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Magikarp Pokemon with the appearance of a koi fish (in Japanese, ). Even after it evolves into the Water/Flying-type Gyarados at level 20, it is frequently mocked online for having only one move that is essentially useless before that point.

“ang xem”The best Pokemon meme is a magikarp.


The original Pokemon games introduced Magikarp.It’s Red and Blue for the Pokemon Card Game, which came out in Japan in 1996 and the US in 1998. The creature was described as “horribly weak” in these games. There have been discussions about Magikarps since 1999 on newsgroups like alt.games.nintendo.pokemon and alt.games.pokemon, with many posters agreeing that the creature is only worth training until level 20 to get the powerful Gyarados, which could not be found in the wild in the original two games.



Message boards like the Evermore forums and the Pokemon Elite 2000 forum started seeing discussions about how Magikarp would fare in battles between 2004 and 2006. In April 2006, YTMND sites began appearing with the fish, such as Turbo Magikarp, which shows a level 100 fish defeating a Jynx, Sharpedo, and Alakazam with a single hit. It has been viewed nearly 20,000 times since October 2013. A few months later that year, videos of battles between Magikarp started popping up on YouTube, as demonstrated below.

Artist Nina Matsumoto posted a tattoo design for a Magikarp on her portfolio site in 2006. In a May 2007 upload to Newgrounds, titled “Splash Attack,” two Pokemon trainers face off while using Magikarps. The year 2008 saw a proliferation of Magikarp-related posts on 4chan, particularly on the /a/ (Anime and Manga) and /jp/ (Otaku Culture) subreddits.

A parody Twitter account for the fish was launched in March 2009 and boasted over 3,100 followers as of October 2013. On January 10, 2010, a Facebook fan page for the Pokemon was created, and in December of the same year, the single-topic Tumblr Fuck Yeah, Magikarp was made. Over the course of 2010 and 2011, competitive Pokemon trainers on YouTube frequently uploaded videos of battles dubbed “Magikarp Sweeps,” in which a single Magikarp was used to defeat a team of six powerful Pokemon. WikiHow detailed the procedure that same year, and as of October 2013, a YouTube search for “Magikarp sweep” yielded more than 15,200 results.

A Pokemon infographic with an extreme advertising style began circulating online in early 2012, making appearances on FunnyJunk, the /r/Funny subreddit, and Dorkly, among other sites. In April of that year, a Reddit community called /r/MagikarpFTW was established so fans of the creature could share images of their own. A level 99 shiny Magikarp was made available for download at a Japanese Pokemon event held in Nagoya in February 2013. Tumblr user seedatart parodied the lyrics to “Crazy” in an animated comic posted that same month.The Fresh Prince of Bel-Airfeaturing the below-shown Magikarp, which as of October 2013 has amassed over 20,000 notes. A YouTuber by the name of Meikachuchu uploaded a playthrough in July 2013 in which a Magikarp faced off against the Elite Four of eitherPokédex: Fire Red or Pikachu in Leaf Green successfully.


“Magikarp Jump”

To Jump Like a Magikarpis a mobile game available on Android and iOS in which the player’s goal is to teach Magikarp to perform the highest possible jumping sequence. Each Magikarp in the game is equipped with an Everstone, which prevents it from evolving while it wears it. Training Magikarp to jump repeatedly causes the Everstone to crack, allowing it to evolve into a Gyrados and rendering it useless. On May 23, 2017, the game was released for the first time on the App Store.

Quickly, the game was praised by critics. As an example of what the series does well, Polygon praised the game in two articles published two days after its release. The Pokémon RPGs stand out because, unlike the other Pokémon games, inThis is not a Magikarp JumpPlayers’ Magikarp can actually perish, not just faint. A Voltorb explosion or a Pidgeotto snatching the Magikarp mid-jump are both possible ways of ending the Magikarp’s life. On May 30th, The Verge covered the shocked reactions of fans to this new feature.