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In 2013, players of mobile phones could get their hands on Brave Frontier, an RPG. The game focuses on a narrative and its combat system. The Brave Frontier is home to more than 400 heroes, all of whom are available for your selection as you build the best team possible. You’re going to have to charge into battle with this squad. Each hero has their own set of specialized combat abilities, and there are even some player abilities that can’t be unlocked. With the victory points, you can gain access to them. The game lets you choose from a number of different gameplay options before you even begin. There is an automated battle mode in Brave Frontier. The auto-battle function can be activated in-game. This way, with the help of AI, your characters will launch attacks on the enemy on their own. The Brave Frontier game features more than five hundred missions. Complete these tasks to advance in the game. As you progress, more options will become available. Usually, the goal of a mission is to take out a single boss enemy and move on to the next. If you succeed in your mission, you will be rewarded.

Brave Frontier Tier List [June 2023 Update] - GamingScan

You can forge various tools and weapons from the local loot. Brave Frontier features a player versus player mode where players can compete against each other or a computer-controlled opponent. You can download Brave Frontier from the app stores for no cost. Brave Frontier necessitates a mobile device with 1Gb of RAM or more. The players of Brave Frontier will recognize the six distinct casts of characters. Aesys and Ma’at are the main protagonists in group S. They’re perfect in their designated roles every time. They are the true heroes of action and achievement. Odin and Kielazar are the primary protagonists in group A. Having them around will round out your S group cast nicely. Avani and Rinon are the top heroes in group B. Even though they’re fantastic in their roles, these actors still have their share of flaws. As members of group C, Behemoth and Zero are two of the most important figures. In some contexts, they shine, but not all of them. The group D protagonists, Shura and Terry, are two young women. These people aren’t cut out for arena combat. There aren’t many members of group E, and Luina and Daze are the only two main ones. They are the weakest of the bunch.

Tier S

HeroXenon, Noel, Lico, Kielezar, Keres, Ensa-Taya, Savei, Xenon, Noel, Xenon, Noel, Xenon, Noel, Xenon, Noel, Xenon, Noel, Xenon, Noel, Xenon, Noel, Xenon, Noel, Xenon, Noel, R&R, Semira, Ciardha, Alza Masta, Nyami, Lancelot, TheodorRoy, Morgana, Zegstia, Sun Tse, Azurai, Laressa, Feng, Rain, Ludero, Owen, Arus, Ruby, Rugahr, KagiyaUlagan, Andaria, Tarok, Lydia, S’eljah, Elaina, Bayley, Gwenevere, Wannahon,

Tier B

HeroThe names Rinon, Ark, Carroll, Reseus, Zekt, Leo Whitefang, Segrud, Sirius, Mora, Kira, Quentin, and Quinn are all characters in a fantasy novel. Libera, Dion, Edea, Eriana, Honoka, and Hisa; Nia, Avani, Nyala, Mordlim, Faelan, Ophiucus; Hisui, Fei, and Fang; Hetepheres Daltisk, Rakak, Crashes, Ordine, Mordred, Ewan, and Jireid; Rhoa and Ragra; Tate and Tama Those named Korzan, Baelfyr, Michele, Agnia, Afla Dillith, Adel, al-Akqat, Barion, Glenn, Lava, and Barion, Glenn, and Lava are all members of the same family. May, Medina, Elimo, Lofia, Rickel, Lasswell, Ilm, Signas, Isniel, Tsovinar; Viviane and Orah; Medina; Rickel; Lasswell; Ilm; Signas; Isniel; Tsovinar Feora, Ebony, and Enid; Galtier, Katerin, Cardes, Merlin; Neferet; Zephyr; Grahdens; Yuura; Illucen; Illumina; Neviro; Illucen; Illumina; Illucen; Illumina; Illucen; Illumina; Illucen; Illumina; Illucen; Illumina; Illuc

Tier C

HeroThese names include Behemoth, Vashi, Eleanor, Becstain, Lid, Kanon, Loch, Beiorg, Shera, and Gilgamesh. Toki, Feeva, Toki, Phileine, Frigg, Gandrei, Daros, Baro, Felice, Leona, Zelnite, Rozalia, Zero, Shida, Lunaris, Yggdrasil, Zekuu, Zenia, Ragina, Elza, Dirk Rezo, Feeva, Toki, Phileine, Frigg, Gandrei, Daros, Baro, Felice, Leona, Zelnite, Roz K & K, Auberi, Vaisal, Savia, Selena, Lumis, Holia, MarielaAvant, Rahotep, Jakra, Claire, Mai Shiranui, Valen, K & K, Alessa, Malef, Kulyuk, Adriesta, Griff, Lara, Agress, Gaston, Janice, Mel, Ionia, Atro, Amadream, Miku, Jack’O, Garrel, Zellha, I

Tier D

HeroFreed, Gyras, Miell, DessitLicht, Rize, Eze, Benimaru, Balgran, Eerikki, Hallelujah, Shura, Lyonnesse, Barbara, Sol, Vargas, RengakuTerry, Lanza, Mariletta, Quaid, Zevalhua, Divine Armor, Shura, Lyonnesse, Barbara, Sol, Vargas, RengakuTerry, Lanza, Mariletta Diamond, Belfura, Belfura, Garrett, Colt, AstridElphelt, Athena Asamiya, Diastima, LogiKikuri, Xie’Jing, Kafka, Haido, Sonia, Mizo Dorte, Zeek, Alice, Kalon, Magress, Ramlethal Dorte, Zeek, Alice, Kalon, Magress, Ramlethal Marlo, Silas, FizzZeleste

Tier E

HeroVictor, Zora, Ky, Rayla, DraegarVerne, Amu Yunos, Azami, Iris, Charlotte, CottonLuina, Gregor, Mard Geer, Iori, IhsirDaze, Nimune, Ragzbyul, Serge, LanceViktor, Amu Yunos, Azami, Iris, Charlotte, Cotton