Updated at: 21-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

In many ways, this is identical to my previous Gaige build for OP8, with the exception that I made use of the new skill points to unlock some new customization options. I have easily climbed Mount Si in this build, which was designed with mobbing in mind. Additional Guides for Borderlands 2 & 3:

What This Build is About

Kill momentum is the foundation of this build, so clearing the field of enemies as quickly as possible is essential. An enormous damage increase and the ability to shield tank are yours with the “Anarchy” ability. The structure is ideal for mobbing in every way.

Skill Tree


You may notice some strange abilities in this build because I am targeting the community patch.

Main Skills

Anarchy This is a no-brainer when playing Gaige because the vast majority of her builds revolve around it. And who could possibly say no to a gun that can deal 700% damage? Swords drenched in bloodIn this way, I am able to maintain my massive shield for the most part, and it is also the source of my excessive size. The only drawback is that you need to keep killing things to fill your shield, but this isn’t too difficult thanks to the anarchy buff on the strong weapons this build employs. This is pretty close!With the anarchy accuracy loss, it’s obvious that you won’t always succeed. Tougher than the restWhether or not this is worth five kill points in the base game is unclear; however, in the UCP, you will receive a 20% reduction in damage from all sources, which is substantial when added to the UCP’s large shield capacity and effectively increases your health. Increases DT’s melee damage by 15%. MyelinWith this, our shield’s resistance to electric damage is increased by 60%, and its overall strength is increased by 30%; this is a fantastic improvement. There is no communication between wires.You will take 25% less electric damage when using the UCP. It’s fortunate that our primary weapon relies on electric damage, as very few foes can resist it.



Slot Uno Typically, I’ll use an electric butcher, which is effective at any level of anarchy but becomes a damage hose between 70 and 100. Normally, I would use a Twister in this position, but I think this will perform better at higher anarchy levels due to the ease with which you can spam shots and recover your ammo. You could call me stupid for not holding a conference call, but doing so would waste too much ammunition on mobs. Most electric weapons, including the peak cleaner, which I’ve recently discovered to be quite useful, will do fine. Sacrifices: Meat and Organs for the Butcher Suspect Hold StockSlot II TorgueIn this case, I employ the slagga because of the significant damage it imparts upon whatever it touches. Considering the high rate of fire and large number of pellets, this is an excellent weapon. Consider also that, after pistols, smgs have the fastest swap speed of any weapon. Pieces of Slagga Grasp of Maliwan Slot Three and Four Boosted Dahl StockAccessoriesThe best weapons for these are dual fire/corrosive fibbers or hails, but I prefer to use fibbers because of their high damage output. These locations are the finishing touches on the structure when electrical resistance is required. Components Made of Fibrous Material Adjunct for the Fibber Barrel 3D that does double damage Super-Tough Hyperion GripShieldIn reality, this is a turtle shield disguised as a normal shield, with a massive base capacity and a passive 37% damage resistance that stacks with “made of sterner stuff” (also, contrary to common belief, parts do not affect the resistance, and the effect is always active, despite what the card says). You could still use an enemy if you really wanted to, but it wouldn’t tank nearly as well. Barrier Components Relic of Every PangolinWith Captain Blade’s Otto Idol, you can restore some health and prevent yourself from dying if you kill too many enemies in a short period of time. It will shorten FFYL by a minute or two, but that doesn’t matter. Historic Anarchist COMThe purpose of this boost is merely to increase the effectiveness of some excellent abilities and damage increases. In general, it’s fine; I have no complaints. Changes to the GrenadeWhen things get heated and I need quick health, I have a longbow slag transfusion ready to go.