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She was crafted from the ajura tree by Bariel, the first of the angels and protector of the angels, and the other nine gods. She is the most potent of the goddesses because she is the first of the nine saints. Undoubtedly the most potent of the goddesses, with magic straight from God King’s treasury. It’s practically infinite and represents perfect logic.

From April 14-19, you can play Resource Tycoon on the X-server with Bariel. Quickly call upon this potent hero and ensure she joins your cause and fights by your side. Having her will increase your odds of obtaining the Sacred Heart Band, the second piece of the Crown of Time.


Last Word

Hit all foes for (326% 12150) in damage and reduce their attack and critical strike by 20% for 2 rounds; boost your team’s defense by 20% and give them a shield equal to 20% of Bariel’s maximum health for 2 rounds.

Final Judgment

Inflict damage equal to (348% 12960) on enemies in the front row and bestow “Shield of Vengeance” (30% of Bariel’s maximum HP) on the ally with the lowest HP for 2 rounds; when the shield is broken, it inflicts damage equal to (30% of the full shield value) on all enemies.

Magnificent Soul

There is a 50% chance that when Bariel is attacked, all allies will gain a shield for 1 round with a value equal to 20% of her maximum HP.

Design Prototype: Sacred Heart Bracelet

Bariel’s “Bulwark” special ability increases the defense of nearby allies by 40% of her own defense.

2. effects that steal or reduce Rage from Bariel have no effect;

If you start the battle by giving your allies “Redemption,” they will be immune to damage for one round the first time they take enough damage to drop their health below 10%.

Read on for more information: Xem thêmArchives of the Superior Public Library, Superior, Wisconsin

Angel One, The Original

1.receives no negative effects at Level 1, and has a 50% chance to cancel Level 2 control effects before taking action each round;

2. At the outset of combat, your maximum health will be increased by 60% (decreasing by 10% per round until it reaches 20%).

Get moving on Bariel’s invitation to join your team. Join the X-server Resource Tycoon and play League of Angels II between April 14 and 19 to compete for this potent hero! Keep checking back for updates, and have fun with LOA II!