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Trinity has found you; you must immediately leave the area. If you make too much noise, they will be able to pinpoint your location.

You must equip yourself with a weapon, such as a bow, which is silent but deadly.

There are seven different bows to choose from in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but only one will do the job.

Learn about the three best bows and where to find them so you can easily dispatch those pesky Trinity soldiers.

3.The Atlatl Bow


The Atlatl bow, which Croft uses to kill foes at great distances, looks like it was made by a sniper and is painstakingly assembled by skilled craftsmen.

Stats for the Weapon:

The damage is increased by 15% with the following upgrades: 3x Hardwood, 3x Hide, and 1x Jaguar Hide. Maximum firing rate of 80%; can be increased by 20% with the use of salvage x1, fat x4, and jaguar hide x3. Average Drawing Time: 50 ms; Can be increased by 15% with hide x6 and jaguar hide x1. Storage Capacity: 75%; an upgrade of 7 pieces of cloth, 6 pieces of hide, and 2 pieces of jaguar hide would increase this to 60%. It costs 5,800 gold to purchase this bow from a shopkeeper in the Hidden City.

2. Viper Bite Bow


The Viper Bite Bow is the most formidable and long-lasting bow available, and it has a sinister appearance to boot. This variation of the re curve bow has the added advantage of poison arrows, which can be shot at an opponent to cause instant and excruciating pain. Because its target’s enemies are unable to hear the arrow being fired, it lives up to its name.

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Data on the Arms:

Increase your damage by 40% by equipping hardwood x4 and jaguar hide x3. Hardwood x6 and jaguar hide x6 improve the firing rate from 75 to 45%. The draw speed bonus from upgrading to fat x3, cloth x2, and hide x1 is 30%, bringing the total to a whopping x50. 75 seconds, an increase of 60 percent with hardwood x4 and hide x2.

Follow the link below to learn how to obtain this bow once you have completed the game’s story mode and gained access to the Serpents Path.

1. Heart of the Eagle


It is a longbow crafted by the Paititian Heart of the Eagle tribe. Its upgradeability, high damage output, and long range make it ideal for Lara’s use in one-shot kill situations. Even the Atlatl, another bow designed for long range and distance, can’t match its hold timeout.

Description of Weapons:

The damage is increased by 40 percent if you use an upgrade of eight pieces of hardwood and four pieces of jaguar hide. Increase your damage by 40% with the help of hardwood x6 and jaguar hide x6. Upgrades to fat x8, cloth x5, and jaguar hide x2 add 30% to the already rapid draw speed of level 50. Upgrades of hardwood x8 and jaguar hide x6 increase the hold time from 75 to 90 minutes.

This bow is obtainable only by completing the Ancient Studies Quest in the Hidden City.

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These three bows have nearly identical base statistics, so the differences between them are in hold time and rate of fire. If trinity ever corners you, just pull out one of these and fire your way out.