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Comforting and delicious Mexican breakfasts, mole enchiladas, tacos, and other simple dishes are served by friendly staff at this restaurant. Only on Wednesday through Sunday evenings is dinner available.


Marc Rodriquez: The menudo on Sundays and the quesadillas are delicious and reasonably priced.

Menudo and horchata here are the best I’ve ever had, says Travis Moffitt.

MENUDO is incredible, Bradley Luster


The margaritas and fajitas here are to die for, and so is Ken Pierre II. This place was fantastic, and I had a blast there.

I’ll quote Eric Scalf: We had a pretty decent meal for a very reasonable price. The bar is fantastic, and there’s a separate area to relax if you need to take a break. Style. Definitely a stop you should make the next time you’re out on Highway 6!

“*Flour Tortillas are great; freshly cooked!” “*Queso Flameado with Chorizo in the Molcajete (pic) was delish!” “*Fajita DeLight was juicy and light!” — Xochitl Lerma.

Those breakfast tacos with chorizo and eggs and the menudo and caldo de res sound fantastic, Scott Hendrickson. Tommy’s tacos are what you should eat for lunch or dinner.

Jenn: While the exterior may be uninviting, the Mexican food inside is authentic and delicious. The Carne Guisada, Carnitas Rancheras, Menudo, and Queso Flameado are must-orders. Enjoyable breakfast of Huevos!!

Gorditas and the best menudo in town can be found at Richirich Garcia, a restaurant with a stellar reputation. Banana liquados and enchiladas mexicanas are two tasty Mexican dishes. Perhaps the finest Mexican cuisine in all of Houston.

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As for the enchiladas and gorditas, they’re both fantastic, according to Richirich Garcia. Menudo that tastes great, every day of the week.

A. Brian Lang: This is my go-to restaurant and I’ve been coming here for years because it’s so good. Consistently delicious fare, helpful service, and a spotless environment. If you go, get a Mindy Margarita with extra tequila for free.

Anastasia Kotelnikova: Great ambiance, delicious food, and enormous margaritas. There’s a real sense of warmth from the local sound.

Jamie Vana: This is where you can find the best Ritas in town, and it’s usually after hours. The quality of the food is consistent throughout the day. You should definitely check it out if you find yourself nearby. A fave!

Says Keith Kikta: Genuine, excellent, and reasonably priced. I have developed a deep and abiding affection for this location. These beans have a nice kick to them and taste great.

Fantastic tacos, to quote Vlad Davidiuk. It’s like discovering a fantastic taco truck, only this one is housed in a proper structure.

There isn’t a bad tamale on the menu, but the spinach tamales are fantastic, as stated by Steve Parkhurst. Additionally, pair with some chipotle salsa.

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