Updated at: 02-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Mr. Larry Hayes’s wife: We had a great time at Skyline for the first time. A ridiculous amount of cheese was used in every single dish.


Mr. Singleton, Mike Trying out the hot sauce just now? You only need a few drops.


Patrik: I can’t decide what to get. It’s hard to go wrong when you order a bowl of their chili and a cold one of their tasty beers.

The roasted vegetables, black beans, and rice sounded good, so that’s what I ordered, Jim F. It was delicious and fit into my dietary restrictions. Unfortunately, the rhw chili my wife ordered was far too spicy for her.


Everything I’ve had here, from the jalapeo soup to the cubanos to the chicken, has been delicious, says Vonia Thomas.


To paraphrase Lori N.: “Do the Skyline Dip!” Our own special chili recipe baked into Philadelphia cream cheese and topped with melted cheddar. holy cow, that’s delicious! You can hire me as a server if you like.

When you come in here, you won’t feel uncomfortable asking for a sample of anything because everyone is so friendly and willing to give it to you for free. I have enjoyed every single item I have ordered. It’s hard to choose between the pizza and the chili bread.

A jiresell: Straightforward idea. There are nine or ten Cajun menu items listed. Choose one or divide it in half. Delicious!

Stu Humphrey: Tried the new Wednesday lunch special, chili cheese dogs, and it was delicious. Angus beef, probably an 8:1 ratio, and a passable coney sauce. Promotional prices for lunch are only available on weekdays from noon to 3 p.m.

jiresell: Excellent location! I ate a meatloaf sandwich, and it was delicious. It was deliciously hot chili. What a fantastic tool!

It’s only an hour from my house, so I’m here at least once a week, says A. Fox. My favorite place in all of German Village (and possibly all of Columbus) I really enjoy everything about this place, from the service to the decor to the music to the seating and the food. Simply put, 185 is a number that makes me happy.

Kristopher McDonald: Every day is free pool, foosball, ping pong, and darts. Pizza is free on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mangoberry salad, bbq pull pork sandwich, and sweet potato green chili soup are staples for Adriana R. at Cafe Zupas. Or anything else that’s readily available during that time. To put it simply, I have sampled everything they offer.