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Top 15 Legendary Items in Borderlands 3 A few of the best Legendary Eridium Artifacts the player can acquire in Borderlands 3 include: the Deathless, the Loaded Dice, and the Vault Key.

All throughout the series, there have been references to Eridium Artifacts, also known as Relics. At first, back inBorderlandssimilar to how modern Action Skill Augments work. Then, in In the sequel to Borderlands,Boss rewards were less extreme (but still extremely helpful) versions of these buffs. Presently, inThird iteration of the Borderlands series, they combine elements of both.

Now, Artifacts can be customized with a wide range of random variables and modifiers, resulting in some truly bizarre items if the RNG isn’t on your side. On the other hand, Legendary Artifacts have a special effect that makes them unique, denoted by a diamond with a plus sign next to it. This list will therefore investigate the finest examples available in an effort to set the record straight.

Final revision made by Stephen LaGioia on April 30, 2021 Even though it was released in 2019, Gearbox has been steadily adding new content, challenges, and weapons to this adrenaline-fueled RPG shooter in order to keep its momentum going. In addition to the game’s exciting gameplay, the insane amount of weaponry and customization has given the game solid legs and ample replay value, as players experiment with different classes, builds, and guns. And not only that The Third BorderlandsAs always, the variety and size of Artifacts available in this year’s lineup is impressive. So many of these artifacts are of the Legendary variety, which is the highest possible alone,is not always easy to identify the best. So, it made sense to add some more potent Artifacts to this collection.

I have a question about the Relics.If mid battle is swap one out for the  other, is the effect instantaneous or do I have to exit the area and come  back for

15 Company Man: A Valuable Token

With its release being restricted to the Director’s Cut downloadable content, this weapon is more likely to stand out for its uniqueness than its actual usefulness in combat. Still, it ought to appeal to those players who are more resourceful and frugal.

The Company Man provides bonuses in several areas beyond just damage for guns with the prefix brand name (variants for all are available). Speed of reloading, magazine capacity, rate of fire, and damage and critical boosts are all examples. The most intriguing aspect, however, is that the player’s “investment” in the game will pay out real money after every tenth kill.

14 Grave: Concentrated Adrenaline

Anyone who enjoys a rush and taking risks will appreciate this Eridian Artifact. Tension is alleviated and potentially life or death is decided by how much of the Fight For Your Life time you can use. This useful benefit, coupled with the substantial health increase, makes Grave, despite its ironic name, a powerful tool for survival.

But that”s not all. When your health bar is getting dangerously low, you’ll get a nice offensive boost from melee, weapon, and splash damage.

13 White Elephant: A Massive Wildcard

For those who enjoy gnawing through enemy protection, this is the creature for you. This legendary artifact has the potential to deal high amounts of elemental damage and protect its wielder from the same type of damage.

As an added bonus, some variants may have enhanced mobility or a quicker rate at which their shields recharge. On average, one out of every three tries will result in slapping a deadly sticking bomb, which is always a fun bonus. The Elephant’s varied abilities and benefits add to the character’s charm.

12 Splatter Gun: Elemental Anarchy

Those who enjoy shotguns and elemental juice among the Vault Hunter community will likely enjoy this gem. Due to its melee healing and boomstick enhancements, the Splatter Gun encourages players to engage their enemies head-on. Sliding is fun on its own, but doing extra shotgun damage while doing so increases the fun factor by 50%.

Furthermore, there is a long list of possible bonuses, including increases to elemental strength, melee damage, and the rate at which you can move or reload your weapons.

11 Deathless: Moze”s Golden Ticket

Here you can see why Moze is the most emotionally damaged Vault Hunter. Just reading about the Deathless Artifact makes your head spin, but that’s just the beginning. Although the user’s maximum health is lowered to 1, their shield capacity is increased by 100%, their recharge rate is sped up by 25%, and their recharge delay is reduced by 25%. Its massive bulky shield comes at the cost of its health. Moze is extremely difficult to kill thanks to her arsenal of abilities like Desperate Measures and the Bloodletter class mod.

Any character whose abilities rely on their total health or shield capacity can benefit from equipping this artifact. However, it shouldn’t be added on a whim and rather requires a dedicated build around it.

10 Otto Idol: A Great Healing Charm For Glass Cannons

This Artifact is crucial to our survival. In addition to being useful for getting to level 50, this life restore is ideal for trying out new character builds. As a general rule, killing an enemy with an Otto Idol Artifact restores some of the player’s maximum health. Obviously, there is a lot of bloodshed inBorderlands.

This figure varies, but typically lies between fifteen and twenty percent. This lifegain is pretty ridiculous, to be honest. It works well with the Elemental “Ties That Bind” Amara build because the player can ignore the Soul Sap augment and instead use the Stillness Of Mind modifier to bubble any and all foes in the area. However, since it does not drop as part of a set, it can be difficult to acquire on purpose.

9 Safeguard: Actually Makes The Slam Useful

There’s an artifact for the few players who enjoy using the slam attack, how cool is that? Though not everyone enjoys it, the slam can be significantly strengthened by a number of in-game artifacts and modifiers. Anyway, Safeguard’s inherent ability is totally bonkers. A player’s damage taken is reduced by at least half for the next five seconds after they perform a slam attack.

This percentage varies again, but it is still quite high. Those going for the “Iceman Zane” build will find this Artifact particularly useful because it often has a modifier that increases movement speed and damage against frozen enemies.

8 Victory Rush: Berzerk, But Better

There are a few purple and green artifacts strewn about the game, each with a unique modifier that grants the user a temporary buff based on a number of factors. However, because these buffs typically last for an absurdly short amount of time, most players ignored these items. In this regard, however, Victory Rush stands head and shoulders above the rest due to its sixty second length and ease of reproduction.

It’s a useful artifact for speedrunning TVHM and works particularly well in Mayhem modes, where Bad*sses proliferate like rabbits. All of its other potential modifiers are mediocre, so prioritize getting one with a Max health or Weapon Accuracy modifier.

7 Unleash the Dragon: A Fiery Fire-Based Flame Charm

It’s understandable to assume that Unleash the Dragon is a negative thing at first. However, when using an Elemental Amara, one’s element proc chance is essentially always at 100%. However, this artifact shines when used by players who must vaporize thick Red bars. It’s fantastic for Amara, too!

Why? The reason being that it is essential to her fire melee build. You can bet that it won’t be the last release to feature this killer Artifact. On the surface, Unleash the Dragon does not seem like much, but it is an artifact well worth the effort required to obtain it.

6 Loaded Dice: Hard Mode For Farm Fanatics

Each of these artifacts has been created with one goal in mind: to make the Vault Hunters more lethal. Most Artifacts provide some kind of passive benefit to the player, whether it’s protection from harm or an increase to their base damage. When a player equips the Legendary Loaded Dice Artifact, their maximum health is reduced by 75%. In that case, why would this be suggested? Because in exchange it greatly improves one’s Luck rating.

Since Mayhem 3 is where most players will be looking for Legendaries, this is excellent news. The normal 500% chance of a Loot Drop in Mayhem 3 is increased to something like 800% in this “extra hard mode.” It could be useful, depending on the RNG, and there is a long list of possible tweaks and variables.

5 Static Charge: A Static Shock Variation For Melee Builds

Sliding is so much more fun than the slam mechanic that many players will use it to score at every possible opportunity instead. Truth be told, extended power slides are loads of fun. Video games that come to mind immediately includeVanquish, Warframe, and The Rise of Metal Gearfor some very good illustrations.

By greatly increasing its power, the Static Charge Legendary completely transforms the slide from a passive disengagement mechanism into an active offensive one. In addition, by the endgame, any Legendary item that increases Shield Capacity is invaluable.

4 Electric Banjo: Careful, There Might Be A Risk Of Rain

The Electric Banjo is one of the few Artifacts that tend to be dropped by specific enemies. The following item refers toPossibility of precipitation.It’s a random drop anywhere in the world, but the Zer0 Assassination Target Psychobillies on Eden 6 have the best odds of supplying it. Similar to the active grenade mods Hex and Storm Front, this one simply sits in the background and does nothing.

There is a 20% chance that each shot will shock the enemy and send an electrical arc to another nearby adversary. That could go completely bonkers at any moment! Two percent for each shot? No more frequently than once in three? That’s ideal for a Moze with Endless Mags or an Elemental Amara who relies on Shock. With the addition of one of the many guns that already ricochet between adversaries, this could unleash a full-scale electrical storm.

3 Commander Planetoid: With Our Powers Combined… We Irradiate?

Fantastic synergies between face-punching weapons are becoming increasingly rare as time goes on. Therefore, this is one of the most entertaining permutations possible. The Commander Planetoid Artifact alternates the element that a player’s melee attacks cause every 5 seconds, and increases the damage of that element by 60%.

So picture that on a Face-Puncher frame. Can you imagine a gun that continuously upgrades different components? It actually sounds like a lot of fun. The passive buffs for each melee can be increased even further by equipping this mod and the Berzerker buff.

2 Moxxi”s Endowment: Yep, It”s A Moxxi Item

Because it is based on Moxxi, you can expect it to be “dripping” with sexual references. Truth be told, there isn’t much to say about this choice other than the fact that it increases combat experience. Simply put, there isn’t a lot of it either. However, more EXP is always preferable because it increases the value of each EXP point.

As a result of its many possible permutations, it can produce some truly bizarre results when given the proper variables and modifiers. In particular, Knife Drain shines because it makes all melee attacks 75% more effective at stealing life.

1 Pearl Of Ineffable Knowledge: Knowledge Is Power!

Guns, Love, and Tentacles’s end-of-quest reward is this beast, and it’s quite the prize to receive from the endearing Claptrap. The ability to quickly accumulate damage and blast away at 90% effectiveness is extremely useful.

Despite the fact that this greatly improves the player’s offensive capabilities, it may also increase the player’s chance of survival by providing either a significant health regeneration bonus or a boost to the player’s maximum health. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of increasing experience bonused, expanding its repertoire of useful abilities.