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We’ve selected 18 of Wilmington’s finest pizzerias for special attention because of the innovative ways they’ve taken the classic pie and made it their own, including by adding baby clams and shrimp, nutty asiago and prosciutto, and even an ode to the much-loved eggplant parmesan.



It’s Antonio’s Famous Pizza & Pasta

Antonio’s has two locations in the Port City, both of which serve excellent Italian food. And by thin crust pizza, I mean love. Antonio’s extensive menu always has something for those craving traditional, crispy pies in the New England style. Feel like some Mexican food? If you’re craving something spicy, try the Taco Pizza with cheddar and black olives. The White Pizza is the pinnacle of pizza excellence for true New Yorkers. Despite its small size, this restaurant has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its cuisine. Fans of Loyal Antonio’s will go to great lengths to get their hands on some of the cracker-like dough. Luxurious Eggplant Parmesan with spicy marinara and savory Veal Marsala with mushrooms and prosciutto are two more delicious Sicilian standards. antoniospizzaandpasta.com

Fire-roasted pizza from Brixx

Brixx, located in Mayfaire Town Center, is the perfect place to grab a smoked pizza before a flick. You don’t have to see a major motion picture here to enjoy the wide variety of beers, salads, pastas, and pies. Brixx is a no-brainer for quick, delicious lunches with the kids or grabbing bruschetta and a bottle of wine on the patio with friends due to its extensive menu (and location in a retail center that screams all-day-shopping). This casual restaurant gets top marks for date night thanks to its helpful staff and delicious food. Wood-fired chicken, smoked gouda, and cilantro top the pizza smothered in a tangy sauce that is a hit with barbecue fans, while broccoli, mushrooms, and peppers are a hit with vegetarians. Phone: (910) 256-9677; Website: (http://www.brixxpizza.co)

The Brooklyn Pizza Co.

According to one satisfied diner, the pizza here is “real New Yawk Pizza.” For nearly sixty years, the Brooklyn Pizza Co. has been serving up authentic (and as homemade as possible) pizza, rolls, Stromboli, pasta, and more made with dough and marinara perfected right here in Brooklyn. The pizza experts of New York City have given BPC two enthusiastic thumbs up for its careful attention to detail. In particular, high-quality cheese, an extremely thin crust, and a flavorful, salty sauce. The pizzas delivered in Brooklyn are always fresh and hot, but many people still prefer to eat at the restaurants themselves for the full Brooklyn pizza experience. Either way, after just one bite, you’ll sound like Don Corleone. Help yourself to the pizza and the cannoli. Located at 910-395-5558, brooklynpizzaconc.com

Restaurant “Elizabeth’s Pizza”

Famous for their outrageous Stromboli stuffed with whatever you can imagine, their dangerously cheesy slices, and their cozy booths, this Italian café is a Wilmington institution. For almost three decades, they have been providing generous helpings and hefty pints. Elizabeth’s has won the hearts of the locals by regularly showcasing local art, making consistently delicious pizza, and providing consistently pleasant service. This classic is full of warmth and garlic. Try some of their Red Clam Spaghetti or White Pie with Ricotta. Cutting out wheat? Pizza that doesn’t contain gluten is also offered. Veal stuffed with eggplant and salty ham is a house specialty, and so is the restaurant’s freshly breaded Chicken Parmesan. Located at 910-251-1005, elizabethspizzawilmington.com.

The Italian Tavern Known as “Fat Tony’s”

It would be dishonest of me to promote Fat Tony’s pizza without also praising the arts and crafts. You can find one of the best draft selections in town at Fat Tony’s, where it has been kept under wraps. If you’re looking for a cheap night out, this pizzeria has you covered with a tasty slice and a couple of beers. Visit their brand-new location on Front Street, or stop by their original spot in Leland. People in the downtown area have been slow to notice the buzz surrounding this unassuming eatery, so now is the time to visit before the word gets out. Like the Fig & Gorgonzola with its nutty asiago, prosciutto, and tart balsamic glaze, Fat Tony’s also serves up delicious gourmet-style pies. Dial (910) 343-8881 or visit www.fatpub.com.

Pizza from Frank’s

Frank’s has you covered if you’re in search of foldable slices that exist on the edge (of the paper plate). An enormous triangle stuffed with mozzarella and hot pepperoni sounds like the perfect snack to enjoy while strolling along the boardwalk in Carolina Beach. Are you feeling like a lazy night in with some takeout? Your door step delivery of Frank’s is guaranteed. This CB mainstay, from its red checkered tablecloths to its delightfully divey atmosphere, has won the praise of diners of all stripes. With its generous helpings of toppings and invisible strands of stringy cheese, this boardwalk staple never fails to satisfy cravings for Italian cuisine. Don’t feel like eating pizza despite your beach body? Try a sausage pinwheel or a juicy grinder piled high with crisp vegetables. 910-458-7010

Pizza and steak from Green Line

Customers are consistently satisfied by Green Line’s excellent service, rapid delivery, and loyalty rewards program. These all-natural burgers, fries, and pizza on rustic dough are some of the most popular items at this Ogden institution. Customers who frequent the pizzeria frequently gush over the pizzas’ deliciously chewy crust and crisp, freshly sliced toppings. Top marks go to the Tuscan, which is loaded with garlicky pesto, chicken, and tangy sun-dried tomatoes. Feeling torn between a Philly and a slice of pie? Try out the Steak Stuffed Pizza (loaded with ooey-gooey melted American cheese and finely sliced steak). For those who wish to limit their consumption of wheat, the market is stocked with a variety of gluten-free options. Located at 910-821-8191, greenlinepizza.com

New York Style Pizza and Submarines at Hoobie’s

Hoobies has a low profile and an unusual location, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of Wilmington’s top pie makers. The residents of the area have been well-fed by this takeout and delivery restaurant for many years. Hoobies serves a variety of pizzas, from giant thin crust to traditional Detroit red top (where the upper crust seals in all the goodies). Traditional chewy crust options, such as the spicy Buffalo chicken or garlicky White, are surefire crowd pleasers, even if you’re not used to dousing your pizza in marinara first. But there should be no doubt that Hoobies is capable without the help of fancy extras. There is a lot of praise for their plain cheese pizza because of how well they handle the basic ingredients. HOOBIESPIZZA.COM, (910) 350-0077

New York pizza is the best.

You won’t find too many places where the line goes around the block at 2 in the morning. You can always count on this storefront to be bustling with pepperoni and wide-eyed customers at I Love NY on the weekends. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the streets of New York City at this small, cash-only restaurant that serves both in-and-takeout options. I Love NY serves as a virtual extension of Front Street, feeding tourists and locals alike at all hours of the day and night. They serve up dope pies, despite boasting a prime location. Despite the throngs of customers, the service is lightning fast. Just point to claim your share, and after a few minutes in the massive oven, it’s ready for a generous sprinkling of crushed red pepper.

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In case you’re hungry, dial 910-762-7628 or check out ilovenypizzailm.com.

Wonderfully Delicious Gourmet Pizza

The name sums up what it is all about. Since 1993, Incredible Gourmet has been serving up some of the best pizza in the city of Port. Just what is it that makes this so remarkable? Forty toppings, nine cheeses, nine sauces, and a wheat crust option are all possible. Have no idea how hungry you are. There are four available sizes, which Incredible is proud to stock. Together, these numbers add up to more than two million, so you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes among the hundreds of vegetarian options. The Formaggio Benne consistently delivers, thanks to its olive oil and garlic glazed crust topped with four different cheeses and fragrant fresh basil. Check out incrediblegourmetpizza.com for take-and-bake pies to enjoy a hot Incredible meal in the comfort of your own home.

Pizza & Pasta from an Italian Bistro

This Porter’s Neck Italian restaurant, formerly known as Antonio’s, is a wonderful example of how family values can be combined with culinary artistry to produce delicious results. Family members and friends run this establishment, so customers can expect a warm welcome and attentive service. The menu at Italian Bistro is loaded with homemade dishes made with fresh local ingredients and daily specials. The welcoming atmosphere of the bistro makes it perfect for both large groups and romantic candlelit dinners for two. The pizza has a New York-style thin crust and a generous helping of cheese on every slice. Pescatore, a Designer Pizza with delectable baby clams and shrimp, is a must-order. A person who prefers red sauce to white. Take home a jar of their world-famous marinara sauce. 910-686-7774

Strange Pizza

There’s only one way to describe a restaurant that has stayed open and popular for thirty years in a city where restaurants frequently close down: kooky. For three decades, Krazy Pizza’s loyal customer base has spread the word about the restaurant’s fun, laid-back vibe. As there is a dedicated game room for the kids to enjoy pinball machines and other entertainment, this venue is great for families. In addition to its friendly service, fair prices, and spotless dining area, Krazy’s is celebrated for its generous portions of fresh mozzarella atop freshly baked slices of thin crust pizza. The Hawaiian Pie is a fan favorite, and for good reason. It combines salty Canadian bacon, sweet pineapple, and gooey double cheese. You can contact Krazy Pizza at 910-392-7040 or check out their website at krazypizza.com.

There’s a Pizza Place That Serves Little Buffalo Pies

Despite its unassuming location on Castle Hayne Road, this new pizzeria has quickly become a favorite among locals. While the space at Little Buffalo isn’t particularly large, the food is out of this world and won’t break the bank. This eccentric store first caught the attention of locals when word got out that it served pizza with “the thinnest crust around town” and that individual slices were large enough to serve as appetizers. Maybe it’s the New York owners, but the pies’ air of sophistication is undoubtedly due in no small part to the artisanal ingredients used in their creation. All of Little Buffalo’s pizzas, including the pepperoni and mushroom, are delicious. You can reach Little Buffalo Pizza at 910-762-0036 or visit their website at littlebuffalopizza.com.

Pizza from Marco

Located in the heart of South College, this pizzeria is known for its excellent pies made with fresh, never frozen dough and a dash of genuine Italian flavor. When it comes to pricing, convenience, and quantity of toppings, Marco’s is unrivaled. This restaurant is part of a chain, but it has the feel of a family business. The sweet sauce from scratch and the perfect chew from a hand-tossed crust are what make this pizza so beloved. The White Cheesy (smothered in a garlic-butter sauce and topped with salty feta, bacon, tomatoes, and a smattering of fresh basil) is hard to resist because of the complex and delicious combination of flavors it offers. The Garden is a vegetarian favorite, and the Pepperoni Magnifico, with its traditional pepperoni and special sauce, is a cut above for traditionalists. Contact Marcos at 910-399-1878 or visit marcos.com.

Mushroom, Mellow

Mellow Mushroom represents the pinnacle of relaxation. The “free-wheelin’ hippy” attitude of this otherwise unassuming bar is a testament to the creative spirit at its core. The laid-back restaurant is confident that a good pie and a local craft beer are all it takes to make customers happy. You could try to find pizza with more unique toppings elsewhere, but you would be sorely disappointed. Try the Thai Dye—it comes with curry chicken, crunchy cucumbers, and a swirl of Thai chili sauce—for a taste of Asia. The Red Skin Potato Pie with Smoked Bacon, Caramelized Onions, and Spicy Ranch Dressing is a great example of a dish that combines multiple types of starch. Mellow has perfected the art of making a light, fluffy crust, so it doesn’t matter what you put on top. Located at 910-452-3773, mellowmushroom.com

Pizzeria Michaelangelo’s Subs & Pizza

Even without the fancy label, everyone knows that this deli-style pizzeria can turn out a masterpiece. Michaelangelo’s giant novelty thin crust pies are excellent in every way. It’s hard to find better casual Italian fare than this, especially for the price and the size of the servings. Michaelangelo’s has locations throughout Wilmington, and their fresh, daily-prepared dough is sure to leave you with plenty to take home. Wrap up a chilly winter day on Carolina Beach by grabbing a Godfather with all the fixings and sharing it with friends and family. Located on the main drag, this is the perfect spot to grab a pizza after a day at the beach that you’ll have trouble fitting in your car. michaelangelospizza.com

The Pizza Place at Pizzetta’s

Take a bite of Nonna’s Sicilian pie, and you’ll swear you can speak Italian. The owners of Pizzetta put all of their enthusiasm for cooking into every dish they serve. Prodigious, custom-made dishes, such as baked pasta and a famous meat sauce, proudly display their rich cultural heritage. Pizzetta’s is a Wilmington institution, and for good reason: its savory pies are to die for. Those living on the outskirts of town can rejoice, as the Leland branch is experiencing similar success. You can eat the 18-inch long Buffalo Chicken pizza slathered in spicy sauce and not feel hungry for days. Traditionalists should try the Sicilian pie, which is atop a thick, crisp crust and filled with homemade marinara and mozzarella. pizzettaspizzanc.com

Daily Life Snippet

Tequila is usually served with tacos, but at Slice, you should grab some limes and salt and drink like it’s 1999. This cozy bar is well-known for having the best tequila selection in town in addition to its flavorful pizzas topped with fresh, all-natural ingredients. It’s possible that the nachos, tacos, and quesadillas influence the beverage selection, but either way, there’s plenty of beer, wine, and spirits to go around. Customers in the Wilmington area have their choice of three convenient Slice locations from which to order takeout or sit down for a meal. The downtown area is wonderful for visitors, locals, and families. Drop by this bustling hangout (open until 3 AM on weekends) to take in your weekend choices before turning in. grabslice.com