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The worst part about realizing how lonely you are is realizing you have no one to. — A whisper from Brighton, England, GB.

You have something that many people don’t: a special and rare bond with another human being, if you’re lucky enough to have a good friend or a best friend. And if today happens to be a friend’s birthday, you’ll want to find the perfect words to I wish you a joyous birthday, my dear friend.. It can be difficult to find the appropriate words to express our gratitude to someone who has played such a pivotal role in our lives, but have no fear, for this collection of Happy Birthday, Friend! and I hope you have a wonderful birthday, best friend! will aid you in carrying out your plan. We wish you and your friend a wonderful birthday celebration and many more to come.

Included in this collection are:

Best wishes on your friend’s birthday birthday greetings for a close friend Happy Birthday, Best Friend, Funny Wishes

Birthday Wishes for Friend – Happy Birthday Friend

I count myself incredibly fortunate to call you a friend. I pray that this birthday celebrates the unique individual that you are. Greetings, and may every one of your hopes and wishes come true. It’s been great having a friend like you. Sending birthday greetings your way! I hope that we celebrate many more birthdays and anniversaries together in the years to come. Wishing you a wonderful birthday! I hope you find the joy and fulfillment in life that you so richly deserve. To a wonderful friend on their special day: birthday greetings!

A Unique Collection of Happy Birthday Wishes to a Best Friend - Holidappy

That you exist in my life is something for which I am extremely appreciative. On your special day, I wish you the best. I promise to stand by you through thick and thin. To a dear friend on their special day: best wishes! Many, many happy returns of the day! You have earned today’s abundance of treats, adoration, and joy. Have a great day, buddy! I pray that God blesses you abundantly, both now and always. Warm birthday wishes to my dear friend! I hope you have a fantastic day celebrating your birthday, my friend. Through it all, you were always there to support me. I’ll be here for you through thick and thin. Birthday greetings to you! I appreciate you being such a wonderful friend. All my best to you on your special day!

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend – Happy Birthday Best Friend

Your genuine friendship means a lot to me. Dear Best Friend, I pray that this special day brings you nothing but joy and happiness. I hope your life is filled with love, hope, and unending happiness. It means a lot to me that you’re my best friend. Having you as a best friend is something I take great pride in. The best wishes for a joyful and prosperous year to you as you celebrate your birthday!
Nobody else can relate to me the way you do. As my friend, you’re like a brother or sister to me. My best friend’s birthday is today! I appreciate you being a willing ear. To have a friend like you in my life is a blessing. In other words, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! How wonderful it is that we are friends. Best wishes on your birthday, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

I want to wish a happy birthday to my best friend, the one who always finds the humor in my antics and never leaves my side, no matter how stupid I get. My definition of a best friend is someone who accepts you for who you are, who listens to you ramble on about nothing, who loves you even when you’re weird, and who forgets your birthday every year. Wishing my closest friend a very happy birthday!
It’s your birthday, best friend, and I couldn’t be happier for you! We make a fantastic duo; you’re a wonderful friend, and I’m a brilliant, attractive, and talented individual. Though I too am getting older, at least I don’t look my age. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your best friend’s birthday!

We hope you’ve had a great time reading our collection of birthday wishes, messages, greetings, and quotes for friends and best friends.

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62 Amazingly Beautiful Best Friend Sayings and Quotes to Share with Your BFF or the person who holds your hair back after one too many wine-a-ritas.

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40 Happy Birthday Quotes For Friend

To have a best friend is one of the greatest blessings in this world.

They’re an unwavering friend who’ll stick by your side through thick and thin. As there is no fear of being judged, you can relax and be completely honest in their company. Their love for you will be completely selfless.

Here is the largest collection of best friend quotes ever compiled to help you express your feelings to your bestie.

In honor of the friendship between you and your best bud, we present more than 155 inspiring quotes.

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Quotes About Best Friends

To What Extent Will We Remain Friends? Piglet enquired. Even longer, Pooh said in response. ” A. A. Milne

Even though we’ve grown apart, the fact that we once grew together means that our histories are inextricably intertwined. Condie, Ally

The healing power of friendship is grossly underestimated. Anna Deavere Smith

“Until we’re both old and senile, we’ll remain the best of friends.” If that happens, I’m happy to meet you. Assumed Identity: Anon.

It’s been said that “my best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake.” In the words of Aristotle:

Who is a friend, anyway? Just one spirit sharing the space of two hosts. An Aristotelian View

Saying, “She’s my best friend; she’s just my everything. She’s always there for me when I need her.” Ashley Olsen

To quote author Robert Frost: “Friendship is a word, the very sight of which in print makes heart warm.” This was written by Augustine Birrell.

The good in life are multiplied by friends, and the bad are divided. For the record, I’m Baltasar Gracian.

A friend who is there for you even if they say something hurtful is made of more valuable material than someone who just doesn’t care enough to stick around. To paraphrase the words of Barbara Kingsolver:

Take your time when making decisions about who to spend time with and how often. For example: – Ben Franklin

In other words, “How do you spend time with your BFF?” You’re just sitting there, doing nothing. Inappropriately – Blake Lively

Some friendships survive despite tense interactions between friends; others do not. “- Brooke Elliott

Together, we’ve shared both the light and the darkness of friendship. The Late Caroline Sheridan Norton

One of the most telling indicators of a man’s value is the quality of his friendships. A quote from Charles Darwin

The old adage goes something like this: “If you want to make friends, stop trying to get other people interested in you and start becoming interested in them instead.” Says Dale Carnegie

In other words, “I am my own best friend, and I treat myself with the utmost respect.” Diane Von Furstenburg

“When you lose your smile, your hope, and your courage, good friends help you find them again.” Zantamata, Doe

In other words, a true friend is someone who accepts you despite your flaws and cheers you on when you achieve success. “- Doug Larson

“Say what you feel and say it how you feel it; it doesn’t matter if people mind or care. Dr. Seuss

If you’re lucky, you’ll have at least one friend in your life who “seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one’s self, the very meaning of one’s soul.” A quote from Edith Wharton

There’s a problem when a man’s best friend is his dog, as the saying goes. By Edward Abbey

“Friendship leaves an even deeper imprint on a life than love does. While romantic attachment can easily turn obsessive, friends are always there to share. This is the world we have created.

Any relationship lacking a solid friendship foundation is doomed to fail. In honor of Ella Wheeler Wilcox

As I’ve said before, “talking to you was like a safe haven.” The Poet Laureate, Emily Dickinson

Just keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes. It’s reassuring to have each other’s company for this reason. E. Kimbrough, Emily

“Friendship is far and away the greatest possession of all that wisdom provides us to make us completely happy.” I, Epicurus

“It is in times of trouble, not times of happiness, that true friends reveal their true colors.” By Euripides

Some people say that “one loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” Author: Euripides

When two people become friends, they develop a strong and consistent desire to work toward each other’s well-being. To paraphrase, “Eustace Budgell”

“Friends are the family you choose,” as the saying goes. — Eustache Deschamps

People enter and exit our lives for various reasons. Some visitors stay for a while, leaving indelible marks on our souls. By Flavia Weedn

One of my favorite sayings is, “A friend can tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself.” That was Frances Ward Weller, by the way.

Never pass up the chance to make new friends because “there is nothing so well worth having as friends.” Author: Francesco Guicciardini

That which closes its eyes in friendship is love. “- Friedrich Nietzsche

Someone you trust can be a great reflection of you. George Herbert Mead

It is giving as the angels give if, instead of a gem or a flower, we cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend. MacDonald, George

True friends are always there for one another. The Marquis of Lossie: George MacDonald

Friendship, like a slow-growing plant, requires exposure to and recovery from adversity before it can be properly called “friendship.” Mr. President, George Washington

Friends are more precious than diamonds; in fact, your closest friends are the diamonds in your crown. Your closest friends are the ones who can withstand anything life throws at them, who thrive under duress, and who are truly priceless to you. They’re so strong that they can even shatter glass if necessary. — Gina Barreca

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.” Grace Preaching Device

Someone who is truly your friend will take the time to reach out and touch your heart. Heath Pryor

As the saying goes, “The best thing I can do for a friend is to be his friend.” Quote by: Henry David Thoreau

It’s true that “a friend is what the heart needs always.” Van Dyke, Henry

“Ah, this is so satisfying! The warm grasp of a familiar hand.” Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth.

Friendship, as the old adage goes, is priceless. “- Herodotus

“Friendship is the greatest gift there is, and I have been given that.” Hubert H. Humphrey

Friends are like four-leaf clovers: uncommon and prized when discovered. According to an Irish Proverb

Someone once said, “Friends make a man successful.” – To Have a Wonderful Life

“Standing up to your enemies takes a lot of courage, but standing up to your friends takes even more.” Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling

If it weren’t for my best friend, I don’t know where I’d be right now. She tells it like it is and never fails to make me belly laugh. A person like that is a necessity in everyone’s life. By Jasmine Guinness

According to the old adage, “Friends are the family you pick.” Author: Jess C. Scott

People know us when times are good, but they really get to know us when things get tough. By John Churton Collins

Some friends take years to mature into old ones. By John Leonard

To learn who your true friends are, all you have to do is make a mistake or go through a tough time. Then we’ll see who stays. by Karen Salmansohn

For me, the greatest benefit of having friends was never having to explain myself. By Katherine Mansfield

Friendship is never an opportunity and always a sweet responsibility. The Prophet, Khalil Gibran

The thing about best friends was that. Sisters and mothers are like that; they can irritate the hell out of you, make you cry, and break your heart, but when the going gets tough, they’re there to cheer you up. Critique by Kristin Hannah

To quote one of my favorite authors, “A best friend holds up a mirror to your heart.” Kristin Hannah

“We have all experienced the pain of social isolation or feeling misunderstood. Being the subject of rumors, hearing people talk about you, or a group of female students picking on you. They’re your best friend one second and calling you on three-way the next. Krysten Ritter

Someone I can trust with my deepest, darkest secrets; a true soul mate. Anne of Green Gables author L.M. Montgomery said as much.

Someone who sticks by you even when he’d rather be doing something else is definitely your friend. It was written by Len Wein

When compared to a good friend, nothing beats a friend with chocolate. As told by Linda Grayson

When you have a good friend, you have a link to the past, a path to the future, and the means to maintain your sanity in a crazy world. Lois Wyse

A mutual ability to comprehend one another’s thoughts and feelings ranks among friendship’s most endearing traits. Seneca, Lucius Annaeus

Let us give thanks to those who bring us joy, for they are the charming gardeners who nurture the growth of our souls. The Infinite Regress: A Novel by Marcel Proust

We’re like two books in one, right?” The DesbordesValmores, Marceline

True conversations between friends are characterized by their silences. It’s not what you say but how you never have to say it that matters. In the words of Margaret Lee Runbeck in her book “Answer Without Ceasing”

It’s true that we all have the power to give the gift of friendship even as the world around us becomes more complex. This is what I say: Maria Shriver

There are highs and lows in every friendship. Patterns of dysfunction emerge; stress from the outside world causes tension within; you drift apart and then find each other again. Mariella Frostrup, the author.

Can you fathom what it would be like if we were our own best friend? To quote Meghan Markle:

The saying goes, “Friendship is one mind in two bodies.” – Mencius

The saying goes, “Best friends can turn a horrible day, into one of the best days of your life.” Name: Nathaniel Richmond

It has been said that “true friends are like diamonds;” they are dazzling, priceless, and timeless. Nicki Minaj

You should always be able to put both hands on a genuine friend. An Old Proverb from Nigeria

No friendship happens by chance. Written by: O. Henry

One of my favorite sayings is, “Real friends stab you in the front.” Author: Oscar Wilde

True friends will be drawn to the magnet that is your heart. Unselfishness, or prioritizing the needs of others, is the magnetic force that draws people to you. — Paramahansa Yogananda

Heaven itself can’t compare to a true friend. – Plautus

If I wanted a friend who would shift and sway as I did, I wouldn’t have to settle for my shadow. To paraphrase Plutarch:

“Friendship’s sweetness revives the spirit.” Verse 9 of Proverbs

You are the best friend I’ve ever had,” she exclaimed. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with you. I want you to know that you are the bright spot in my day. That what I’m feeling is genuine. Honestly, it’s impossible for me to express how much I care for you. I can always count on you to be there for me. – Queen

“Because that’s how people are supposed to be, a true friend is someone who will always love you—the imperfect, confused, wrong you.” – R. J. L.

Having the freedom to act foolish around long-time friends is a great perk of having them around. Emerson, Ralph Waldo.

The spiritual inspiration one receives when one learns that another person believes in them and trusts them as a friend is the glory of friendship, not an extended hand, a friendly smile, or shared experiences. Emerson, Ralph Waldo

When you want a friend, be one. Emerson, Ralph Waldo.

“Choosing a best friend who defends your interests, stays true to who she is, and accepts you for who you are without judging your “coolness”? Now you’ve made a lifelong friend commitment. Renée Olstead

The person must be someone whose actions you respect and with whom you can be completely honest and open. R.Olstead, Renee

As the saying goes, “In the first minute you meet a friend, they will know you better than your acquaintances will in a thousand years.” Author: Richard Bach

The saying goes something like, “Friends are like stars; there are always more in the sky, but it’s the ones that stay that really shine.” For the record, I’m a huge Roxy Quiksilver fan.

The saying goes something like, “Friendship is like money; it’s easier to make than to keep.” A Quote from Samuel Butler

Friends are the “sailors” who help you navigate the perilous seas of life. In this case, Sare and Cate

You can’t put into words how much your best friends mean to you. You can use your personal experiences with them to paint a vivid picture. Author: Saurabh Saini

The best thing about making new friends is that they infuse your spirit with fresh vitality. Shanna Rodriguez

In other words, how many times can you slam an old screen door? How much noise you can block out is a factor. Bread has how many slices? Perhaps, depending on how thin you slice it. The amount of good that can be accomplished in a day. How well you enjoy them is what matters. Exactly how much affection does a friend possess? How much they appreciate what you give them is up to you. “It’s a wonderful world” – Shel Silverstein

To be that honest takes a true friend. – Shrek

True friends are the ones who will tell you when your face is filthy. A wise saying from Sicily.

Friendship, like any other human experience, is characterized by an emotional connection. To start something new” — Simon Sinek

If you’re a true friend, you shouldn’t keep your feelings to yourself. Saint Jerome

To have friends is like having vitamins for your soul and medicine for a broken heart. Author: Steve Maraboli

If your friend is truly your friend, they will help you move more than just your furniture. A Remarkable Life: The Writings of Steven J. Daniels

After I turned 12, I lost touch with all my friends. Stay with Me, by Steven King

It’s not possible to articulate a set of explicit, logical guidelines for how to behave in a friendship. However, logical thought is essential in the business world. Professor Steven Pinker

Two things form the foundation of my definition of friendship. Honor and confidence. Both components are necessary. The feeling also needs to be returned. Even if you hold someone in high regard, if you don’t trust them, the friendship will eventually fizzle out. Novelist Stieg Larsson

Joy shared is joy doubled, and sorrow shared is sorrow halved. Swedish aphorism

The saying goes, “When you puke with someone, you become instant best friends.” Sylvia Plath

Friends are the ones who brighten your day. You can’t hold in your laughter around your best friends without having to go to the bathroom. Guillemets, Terri

As the saying goes, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Band: The Beatles

And without friends, even the most agreeable activities can become tedious. In the words of Thomas Aquinas:

As the saying goes, “true friendship is more valuable than anything else in the world.” “Thomas Aquinas”

Someone once said, “If you have one true friend, you have more than your share.” In honor of Thomas Fuller

There’s a friend in me, and you can count on me to be there for you. Toy Story

If you truly want to be a friend to someone, you need to devote a lot of time to the relationship. When you have too many friends, they’re not true friends anymore. The Great Gatsby, by Truman Capote

Whenever you’re with a group of good people, the journey seems shorter. An Old Turkish Saying

The saying goes, “Best friends are like four-leaf clovers; you have to be very lucky to find one and even luckier to keep it.” – Unknown

When you feel like you’ve reached rock bottom, your best friend is the person who can bring you back up with a good belly laugh. – Unknown

A friend takes us for who we are and encourages us to grow into who we should be. – Unknown

If you’ve ever forgotten the words to a song in your heart, your friend can help you find them again. – Unknown

Somebody who knows your history, has faith in your future, and loves you for who you are right now—that’s a friend. – Unknown

A good friendship doesn’t require constant contact or even regular chats. True friends will always be there for one another as long as their hearts remain connected. – Unknown

A true friend is someone who likes you for who you are, flaws and all. – Unknown

There’s more to a best friend than meets the eye. Best friends are those who support you no matter what and never leave your side. You can put your complete trust in them. It’s almost as if the tears and laughter of two best friends are inextricably linked. First and foremost, a best friend is someone you can always count on. – Unknown

Your best friend is someone you can’t stay mad at for long because you have so much to talk about. – Unknown

In order to be considered best friends, it is not required that you speak to one another every day. Not communicating for weeks is not necessary. However, once they resume communication, it’s as if no time has passed at all. – Unknown

When you have a good friend, everything is better. – Unknown

It’s not a title to be given out lightly, but rather a promise to keep forever: – Unknown

To which he replied, “Best friends? I guess we could be considered that, but we’re really more like sisters. – Unknown

Put your bros before your balls. – Unknown

“F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Defend yourself. I honor you. You are part of this. Motivate you. Definitely need you. merits you. Be there for you. – Unknown

Angels blow us kisses through our friends. – Unknown

To have friends is to have walls. You can always count on them to be there when you need them, and it’s nice to have that security sometimes. – Unknown

When you talk, your friends pay attention. True friends pick up on the cues you give them. – Unknown

Between two caring people, friendship can appear as colorful as a rainbow. – Unknown

The value of friendship is overrated. The devil is in the details. – Unknown

The person who walks into your life, says “I’m here for you,” and goes out of their way to show that they mean it is your friend, not how long you’ve known them. – Unknown

“When you’re by yourself, I’ll follow close behind. Don’t hesitate to lean on me if you need someone to cry on. I’ll be your pillow if you need a hug. If you’re feeling down, let me be the reason you smile again. But if you ever find yourself in need of a friend, you can count on me to simply be myself. – Unknown

Let’s all raise our pinkies and swear. We’re going to become inseparable pals. To our wrinkled old age! – Unknown

My best friend is the person who makes me want to be a better person. – Unknown

The pain of a stomach ache from laughing too hard with your best friend is unparalleled. – Unknown

One of the greatest acts of kindness we can perform is simply being present with a hurting friend. – Unknown

Intimate companions who inspire you to be your best self are true soulmates. Though flawed, they are always just right for you. – Unknown

Sometimes just venting to your BFF is all you need. – Unknown

A true friend is someone you could sit on a porch with and not say a word to and still feel like you had the most meaningful conversation of your life. – Unknown

There are two types of ships: large and small. But friendship is the best ship of all. – Unknown

To find out who your true friends are, try this: Put a wrench in things and see who’s still around. – Unknown

When looking back hurts and forward scares you, look to your side and you’ll see your best friend. – Unknown

Someone once said, “Yesterday was the start, tomorrow is the finish, and in between those two points is where we became best friends.” – Unknown

When two people are best friends, they always seem to be having a good time, even when it doesn’t make sense for them to. – Unknown

A friend is someone who knows the real you and understands your pain even when no one else does. – Unknown ​

Truth be told, things in life don’t tend to sort themselves out at the drop of a hat. Keep at it; success won’t come easily. Political freedom, marital stability, and platonic relationships. It’s not enough to simply declare, “She’s my best friend.” Not necessarily so; that’s a procedure. The Late Great Viggo Mortensen

Although some people seek solace in religion or art, I prefer the company of my friends. Writer’s Credit: Virginia Woolf

Fragile as glass, mended friendships will always have visible fissures. by Waqar Ahmed

When it comes to friendship, there are no hard and fast rules. It needs to be left alone. We can’t apply any more pressure than love would. These are the times that try men’s souls. – William Hazlitt

“A true friend unburdens freely, advises justly, helps willingly, adventures boldly, accepts all patiently, defends bravely, and continues a friend unchangeably.” A quote from William Penn

As the saying goes, a true friend “takes you for who you are, remembers where you’ve been, approves of who you are now, and still gives you room to develop in a safe and nurturing environment.” “- The Bard himself, William Shakespeare

Faithful friends are like the wind; words are like the breeze. Shakespeare, William

Oh, you are the most amazing friends anyone could ask for. It’s strange, but it’s as if I’ve known you forever, even though I know that can’t be the case. Title: “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”