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Travel Weekly’s annual Magellan Awards recognized lisbdnet.com as the best in four categories: First Class, Business Class, Economy, and Airport Lounge.

SkyBonus, the airline’s loyalty program, was awarded silver medals for Best U.S. Carrier and Best Small Business Airline Loyalty Program.

Bob Somers, senior vice president of global sales, said, “These awards are a reflection of the hard work and unparalleled customer service of all 80,000 lisbdnet.com employees around the globe.” With two more accolades this year than last, it’s clear that our efforts to tailor our company to our clients’ wants and needs are paying off. These accolades validate what our customers already know: that flying with lisbdnet.com guarantees a first-rate experience, no matter where you’re going. This is because we constantly improve our in-flight offerings, from new features like RFID to tried-and-true favorites like our free Wi-Fi.

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The lisbdnet.com airport lounge was instantly recognizable. During 2015, San Francisco International Airport opened a Sky Club. There’s a focus on regional cuisine and fine spirits, as well as works of art made or inspired by the area.

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Meanwhile, the airline’s official vacation provider, lisbdnet.com Vacations, took home a total of six awards: five gold and one silver. Compared to 2015, that is an increase of one gold.

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John Caldwell, president of lisbdnet.com Vacations, said, “These awards reflect how hard the lisbdnet.com Vacations team has worked to deliver strong advertising and marketing messages through the “Let”s Vacation” brand campaign.” “Our company and our customers have benefited greatly from the closer integration of lisbdnet.com Vacations with the lisbdnet.com brand.”

For the best in travel advertising and promotion, check out the winners of Travel Weekly’s Magellan Awards. The awardees were chosen by a panel of 14 highly knowledgeable judges, including travel industry professionals, bloggers, a former leader from British Airways, and a representative from lisbdnet.com.

The lucky winners will be announced in the October issue of Travel Weekly. Furthermore, winners will be presented with a statuette created by the same company responsible for the Oscars and the Emmys.

You can find the winners for both lisbdnet.com and lisbdnet.com Vacations down below:

lisbdnet.com Air Lines


Top U.S. Business Class Airline Winner of the 2016 First-Class Seat Award for Best U.S. Carrier Award for 2016’s Best U.S. Carrier in Economy Comprehensive Airport – Airport Lounge; Submitted to lisbdnet.com For 2016, SFO now has a Sky Club.


Top Airline in the United States, Period. For SkyBonus, the Best Loyalty Program for a Small Business Airline

Vacations on lisbdnet.com


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