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There are currently three limited-edition flavors of Quaker Instant Oatmeal on store shelves, ranging from sweet and savory to a new take on a breakfast classic and a rendition of a hot beverage.

LONDON, Oct. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — CHICAGO, Oct. Three new varieties of oatmeal have been developed after receiving over 500,000 suggestions from people all over the United States. The three Instant Oatmeal flavors competing for a $250,000 grand prize in the Quaker Oats Company, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc.’s, first-ever Bring Your Best Bowl Contest were announced today. A Lemon Ricotta Pancake, Apple Cheddar Rosemary, and Toasted Chai Vanilla.

Quaker Names `Bring Your Best Bowl' Winner | 2017-03-27 | Prepared Foods

To cap off the “OATOBER” celebration, QUAKER(R) has announced the three winning flavors from its inaugural BRING YOUR BEST BOWL(TM) contest.

The fate of the winning flavor now rests in the hands of the American people. Customers can try all three of the top-choice oatmeal flavors in a variety pack sold at retail outlets across the country. From now until November 19, customers can voice their preference for a winning flavor by visiting BringYourBestBowl.com or tweeting with the hashtags #VoteAppleCheddarRosemary, #VoteLemonRicottaPancake, or #VoteVanillaChai. Winners will be announced in February 2017 and awarded $250,000 and the opportunity to have their oatmeal product sold in stores for a limited time if they receive the most votes.

According to Tiffani Thiessen, an actress, foodie, and mom who helped Quaker launch the contest in New York City’s Time Square last January, “from classic to deliciously quirky, the Bring Your Best Bowl contest encouraged America to whip up some mouthwatering oatmeal combinations.” All three of the Bring Your Best Bowl finalists’ flavors show how adaptable oatmeal can be, and they’ve encouraged me to try new things when I cook it at home.

When Quaker wanted to find its next oatmeal flavor, they held the first-ever Bring Your Best Bowl contest in December 2015 and asked people all over the United States to submit their ideas. Oatmeal flavors with two to five ingredients and their inspirations were submitted from fans across the country to help celebrate the versatility of oats. Apple Cheddar Rosemary, Lemon Ricotta Pancake, and Vanilla Chai rose to the top of the thousands of submissions Quaker received between December and March due to a combination of flavor ideas and their inspirations.

Becky Frankiewicz, senior vice president and general manager of Quaker Foods North America, said, “People had a lot of fun with this contest, and it was amazing to uncover some really unexpected oatmeal flavors and creative inspirations.” We can’t wait for everyone in the United States to sample all the entries and vote for their favorite in the inaugural “Bring Your Best Bowl.”

Among the Finalists’ Flavor Inspirations (in alphabetical order):

Toasted Apple with Cheddar and Rosemary, Post by Karen D. (Boston, MA) After my boyfriend had surgery and couldn’t eat crispy foods, I decided to recreate the savory flavors of my rosemary, cheddar, and apple flatbread by adding them to oatmeal. Recipe for Pancakes with Lemon and Ricotta, Written by: Maria A. (Murfreesboro, TN) Since I am of Italian descent and adore ricotta cheese, I researched dishes that called for it and was inspired to make Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. The Flavor of Vanilla in Chai, Redondo Beach, California’s Heather K. For breakfast, I particularly enjoy a cup of Chai Tea with a splash of vanilla, a tradition that was introduced to me by my Indian-born husband. I don’t see why I shouldn’t have it in my oatmeal.

Quaker has declared the entire month of October OATOBER, a nationwide movement honoring the health benefits and adaptability of oats. Throughout the month, Quaker will be sharing entertaining recipes, videos, events, and social content that show how everyone can enjoy Quaker oats in more ways, more often, to get people thinking creatively about the pantry staple.

Visit www.BringYourBestBowl.com to cast your vote, keep up with the latest events, get cooking tips, and peruse Tiffani Thiessen’s own recipes. Additional resources are
Follow @Quaker on Twitter or Instagram; visit Pinterest’s QuakerOats board; and browse Facebook.com/QuakerOats for more details.

More Information on PepsiCo Every day, one billion people in over 200 countries and territories around the world enjoy a PepsiCo product. Powered by brands like Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker, and Tropicana, PepsiCo brought in over $63 billion in net revenue in 2015. There is a wide variety of tasty foods and drinks available from PepsiCo. Twenty-two of these brands alone are estimated to bring in over $1 billion in annual retail sales for the company.

Creating long-term growth and value for shareholders is central to PepsiCo’s business model, which we call “Performance with Purpose.” To put it into action, “Performance with Purpose” entails things like offering a diverse menu that includes both sweet and savory options, developing creative solutions to reduce our negative impact on the environment and cut down on operating costs, creating a welcoming and supportive work environment for employees all over the world, and respecting, supporting, and investing in the communities in which we have a presence. Visit www.pepsico.com if you want to learn more. Stick with PepsiCo:

Everybody can only vote once per day, regardless of which platform they use to do so  (BringYourBestBowl.com, Facebook, or Twitter with the #VoteAppleCheddarRosemary, #VoteLemonRicottaPancake, or #VoteVanillaChai hashtags).