Updated at: 15-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

I plan to have a drinking contest next week, and one of my goals is to down a pint of beer in one second.

Though I can down a glass in about three seconds with a fast swallow, I’d like to improve my speed. The drink won’t go down if I stop swallowing, and I’ve been told to “open my throat” before. Is there any way to acquire such a pointless skill?

If so, I’d appreciate some guidance on how to put it into practice.

How To Chug Beer Fast


In the off chance that anyone is still interested, I’ve included some helpful hints below.

Start by putting something to drink in your mouth and seeing if you can swallow it with your mouth slightly ajar. This is the real deal, so there’s no room for deceit. In order to achieve this, you should drink a lot of water and tilt your hat as far back as you feel comfortable doing so.

You can add more water whenever you like if it works, but if it doesn’t, try using less water until it does.

So now you can give it a shot and see if you can let it float in your mouth while letting it glide down. You can start out pouring very slowly and increase the speed to your liking. Toss in as much as you like and watch it evaporate…

But I can say with certainty that I bear no responsibility for you.

To put it simply, I would practice using funnels (which can be made for less than $5 at a hardware store). After a few repetitions, you’ll subconsciously learn to open your throat wider and “take bigger gulps.” The next step is to use the method on a draft glass. In a week, you can improve significantly. If you feel like you need some extra training, try it with water or a carbonated drink.

I did that once at a college party, and it was fine; I just took “normal gulps” to get it down. Is it something I have to work on or does it just come naturally after practicing funneling for a while?

If you want to chug more effectively, you should, although this may seem counterintuitive, tilt your head to the side as you do so. Your brain’s default position is to tilt your head back, but that’s not the right position. There is no comparison; this is crucial.

Try a big yawn and see how it feels in your throat. Then, without yawning, try to replicate that.

Get some pool time in until you’ve got it down. Carbonation in beer, in my opinion, makes it more challenging.

I have some advice for you, if you’re still here. I find success with this approach.

Let the beer warm up as much as possible in your container of choice. When heating, using both hands speeds up the process. Cold beer can be a bit of a shock to the system. It’s simpler if you use as little foam as possible, too.

Using pint glasses is the simplest option. You should let out a full breath right before you take that big gulp. It’s ideal to finish your breath just as your hand is about to raise the glass to your lips. Taking a deep breath in can throw you off because all that air wants to escape. It’s wide open here. In other words, when the beer is halfway down your throat but still in your mouth, swallow it and stop there. It will free up your throat so you can easily drink from the bottle. Some people appear to have their mouths wide open and protrude their tongues slightly while still keeping them lightly pressed against the floor of their mouths.