s does not until the character is killed. If you’re too aggressive, you might lose a down because you have to kill instead of getting a hit. A Sociopath must use Frenzy, which has the major drawback of leaving them with only one-third of their health, in order to have three hits of ICTV from Heavy units on DS. For some, giving up Frenzy could mean better access to health care and emergency supplies. When compared to an anarchist, a sociopath has the advantage of armor gating, which unlocks greater potential. The 2s Invinciblity provided by Anarchist, on the other hand, is excellent for survival and reaching its full potential when combined with a Suit. In contrast, a sociopath needs to wear armor in order to make effective use of its armor gating value. The armor gating effect of Sociopath is more difficult to trigger in practice than that of Anarchist because it requires confirmed kills. Although Sociopath’s CD is 0.5s faster than Anar’s, Anar is much safer thanks to Card 1’s passive regen and 2s invincibility, which is completely ripped from Armorer.

Overview (Infiltrator)

To recap, the entire Infiltrator deck can be summed up as: Underdog Aced in a deck, much like I described OVERDOG being. At its most basic setting, this translates to a 2–Hit ICTV (Incurable Critical Threat Value) thanks to a 36% reduction in damage. However, you need Underdog Aced Frenzy Aced to reach 3 hits, just like Sociopath 3 Hit setups, but it isn’t worth using because it does not armor gate like Sociopath. There is a major drawback, though, in that you cannot use the Panic ability or the peusdo armor gating that Sociopath grants. Because of this, the deck is intended to be played without much active participation from the player. If Cheems were to put you in horny prison for trying too extreme a play, you might as well just go for it. The benefit of Infiltrator’s OVERDOG, which is not advertised, is that it increases the duration of its OVERDOG to 7 seconds, allowing you to retreat before going in for a second hit if you’re facing a Bulldozer with your melee. Infiltrator, found on card 9, restores 20% of your health whenever you take a melee hit. However, while it heals for more and doesn’t require you to commit to a kill, its 10-second cooldown is a major drawback. Infiltrator’s passive survivability makes it comparable to Armorer’s active survivability. However, PiC configurations tend to fare better in its tests. By combining Infiltrator with Aced Partners in Crime, you can get the most out of both programs for better chances of survival. In theory, a higher damage per second output from a Frenzy setup could be effective, but it’s extremely risky without armor gating.

Damage Reduction Calculation (But Not Really)

New Math and Stuff Coming In If you take my calculations for DR with a grain of salt, it’s because I am genuinely confused as to how it is supposed to be calculated. Descending order is used in DR calculations. Here we’ll use the 45% DR from 3 Hit ICTV Sociopath as an illustration. First, we take 225 and divide it by 0.75 (1-0.25)22, which is Frenzy’s DR.

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x 0.75 = 168.75F or our purposes, the DR for the second-best character, the Sociopath, is 20%, so we will multiply the Frenzy stats by that. 168.7. x 0.80 (1-0.20) = 135Finally, we’ll implement Underdog Aced’s 10% DR13. x 0.90 (1-0.10) =121.5Based on these numbers, it’s clear that Sociopath, along with Frenzy and Underdog, can achieve a three-hit ICTV. If you’re just doing the math to see what it’s all about, though, you can save yourself a ton of time by using a DR calculator like WolfHud or VanillaHudplus. 22. x (1-0.45) =123.75I can’t seem to figure out why my calculations keep turning out wrong. (Both Dmg Reduction Skills Added with Sociopath Adds up to around 55%), despite VanillaHudplus’s claim that the maximum damage reduction for Sociopath is 45%.

Melee Choices

Many of Payday 2’s Melees are simply reskinned versions of other characters or abuse their superiority to win. If you’re not trying to achieve maximum efficiency, you’re free to employ any melee technique you like. (Perhaps for Costume Play) When it comes to optimizing a melee weapon, there are two primary considerations: Since the OVERDOG duration of a sociopath is so short, melee attacks that deal less than 70(450) damage per second are penalized. When it comes to close-range combat, the Katana is your best bet. Although your ability to remain secret is compromised only slightly. Specifically, theIce Pickif you can’t afford to take the chance of being caught. In the event that you don’t have access to either downloadable content, we highly suggest using the Located in El Verdugowhich grants respectable covert capabilities, close-combat range, and damage output.




Modifications: Auto Fire (Optional)Light Emitting Diode ComboWar Torn StockAlternative Weapons:Reduced damage by 100 on all SMGs in the Tatonka (Gauge Russian Pack) Lacking dynamic link control, or “DLC,” Krinkov Motorcycle Rider 805B Character Pack

Meme builds (Mostly DPS Sociopath)

Builds for when you’re on Ketamine and trying to make something as ugly as Mr. Krabs. What is the point of even using these?! All of these decks benefit from Sociopath’s use because it gates armor and generates rewards for the DPS player.Sweegyhas the burden of demonstrating that a sociopath with DPS can succeedURL for Sweegy’s Build:https://pd2builder.netlify.app/?s=xa3810108h1000100V001050-41xe&p=8&a=3&t=4&d=3 -KSP 58/KSP, with Competitors Compensator/Stubby Compensator for Danger -Krinkov as a backup due to reload and generally higher DPS (Camera Man notes: Sweegy said both threat and Panic can proc together and easily secure kills). To be honest, I don’t know a lot about threats, so I won’t elaborate. Weapons: https://pd2builder.netlify.app/?s=1G00103I8h100010810050xi000152&p=8&a=0&t=4&d=5Overkill (Aced) 65% Crit Suit:Izmah (Meaning “to Hide”) Arbitrator (Proc Overkill with Stealth). The Loco (Slang for “Not a Judge”) Low Blow SMG (if using Aced): Any Concealable Small Arm For Secondary Smg Bows: https://pd2builder.netlify.app/?s=1Q3c0010o10-410gF0010xk000152&p=8&a=3&t=4&d=5 Weapons:-Airbow, because of its compact magazine and lack of dependence on low DR. Assuming you have reasonably accurate aim, you can get by with just about any bow or crossbow. -An SMG of any caliber (60) (Kobus, Heather, Mark 10, etc.). Achieved Overkill 65% Critical Hits Berserker: To “live and help your teammates” https://pd2builder.netlify.app/?s=xa00101I8h0-410810010xi0001 Ba&p=8&a=0&t=4&d=3 -Izmah (In Order to Hide) SMGs (Krinkov, Tatonka, CR 805B) with a damage output of -100 points are installed on dozers. Regular access to -60 Dmg SMGs (Kobus, Heathers, Mark 10, etc.).

How to use Brain

The most fundamental advice works with any type of deck. If you were to venture outside on DS without proper protections, you would be instantly snatched out of existence. This is not a time for Stoicism; instead, you should retreat to your hiding place and wait for your defenses to recharge. With Infiltrator, it’s even more so. The Right Time to Use a MeleeWhen you’re at full strength, your melee can kill most units in just two. Regular Dozers can be killed in two hits if you charge your attack with Bloodthirst, but it will take you thirteen charges. (Nailed It With My Bloodthirst And All That Pumping Iron!) If you’re going to use your melee, make sure you don’t stumble into an open area. Allow the Bulldozers to come to you for your own protection. Medicswhen attacking law enforcement officers with a melee, Take a moment to look around you. Do any doctors live in the area? Yes? Get rid of them first. Don’t be surprised if you end up being the one who dies after your intended victim doesn’t. You checked the area, and there weren’t any doctors or nurses available to help? Certainly, if you’re not planning on killing anyone by running ten meters away, go ahead. The editor adds, “Na, do it, p***y” (shh, don’t tell Camera)


While Sociopath and Infiltrator may not be the best deck in the format, it is by far my favorite to play with. Even if you aren’t particularly skilled at DS, you shouldn’t feel obligated to abandon a deck whose play style you enjoy. Even if you know you’ll die a lot in pubs and have to have your a*s carried by your teammates, you shouldn’t let the fact that it isn’t meta discourage you from using it. Please point out my build flaws in the comments, as I do not consider myself to be competent or to have a great knowledge of builds in general. Though I am certainly not without flaws, I do have my reasons for believing this.

Camera Operator

If you find any errors or would like to see any changes made to this post for PAYDAY 2 How to Melee Decks on DS (Infiltrator/Sociopath Basics and Builds), please let us know in the comments below and we will get to it as soon as we can! Have a wonderful day, and thank you again!