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The New Year has begun, andTo Theros, Beyond Deathis on sale right now for your buying pleasure. The fact is, though, that there is a plethora of other investment opportunities available. Rone has compiled a list of the top five cards in almost all Constructed formats that you should consider purchasing this month.

Howdy, folks! As promised, I shall now discuss the monetary aspects ofA Game of Imaginary Powers, or Magic: The Gatheringand tell you what cards are hot in most formats (with the exception of Vintage and Commander, two formats in which I am woefully underqualified). The cards are currently desirable investments for a variety of reasons, including their roles in multiple formats and recent tournament results.

#5 – Null Rod


When I say that this card is excellent against any artifact strategy, I am not saying anything new. A longtime “brown card” hoser, Null Rod has been at it since theWeatherlightthe time period of 1997. After playing Blue-Red Delver for a while and mentioning it in the sideboard section of my recent Legacy review, I realized just how good of a card it is in a wide variety of situations.

You should have at least one Null Rod in your sideboard if you’re playing a Legacy strategy that isn’t negatively impacted by itself, and especially if you’re playing a deck that relies heavily on blue library manipulation. Instead, let me list some commonly used cards that it renders useless:

If you only include one copy in your Delver deck, you won’t waste your draws on duplicates, but you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to find it thanks to the cantrips. The best part is that this strategy is extremely difficult to derail, as most counter strategies won’t be able to afford bringing artifact removal against a lone Null Rod.

This card has never been reprinted and its price has settled between €11 and €15, with the exception of functional variants like Stony Silence and Collector Ouphe. Grab a copy of this masterpiece if you play Legacy or intend to start playing soon so you can begin destroying your opponents’ artifacts with impunity.

#4 – Brazen Borrower

So, let’s move on to a brand new card published inKing Eldraine’s ThroneI wasn’t immediately drawn to Brazen Borrower // Petty Theft, but the game has since proven itself to be a formidable contender across multiple platforms. In a word, no longer at a discount price, I’m afraid to say.

Some previews compared this irritant Faerie to Vendilion Clique, another blue 3 mana 3/1 flyer that messes with the opponent. As a bounce effect and a flashy threat, Brazen Borrower is even more versatile than the Clique, giving you an early game tempo advantage and a late game finisher. The price reflects the card’s universal playability in a variety of formats, some of which are listed below.

Standard: Blue Devotion will join the ranks of Simic and Izzet Flash, Temur Adventures, Jeskai Fires, and the soon-to-be-released Blue Devotion. Pioneer: Blue-White Dominion, Izzet Phoenix Legacy: Blue-Red Delver and the Grixis Delver

In Legacy, Borrower earned a spot in multiple Delver decks by providing a main-deckable counter to troublesome permanents like Chalice of the Void or scary creatures that were cheated onto the battlefield, like the 20/20 Marit Lage token.

Based on the historical price trend, it appears that the set’s value has been rising steadily since its initial release, and has finally settled at around €20. Therefore, it might not be the best financial move. The price may drop eventually, but it will be quite some time before it becomes affordable. The sooner you buy a card you’re excited to play, the more time you’ll have to enjoy it, so take my advice and don’t put it off. To be honest, you probably have forgotten how much you paid for your cards after they have been in your possession for six months to a year.

#3 – Leyline of the Void


In third place, you’ll find a sideboard card playable in nearly every format. Once upon a time, during Hogaak Summer, it was practically mandatory to play some in your main deck if you wanted to compete in Modern. Prior to their reprint in, playable Leylines like this one and Leyline of Sanctity were prohibitively expensive. Fundamentals for 2020, whereas their current price is quite acceptable. Just why would you now be a good time to purchase Leyline of the Void?

Several factors contribute to this: With the London Mulligan rule, you can actively seek out leylines and significantly increase the odds of drawing one in your opening hand. In addition, this card is now legal in both Standard and Vintage, making it a viable option for use in almost any sideboard against graveyard-based strategies. A few instances are as follows:

Legacy: Loam, Dredge, Drogaak, and Reanimator Vessels

There really is no justification for not getting this card. Prices for individual books start at €6, while inexpensive playsets can be found for around €30. The card is staying in Standard until next September and, depending on the metagame, could even be useful in a Mono-Black Devotion deck.Afterlife TherosThe norm is established.

There are three distinct editions, each with its own unique cover art, so you’re bound to find a vendor who stocks the version(s) you prefer. I prefer the original version.Guildpactas well as its stunningly attractive and dark wooden frame.

#2 – Glorybringer


Glorybringer is the runner-up for January’s most popular card. While I was away, one of my favorite Dragons ever had a successful run in Standard.Amonkhetwas within the law’s bounds and is given a fresh start in Pioneer. All the bans since the format’s debut last year seem to have stabilized the metagame, with “Chonky Red” emerging as one of the most reliable strategies heading into 2020. The deck features some of the best threats that its color has to offer, such as Soul-Scar Mage, Bonecrusher Giant // Stomp, Goblin Chainwhirler, and the best of Glorybringer.

Fortunately, there are so many copies of our Dragon friend floating around and a Game Day promo, too, that it’s really hard for the card to become prohibitively expensive even as I write this. All the way up to ten Euros will get you a complete set, but you can get singles for as little as one.

Even though Glorybringer saw some casual Modern play a while ago, it doesn’t appear to be portable to other formats. Only Pioneers can buy this, but I have no doubt it will be a pivotal card in the evolution of the format. It’s one of the ten most popular creatures right now, and you can expect to see a lot of it in decks centered around red and other colors.

#1 – Yawgmoth, Thran Physician


Last but not least, the top card of the month in my opinion is a mythic-rare legend fromThe Dawn of New Horizons. This time it’s Yawgmoth’s turn to be the center of attention; he follows in the footsteps of Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis, who ruled Modern; Wrenn and Six, who terrorized Legacy; and Urza, Lord High Artificer, who recently coerced Wizards into banning Mox Opal.

Top Deck and Sideboard: Aaron Barich’s Golgari Yawgmoth, winner of the SCG Open Knoxville

She has a shell that is reminiscent of the Devoted Druid/Vizier of Remedies archetype, and it was used by Aaron Barich to win a recent SCG tournament. Yawgmoth functions more like a one-card combo than a two-card one because it relies on the legendary Human Cleric and has so many eternal creatures in it.

Misunderstood for a long time, the Thran Physician can now heal his patients by sacrificing one eternal creature to put a 1/1 counter on another, then repeatedly removing the 1/ 1 counter and resetting both creatures. One of them being Geralf’s Messenger and you having more life than your opponent does, two of them being Messengers, or involving Blood Artist, will result in an instant victory for you. Now that the bans have been lifted, Modern may be a good time to give this deck a try.

Singles used to cost around €6 or €7, but due to the popularity of the deck, the price has increased to €12. In any case, there’s still time to hop on the Golgari Yaghmoth express. The remaining creatures are easily within budget, and the tutor effects and mana base are both standard fare for Modern.

Before You Go …

Sorry, I didn’t bring up anyThose Who See Theros After They Diecard on purpose because I am not very good at calculating the potential return on investment of a new card before playing it. It will become clearer after a couple of weeks which ones are worth putting money into.

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate it very much. Leave your thoughts on this type of article and whether or not you’d like to see more like it in the comments section. Typical disclaimer: if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or contact me via my joint Twitter.

A. Rodrigo Martin

The views presented in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of lisbdnet.com.

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