Updated at: 06-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

The team at Bodyboard Center tested some of the best bodyboarding fins & bodysurfing swimfins models on the market and we love it. They have used different criteria such as power, stiffness, foot pocket comfort, muscular demand and the most appropriate styles for each swim fin. Read the considerations on the 12 models tested.

Undercover Operation S-1 Stealth

Iconic in its field; a timeless classic. When something is familiar, you tend to resist altering it. Solid strength, rigidity, and a plush foot pocket for all-day wear. A universal design for any kind of cycling.

Power and sturdiness are its strong suits.


Secrecy System 2

Stealth Fins’ classic return with the introduction of the straight cut. They’re a little more rigid now, and they drain water better too. The prone position is ideal, but it can be used in any riding position.

The power and rigidity are its two main strengths.


Subterranean S3 Stealth

Identical to the S1 version, but with a more efficient drainage system for the foot pockets. Astonishing strength and rigidity, suitable for any style of riding.

Force and sturdiness are its strong suits.


Covert S4

A much-appreciated update to the classic Redleys Fins, this version boasts incredible strength and dexterity. All-purpose fins, right here.

Power and sturdiness are its strong suits.


Vulcan V1

The Vulcan Fins V1 are the most ergonomically sound and comfortable swim fins (made from an original mold) for prone riders. To lessen their negative effects on rainforests and other forms of biodiversity, they use 40% recycled rubber in their production.

The foot pocket’s level of comfort earned a perfect score of 10 points.


Vulcan V2

The V2 are constructed with three distinct rubber densities, making it one of the stiffest and most powerful models that is also among the most comfortable.

Particularly noteworthy is the foot-pocket’s pleasant level of support.


Assault Vulcan V3 Black

The V3 model has a clean, simple appearance. There is a neoprene insert in the black limited edition’s foot pocket, making it the most comfortable and powerful shoe available.

The comfort of the foot pocket is outstanding (10/10).


PLC Vulcan V3

The V3 was designed to meet the demands of bodyboarders who surf on a regular basis, particularly those who ride big waves.

Stiffness and strength are its strong suits.



These are used all over the world by bodysurfers and water photographers, including Hawaiian lifeguards.

Both the power and the foot pocket comfort are notable advantages.


Kick Fins

A one-of-a-kind piece of swimwear designed specifically for Dropknee fans.

Comfortable foot pocket is a major plus.


Shark Fins

Excellent for any look, these shoes are comprised of 40% recycled rubber and offer the highest quality-to-cost-to-power ratio available. You won’t believe their kick.

Pros: the strength and power.


Aeronautical Hubbing Devices

Mr. Jeff Hubbard of the North Shore conceived and tested the device. This necessitates high-performance rubbers, which are buoyant and don’t weigh down your feet.

The best of both worlds in terms of ease and might.