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Where’s the tastiest coffee in New Haven? The cheapest? The strongest? It’s all right here.


Katie Scarlett

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A gift from the fine folks at jojoscoffee.com

Most people would probably begin at Jojo’s. Located at the crossroads of Park and Chapel, this cozy coffee shop is known for its eclectic decor and welcoming vibe. After ordering a large cup of coffee, I realized that the chill vibes of the restaurant did not extend to the house specialty drink. Jojo’s brew was potent in more ways than one. At 3 a.m., as I lay in bed staring wide-eyed at the ceiling, I noticed that not only did it have a strong aroma and flavor, but also a high caffeine content. There is no better place to hang out or get some flavorful, powerful coffee than Jojo’s.


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Next, I went to Chapel and College to see a familiar sight from a fresh perspective. The Copia on Claire’s Corner, a gourmet vegetarian restaurant, is well-known for its delicious cakes; however, if you’re searching for a savory dish to pair with your sweet slice of Lithuanian coffee cake, Claire’s has you covered. I selected a sweet hazelnut roast from a selection of five or more brews, and was instantly transported to a cabin by a lake in the winter of my content. The coffee had a wonderful taste, but if you need a pick-me-up, you’d be better off with a sugary pastry.


Thanks to Blue State Coffee for the courtesy.

I needed a pick-me-up later in the week, so at around 10 o’clock at night I went to the local coffee shop. There are many blue states open late and located on York Street. The barista told me that the light roast I ordered contains more caffeine than the dark roast I originally wanted. If anything, Blue State coffee seems to have too much of everything. Its intense taste and sharp aftertaste were almost too much to bear. If there were a New Haven coffee that embodied “that guy who talks way too much in section even though he didn’t do all the reading,” it would be Blue State. Blue State, however, appears to be a student favorite, so I’ll just chalk that up to an acquired taste.

At last, in what will henceforth be known as2014’s Great Coffee Quest,In order to make an objective comparison, I went to three different coffee shops within a 20-minute window.

The initial oneWilloughby’sat that address on York Street. When I first entered the brightly colored cafe, I was skeptical because I had never tried Willoughby’s coffee before.Extremely Weirdbeing broadcast via audio system. Willoughby’s Coffee was, without a doubt, the best of the six mentioned. Their coffee extracts the full flavor of the bean and finishes with a pleasant aroma. Willoughby’s coffee stands out as exceptional in a market saturated with weak imitations.

Then we decided to see if the coffee at 1140 Chapel Street was any good. Cafe Trader Books comparable to, to put it another way. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and dusty books is part of Book Trader’s charm. The store is split in two, with the back housing a used bookstore and the front a simple sitting area with plenty of window seating for people watching.

The coffee had its own flavor that was neither bland nor exceptional. The vegan chocolate cake has my highest recommendation. A cake made without flour or eggs, but still delicious? who knew?

In the end, I made my way to the establishment across Chapel Street from The YUAG. Cafe and Bookstore Atticus in which a small cup of coffee to go costs only one dollar. Atticus coffee is at its best when left to its bare essentials. It reminds me of a cup of coffee I brewed by mistake in my kitchen’s coffee maker that turned out to be exceptionally flavorful and strong. A cup of Atticus coffee is the best deal in town due to its low price and comforting aroma, which both bring one back to their own homes.

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