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I figured it would be helpful to make a page describing the various saws available for use in tree cutting, pruning, and trimming. Given the sheer variety, I’ll simplify matters by grouping them into generalizations. Many members of the survival and bushcraft communities use folding hand saws, but these tools are more commonly associated with pruning than anything else. Therefore, you’ll find them in the Pruning Saw classification.

Keep in mind that the saws featured on this page are only suitable for cutting timber in the forms of felling, pruning, and trimming. A circular saw could probably cut through a tree branch, but I wouldn’t recommend it. For that reason, I won’t be including them on the list. The same holds true for saws that have purposes apart from felling trees. OK, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get down to business.

Pruning Saw


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A pruning saw is the first type of saw we’ll cover. The blade of a pruning saw is typically between 6 and 12 inches in length and curved. Just as the name suggests, they are employed in the process of tree trimming. Pruning is the process of reducing the size of a tree by removing diseased, damaged, or overly developed branches. Tree trimmers, gardeners, homeowners, campers, and survivalists all use them.

Because they are not powered by gas or electricity, pruning saws must be manually operated. You hold them, and you are the instrument’s driving force. It is therefore understandable that a pruning saw is commonly referred to as a hand saw. The Teeth per inch (TPI) Various options from coarse to fine are available across a wide range of brands. In general, the number of TPI in a coarse blade is lower, falling somewhere between 5 and 10, while in a fine blade it should be 11 or higher. Pruning and trimming fresh, softwood is best done with a coarse blade, while cutting hardwood requires a finer blade.

A Saw that folds up in your hand is a different sort of pruner. The only difference is that the blade can be folded into the handle when not in use. This is especially helpful if you want to carry your saw in your pocket or bring it along on a hike. In addition to their use for pruning, these saws are widely used on camping trips because of how easily they can be stored and forgotten until they are needed. The most reliable folding hand saws can be purchased for $15 to $40.

Bow Saw


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The bow saw is a multipurpose tool that can be used for pruning, chopping logs, and other similar tasks. They’re intended to be destructive when pulled or pushed One saw blade is strung taut between the bow’s handles. The blade is usually secured with nuts and bolts, while the handle is located on one end. When changing the saw blade, most bow saws have a foldable handle that can be used to either tighten or loosen the blade. When installing a new saw blade, slide the handle back to take up any slack and secure the blade.

These saws can make quick work of tough branches, but their size and shape make them impractical in some situations where a pruning saw would be more appropriate. Most notably when working in confined areas like those found between tree branches.


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The best way to think of a pole saw is as a pruning saw that has been screwed onto the end of a pole. They are perfect for cutting tree branches that are out of reach. If you’re tired of using a ladder, maybe it’s time to invest in a good pole saw.

It’s true that there are pole saws can be either manually, electrically, or gas-powered. nowadays. When it comes to functionality, a gas-powered pole saw is essentially an extended chainsaw. Using a power pole saw is risky, but it could save you time and effort if you do a lot of trimming. Above is an example of an electric pole saw, which can be powered either by plugging it into an electrical outlet or by using a battery.

Some of them have poles that can be extended to make them much more effective. Recent years have also seen significant advances in the realm of innovation. The Fiskars pole saw comes equipped with a pruner at the base. In order to use it, you must pull a rope that connects the blade to the grip.

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Crosscut Saw


A crosscut saw has a blade that runs perpendicular to the grain of the wood. Crosscut saws can be operated by one or two people. The one-person crosscut is the standard. You’ve probably seen a two-man crosscut saw (like the one pictured) on TV or in a history book before. Because of its common use in cutting down trees, the two-man crosscut saw is also known as a felling saw. To fell a tree is to cut it down. A two-man crosscut, as you might expect, has a handle on both sides, and it takes two people to use it. Nonetheless, before the invention of chainsaws, a crosscut saw made with two blades could cut through wood much more quickly than a felling axe.

They are useful not only in cutting down trees, but also in further processing the lumber into smaller pieces.

Rope Chain Saw


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A rope chain saw is literally just a chain with teeth and ropes attached to both ends. I should clarify that this is not a traditional chainsaw powered by gasoline. A chain outfitted with teeth for cutting through tree limbs. I’m afraid my attempts to explain it have been futile, but maybe the image up top will help.

When cutting away low-hanging tree limbs, a rope chain saw comes in very handy. In many situations, you won’t even need a ladder anymore with this. Both ends of the chain have ropes attached to them, with the ropes each carrying a weight. You can then use the weight to toss over a tree branch and catch the end as it falls. Once the chain is in place around the tree limb, cutting it is as easy as pulling on either end of the rope.


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I’m going to assume you’re all familiar with chainsaws. If you don’t already know, a chainsaw is a cutting tool that uses a chain with teeth and is typically powered by a gas engine. A chain with cutting teeth is fastened to the guide bar and rotates thanks to a mechanical drive. That sharp chain is what makes quick work of the timber.

The quickest method of cutting wood is with a chainsaw. This tool is the best for cutting firewood, felling trees, and trimming large branches. It goes without saying that they can be extremely hazardous. Electric chainsaws are now widely available alongside their gas-powered counterparts. As a rule, they are more manageable in size and weight, making them a practical choice for many.

Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw uses either corded or cordless electricity as its power source. They function by rapidly alternating the direction of a saw blade. The thin blade of a reciprocating saw makes it useful in a wide variety of situations beyond just sawing through trees. And yet, there are Replacement Saw Blades for Reciprocating Saws. Due to their portability and simplicity, reciprocating saws make quick work of cutting down tree limbs.

A reciprocating saw’s only drawback is its cord. When you have an extension cord dangling behind you, it’s a pain to move from one branch to another. In case you’re interested in purchasing a reciprocating saw, one that runs on batteries is a great option to think about.

Considering investing in a reciprocating saw with an additional pruning blade. powered by batteries

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