Updated at: 05-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

An individual can choose Excalibur as one of three “beginner” Warframes. This Warframe is one of the classics, and it’s loved by many. Although the Prime version of Excalibur is difficult to obtain, it is available to those who purchase the founder package. For a while, the only version of him available for play was the regular one. Many players rely on him early on because he is so effective as a Swordsman. Excalibur’s passive name is “Swordsmanship.” When using a sword-style melee weapon, your damage and attack speed will both increase.

Cut and Run –The Warframe dashes forward, crashing into his foes and slicing through them with his mighty blade. Those of his foes who are lucky enough to survive his strike will be severely weakened. When there are no foes around, he will make a beeline for the direction you’re looking. If you use this ability, Excalibur will be unaffected by harm, and if you press the melee attack button while he’s in mid-dash, he’ll equip his melee weapon and launch an instant attack.

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A Radial Blind –This is his second ability, and it causes his divine blade to flash with incredible power. The light from this blade will blind his attackers. While your enemies are blinded by this ability, they can still fire at your last known location or seek cover. Melee attacks are effective in finishing off the enemies.

Tossing a Javelin in All DirectionsHigh damage is dealt to nearby enemies as the Excalibur summons several javelins and fires them at them. Those who are hit by the javelin are temporarily stunned.

The Exalted Sword –Excalibur is able to use his ethereal sword as a melee weapon thanks to this power. You have access to regular attacks, wall attacks, and slam attacks while this ability is active. The number of attacks in a melee combo will increase with each hit. The use of side attacks and the final small radial blind will require some stamina and power. By using this ability, you will gain a special melee stance and its associated attacks. If you point the blades in the right direction, they’ll send out an energy wave that does a lot of damage in that direction. Over longer distances, the damage done could be reduced. Aside from that, it will automatically defend against any frontal assaults.

Although modding this Warframe presents some challenges, we hope to demonstrate some end-game builds. Aura mod slots are valuable, and Steel charge is the best option because it greatly increases the damage done by your ability. An aura mod swap is only necessary for a small fraction of the mission’s groups, but the extra melee damage is always a good idea.



For maximum damage, the default Excalibur build prioritizes the Exalted Blade. It not only gives you a powerful sword that can quickly dispatch the monsters, but it also allows you to shoot your sword slashes through the map.

The Chromatic Blade is a crucial mod that, when applied to an exalted weapon, increases its damage output, strength, and status chance by at least 180% and 100%, respectively. Managing the available energy and extending the usefulness of Radial Blind are both facilitated by the priming effect’s continuous application. Stretch doesn’t directly affect your abilities, but it does increase the range of your Radial blind skill, which can be crucial to your survival in certain circumstances.

Though significantly less powerful than the regular Excalibur, this variant still has the potential to be a lot of fun to use. It’s so much fun to make a mad dash across the map, picking off enemies and destroying everything in your path. You do take some damage yourself, but your reach, power, and efficiency are all impressive. To combat the energy drain, Primes Flow will be a crucial mod. Steel Fiber is not required for survival, as other mods such as Vitality and Streamline are available. This Excalibur setup is simple and enjoyable—until you realize that you should not use it against high-level foes.

This Excalibur build is ideal for certain missions due to its high defense and ability to absorb a lot of damage. This Excalibur construction aims to merge the best features of the standard build with some added tact. Hunter Adrenaline helps with the energy drain, but Adaptation and Steel Fiber are also viable options. Radial Blind’s drain on your energy and its duration can be mitigated with the aid of Chromatic Blade and Primed Continuity. Before you use this Excalibur construction, make sure you know its advantages and disadvantages. When facing off against powerful foes, timing and positioning are crucial for maximizing damage and other bonuses.

Constructing an Exalted Blade Excalibur Build is trickier than it seems, as Chromatic Blade allows you to achieve up to 100% status chance without the use of any 60% status chance mods. An increase in status is very helpful because it allows you to use Conditional Overload and the augmented mod, both of which greatly increase your melee damage. Two elemental damage mods, or damage enhancement mods, are required otherwise. True Steel and Organ Shatter can be used to increase critical damage, and Berserker can be used to increase attack speed.

Multiple versions of Excalibur can be found online. As one of the three introductory Warframes, he offers a lot of potential thanks to his versatile and powerful set of abilities. You’ll understand the fervor surrounding the Umbra Excalibur once you get your hands on one. Try out different configurations of Excalibur until you find one that works well with your playstyle. Do tell us if you come up with a better idea.