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What, no invite? Can’t be helped. Film’s Out ThereShocking Cases of Uninvited Guests at Weddingsshown that you don’t need an invite to enjoy a wedding’s prime rib, dance floor, and cake. Among the list of our preferredIntruders at a Weddingas these quotations demonstrate, all you need are some stylish threads, a dash of machismo, and of course theIntruders at a Wedding rules. Which leads to what? Happily ever after, right up until you wake up the next day.

Quotes from the Movie “Wedding Crashers”

Best Wedding Crashers Quotes

When this romantic comedy with a bromance twist was released in theaters,Crashers at a Weddingprovided everyone, from the invited to the unannounced, with everything they needed to celebrate the wedding season. Some of the most insightful comments made byCriers at the Weddingthat will be more fun to recite and discuss than the traditional wedding vows.


Someone once said, “Grief is nature’s most potent aphrodisiac.” “You have no idea how close I came to nunchucking you.” ”Yeah. One fell to his death while hang gliding. Who the hell does he think he is? “ Ahh! I’m going hang-gliding! Take a good photo, honey. I can’t believe it, but I just died! Wow, what a weirdo. “Hey, Ma! How about some meatloaf? As the saying goes, “I’m just living the dream.” Like trying to catch fish with dynamite, as one person put it. This is stunningly gorgeous! It’s the circle of life: with death comes rebirth. Things are looking up for us.

Wedding Crashers Rules

Is your upcoming wedding season looking bleak due to a lack of guests? Stop worrying! Unfortunately, the film couldn’t fit them all in, but we’ve collected them all here: 115Criers at the Weddingguidelines for securing your place as the wedding season’s top player.

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“Wedding Crashers” Rule #1: Always look out for your fellow Crashers and make sure nobody gets left behind. When one of their own crashes, the other crashers will protect them.

A Case of Wedding Interruptions Rule #2: Use a fake name at all times.

Intruders at a Wedding Rule #3: If you want to crash an Indian wedding without raising suspicion, you can do so by posing as a local law enforcement official or a prominent immigrant.

Crashers at a Wedding Rule #4: In our community, nobody ever travels alone at night.

Those Who Barge In on a Wedding Rule #5:You should never let a female get in the way of your bromance with another Crasher.

Breaking into a WeddingRule #6: Grab people’s attention, but do it your way.

Intruders at a Wedding Rule #7: Integrate by standing out.

The Wedding-Crashers Rule #8: Don’t just show up to the party; make it.

Crashers at a Wedding Rule #9: You should do whatever it takes to get inside.

Intruders at a Wedding Rule #10: Not even a wuss would bother with an invitation.

Crashers at a Wedding Rule #11: Being sensitive is a positive trait.

Crashers at a Wedding Rule #12 : When the fun is over, smash something.

A Case of Wedding Interruptions Rule #13: The bridesmaids need some reassurance.

Trespassers at a Wedding Rule #14: You are a distant cousin of someone who has passed away.

Crashers at a Wedding Rule #15: Refuse to give in to the temptation to be truthful.

The Wedding-Crashers Rule #16: Keep an accurate and current family tree.

Those Who Barge In on a Wedding Rule #17: There should be a wedding night for every single female guest.

Contraband Attendees Rule #18: Both kids and animals find you lovable.

Contraband Attendees Rule #19: If you’re fluent in the local tongue and have practiced your toast, by all means give it. Never go into something blind.

“Wedding Crashers” Rule #20: The older, the better (see Rule below).

Crashers at a Wedding Rule #21: Insist on verifying that she is over the age of eighteen.

Criers at the Wedding Rule #22: Weddings and receptions are the final steps in formalizing a marriage. Period. The use of overtime is prohibited.

Intruders at a Wedding Rule #23: Repeated helpings are perfectly acceptable. Assuming there are sufficient numbers of women.

Crashers at a Wedding Rule #24: Don’t freak out if you get caught. Stay put.

Shocking Cases of Uninvited Guests at Weddings Rule #25: You know she heard you, but that wasn’t your intended meaning.