Updated at: 15-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

UPDATE: The Date of Season 24 of Diablo 3 only one day away from now! The clock is ticking down to the official kickoff, but there’s still time to read through our guide to quickly leveling up in preparation for the new season. Have fun!

Initiating Narrative – Diablo 4, but with the next game from Blizzard likely being a good few months away, we still have Diablo 3 to satisfy our needs.

Even though it has been out for seven years, the hack-and-slash action RPG Diablo 3 is still a lot of fun to play.

Major Witch Doctor Nerf Mere Hours Before Season 7 Begins - News - Icy Veins

If you’re new to Diablo (first of all, where have you been?) you may be unsure of which class to play.

Have no fear; we’ve got the most recent Check out the Season 24 Diablo 3 Tier List!ability to read separates your S-Tier successes from your F-Tier failures.

If the Wizard or Witch Doctor class has caught your eye, and you’re curious about the most effective build for this upcoming season, 24. Below, you’ll find all the important information you need.

Is The Witch Doctor Good In Diablo 3 Season 24?

This is a rather perplexing query. The Witch Doctor, like the Season 24 Demon Hunter, has access to two formidable physical forms.

The Zunimassa Poison Dart Witch Doctor and the Spirit Barrage Build that makes use of the Mundunugu’s Regalia set fall into this category. Outside of these two compositions, however, Witch Doctor fans face a tier list that is less than appealing.

After that, the Witch Doctor falls rapidly; even his third-best construction is only average.

Does Season 24’s Witch Doctor fare well? Of course, but only if you use one of the two specific builds we discussed.

The Best Witch Doctor Build in Diablo 3 Season 24

Again, the best Witch Doctor build for Diablo 3 season 24 (patch 2.7.1) is the Use the Mundunugu Regalia Armor Set to Construct a Spirit Barrage!

Spirit Barrage Build Gear Set-Up –


Having twoThe Big Bad Voodoo skill now shadows the caster and lasts twice as long thanks to the set’s pieces. Having four piecessignifies that players receive a 60% damage reduction for 30 seconds after entering the Spirit Realm. Having Sextuplet: a set consisting of sixindicates that the damage dealt by Spirit Barrage is increased by a factor of 20,000%, plus an additional 5% for every 1.00 of current Mana Regeneration per Second.

Best Witch Doctor Ethereal Item In Season 24

In Season 24, players will have access to potent new weapons known as Ethereals. You should take advantage of them while you can because Season 24 is the only time they will be offered.

These new weapons are fascinating because they are indestructible and can never be damaged. As an added note, Legendary Powers and Class Passive Skills rolled on Ethereals do not stack with the same power equipped via Kanai’s Cube, Items, or Skills.

Observe, for example, ourna Comprehensive Inventory of Ethereal Arms on the link, but we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll be able to acquire Arioc’s Needle for our planned Witch Doctor build.

Ghostflame and The Gidbinn, the other two Ethereal weapons, are useless for this composition. But our favorite “Decay” skill, Spirit Barrage, receives a multiplicative damage boost of 200% from Arioc’s Needle.

The Grandfather, a two-handed weapon with high attack speed that deals 3477 damage per second, stands out as the most effective of the bunch. Gimmershred, on the other hand, is a solid choice despite having only one functional arm.

In case you were wondering tips for gathering ethereal weapons We also have a guide for Season 24, so there’s no need to worry. Then all you have to do is click that link.