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Human: Self-explanatory.

Norn: Taller than average humans and typically of Nordic appearance.Asura:Huge, flappy-eared little gremlins. Charr: Huge cats. Sylvari: Inject a population.

Guild Wars 2 Best Race For Necromancer

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Best Race for Necromancer in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 features nine different playable races. There is a wealth of information available for new players who aren’t sure which race would be best to focus on for the purposes of leveling up. According to a recent survey published in the influential gaming publication XPlay, the Norn are the optimal race for necromancers.

They found these results based on three factors.

1) Their health regeneration ability, which was useful both in PvE and PvP and was especially helpful because it could be used while the character was still regenerating.

2) They have a permanent run speed bonus, which is very useful for getting around quickly.

3. They looked more enchanted than any other people group.

Which Race Should I Choose? Which Race is Best?

Play the race you enjoy the most is the short answer. In some games, different races have distinct advantages and disadvantages; however, this is not the case in Guild Wars 2. Every race shares fundamental similarities “under the hood.” Only in terms of one’s Personal Story and one’s racial skills are there any meaningful distinctions between the sexes.

Personal Story

If you change your race in the beginning of Personal Story, you’ll notice some major differences. True fans will want to see all the different Personal Stories, so they’ll want at least one character from each race. It’s highly recommended that you do this because the beginning of your Personal Narrative is where it all begins to really shine.

Racial Skills

There are six racial abilities available to each race. There are a few exceptions, but generally speaking these abilities are not as valuable as those acquired through a specific profession:

Human: Balthazar’s Hounds. Other than its ridiculously long cooldown, this elite skill is fantastic.Norn: Unfortunately, there isn’t a single decent Norn racial ability. To be able to transform into a bear or a raven or whatever is pretty neat, but it’s not very practical. Asura: Good CC abilities like Pain Inverter and Technobabble may be overshadowed by more marketable skills in related professions. Charr: Allies within range (1,200) of five benefit from Battle Roar’s fury for six seconds, and their might for fifteen. It’s a handy ability, and the cooldown is only 35 seconds. Sylvari: The Seed Turret can be helpful, especially against large mobs and in WVW.

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The Best Race For A Necromancer In Guild Wars 2

More to the Point

It’s likely that you’ll grow weary of their taunts no matter which race you pick. There are thorns on this rose. Finally, they’ve arrived! “Even a centaur wouldn’t be able to keep up with me!” The literal truth is that “u ain’t special” because anyone can outrun a centaur.

All of the playable characters are human. Your propensity to develop a human character, if any, in light of that information is, well, up to you.

One of the rarest humanoid species is the Charr. It’s not hard to see why; charr players have a (partially deserved) image as furries who obsess over RP and ERP.

What is the best race for a necromancer in terms of survivability in Guild Wars 2?

If you enjoy progressing a character through a game’s zones to gain experience, then Guild Wars 2 is the game for you. There are specialized builds, such as the engineer build, that can be made possible by the available races. Since engineering skills are so broadly applicable, it can be used to quickly advance a character’s level, but each race has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account.

In-depth analysis of the best Guild Wars 2 races, as seen by a necromancer. All of them are very high-quality, but they have subtle differences that set them apart. I’ll start with the more divisive points.

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The Necromancer is the Best Race in Guild Wars 2

What is the best race for a necromancer in terms of damage in Guild Wars 2?

After deciding to play a necromancer in Guild Wars 2, I was left wondering what race would be best suited for the role. After doing some reading on the subject, I was able to ascertain that certain racial options are better than others in certain situations. In this article, we will examine the abilities of each race. The numbers in brackets indicate the highest possible value for that stat.

Power ( 2), Agility ( 2), and Stamina ( 1) for Wood Elves.

Increases of two points each in IQ, willpower, and endurance apply to Bretons.

The Best Thing About Each Race

Humansare completely tolerant of different viewpoints. You won’t get any strange looks just for being human. As a race, we humans also have what we consider to be the most valuable asset: Divinity’s Reach. If you enjoy Nolan North’s voice work, you may want to play as a male human player character. A fantastic, bombastic, wonderful job is what he does.

Norn are incredibly powerful (both male and female characters). Norn is the one to pick if you are in the market for a woman with ample cleavage.

Asura have some of the most interesting options for customization, like their peculiar limbs and facial features. Simply put, they are strange. There are those who believe that the asura character model is ideal for jumping puzzles because of how compact it is. The asura’s alertness when you draw a weapon is one of my favorite characteristics.

Charr boast stunning coats and horns, and some of the best Character Stories are those involving early Charr. It’s great that Charr are often sarcastic as well.

Sylvari There’s a lot of creative freedom with skin and glow colors. As the voice of the female sylvari player character, Jennifer Hale has earned the praise of Mass Effect fans.

GW2 Style

The Worst Thing About Each Race

Humans abound in every culture. Totally uninteresting!

Norn appear to be moving at a snail’s pace despite being as fast as any other race However, it is a nuisance. Jumping puzzles can be especially challenging for them due to their oversized character model.

Asura The ragdoll effect of their arms and legs when they jump is annoying. Culturally, Asura also have a strong odor of “Nazi doctor.”

Charr All-fours running is a cringe-worthy sight. Similar to the norn, charr have bulky character models that can make jumping puzzles challenging.

Sylvari The fake British accent really bothers me. On top of that, I find the froo-froo fairy lights of The Grove to be a bit much.

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What Are the Most and Least Popular Races?

A comprehensive Reddit poll found that humans were the preferred species. The charr are the unpopular species. (Rude!)

Most Often Used: There’s a human male necromancer, an elementalist woman, and a thief woman. Least Favored: Human male, Charr female necro, and Norn male mesmer.


In Guild Wars 2, the necromancer is a potent class, and the optimal race for this class is a matter of personal preference. The asura are the optimal race for those who place a premium on dealing maximum damage. The sylvari are the best race if you value longevity over raw power.