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Which Bloodborne Weapon Is the Best for PvE?The Ludwig’s Holy Blade is the most effective weapon for use in PvE situations in Bloodborne. It deals a lot of damage, can travel a long distance, and strikes quickly. You can get it early on and it’s simple to level up.

bloodborne best weapon pve
Best Weapon for PVE in Bloodborne

Bloodborne best weapon

If you enjoy action role-playing games and are a fan of the legendary series created by FromSoftware,Blackened Hearts,have probably played their Victorian-themed horror game as well.Bloodborne. Even though the best weapons in bloodborne are from the studio FromSoftware, this PS4-exclusive Japanese RPG has its own identity thanks to a number of distinctive features.

Gamers have largely praised the game’s action-oriented gameplay, which rewards more aggressive play.Evil Heartsin addition to the norm for subsequent installments. Several weapons, such as those with extra guns for the off hand, have been developed with this new strategy in mind, but which ones are the most effective?

To compile this list, we researched and tested every weapon in Yharnam.Bloodborne.Alright, so let’s get going!

20 Most Powerful Weapons in Bloodborne Ranked

Is it time for you to awaken from your hunter’s trance? The time has come to compile a list of the deadliest weapons inBloodborne!

20. Beast Cutter


Location:Bad Dream: The Grand Cathedral in the Night

To kick off our list of top weapons inBloodborneis the Terminator of Animals This vicious blade has a long row of jagged teeth along one side, making it look like half of a dinosaur’s jawbone was strapped to a slender grip.

It’s a fake gun from the series.The Veteran Trackersexpansion. It’s like the Threaded Cane, but with more punching power. The Beast Cutter is one of our favorite PVE weapons due to its impressive range, stagger, and huge arc. Its serrated edge is designed for use against beasts, as the name suggests.


Location:Acquired via the Messengers’ Sales

Imagine if Arthur had simply picked up Excalibur, stone and all, and begun slamming it into the skulls of his enemies. That’s the Kirkhammer in a nutshell.

It can be used in two distinct ways, making it a trick weapon. The blade of this once-slender silver sword is now visible protruding from the pommel of this massive stone hammer. The sword version is a Righteous Weapon, dealing an extra 50% damage to “enemies of the Healing Church.” The transformed hammer lacks this benefit but makes up for it with excellent stagger and respectable AOE.


Location:Confinement Cells

I hope you’re up to date on your tetanus shots, because the Bloodletter is up next on our agenda. Another one of the’s trick weapons,Those Trusted Veteran Huntersgrowth, so it’s not as exciting in its original form as it will be later on. In the beginning, it’s a simple mace, but after some work, it can be transformed into a mighty morning star that requires two hands to hold. Someone took a bowling ball and, using rusty barbed wire and twenty railroad spikes, created this.thenfixed to a staff by means of welding.

When transformed, it deals extremely high blood-tinged damage. Worse, what’s the catch? You will lose some of your character’s health during the transformation.


Location:Verboten Forest

Among the many notable shiftsBloodborneproduced using theSoulsplayers in these games were forgoing shields in favor of off-hand weapons. Your firearms are your primary parrying and gap-creating tools, allowing you to more effectively use your melee weapon against your enemies. You could also use to blast your enemies.shot from a cannoninstead.

Just as the name implies, “The Cannon” is a massive cannon with a silver barrel that looks like it was snatched from Blackbeard’s ship. It’s one of only two guns in the game that fire explosive projectiles, and one of three that rely on brute strength. Although it comes in handy against massive bosses, the fact that it requires twelve Quicksilver Bullets per shot makes it utterly unsuitable for normal use.


Location:Kos orphan (reduce)

Want to use a real parasite that will transform you into a horrifying fungus monster straight out of a horror movie?In the End, We Are All Alone? So, there is some good news. You can! In addition to the other new trick weapons, Kos ParasiteVeteran Game CatchersDLC. Fun, right? What appears to be a large, nasty tentacle on your right arm soon multiplies into a plethora of tentacles you can use in tandem.

For the cost of two Quicksilver Bullets, it can unleash a powerful arcane attack that hits multiple targets and causes significant stagger. However, you should not expect to win any beauty pageants.

Location:Loran Chalice, either with a broken seal or one purchased from the Messengers,

As we continue with our discussion of the best weapons in Final Fantasy XV, we come to the Beast Claw, another weapon with a striking appearance.Bloodborne. Although this “weapon” is nothing more than a couple of old, brittle bones stitched together with linen, when activated it transforms your arms into huge, wolf-like claws that you can use to fight off the very werewolves you’ve been fighting.

The Beast Claw functions as a standard claw weapon when in its human form, but its true potential is unlocked when the user transforms into a beast. This greatly increases the potency and speed of your attacks.

Location:Get your stuff from the Deliverers.

In search of a powerful magical weapon?Bloodborne? This is the Tonitrus, and I’d like to introduce you to it. Inventory-wise, this trick weapon appears to be a standard mace, but when you press L1 its ball end glows like a Tesla coil.

If you want to use bolt damage, but don’t have Bolt Paper or Blood Gems, the Tonitrus is your only option. It’s great for pure arcane builds or strength/arcane hybrids, hitting like a truck and dealing bolt damage that can blind foes.

Location:A Nightmare for Any Hunter

The Churchpick, like the Kirkhammer before it, is a relic of the Healing Church’s tradition of secret weapons. It appears to be a miniature lance at first glance, but it can change into a more sinister lance/scythe hybrid.

Being righteous like the Kirkhammer and serrated like the Beast Cutter are both bonuses to this weapon. It’s great for long-range combat and against enemies like the Brain Sucker and the Celestial Mob that are vulnerable to thrust attacks.

Location:A Nightmare for Any Hunter

This is followed by yet another of’s trick weapons,The OldDeveloping territory for the hunters. When something is called “Boom Hammer,” you already know it’s going to be fantastic. A massive steel meat tenderizer serves as its head, and two very sharp-looking blades protrude from its back, giving this weapon a more industrial appearance than some of the others on this list.

But this hammer has other uses besides breaking things. When you transform it, the head catches fire, increasing the damage of your next swing by a significant amount. If you’re in a fight where every hit counts, but you don’t have a lot of stamina, this is a good tactic to use. You can get some nasty AOE out of your slam attack if you use fire.

Location:You can buy stuff from the messengers.

Compared to the other weapons on this list, the Blade of Mercy lacks flash. The only true “trick” of this weapon is that it can be disassembled into two pieces. As for why it ended up on our list at all, let alone eleventh, we can only speculate. The truth is, the shattered blade is much faster than the whole thing. A skilled player can quickly reduce an opponent’s health to zero using R1 attacks, which gain speed with each use.

If you want to go with a more classic rogue or assassin build, then these blades are what you need. The best way to defeat an opponent is to sneak up on them and slowly chip away at them from the back.

Location:Get your stuff from the Deliverers.

If you want this gorgeous item, you’ll have to do well in the game. After defeating Gehrman, the First Hunter, one of the game’s three possible final bosses, you will unlock the ability to purchase this item from the Messengers. The Burial Blade begins as an ordinary curved sword, but it can be transformed into a scythe worthy of the Grim Reaper.

Long range and a broad swing mean it can disperse large crowds with ease. The R2 attack is where it really shines, as it has one of the longest attack ranges in the game and is strong enough to knock out a few bosses.

Location:The Messengers’ primary weapon.

At the outset of the game, the Messengers offer you a choice between three different melee weapons, one of which is the Saw Cleaver. Even though it lacks the power of the Hunter Axe, its speed makes up for it, and its extended length provides a good deal of reach. A large saw blade is folded up and wrapped in strips of linen to make this weapon, which opens up like a pocket knife to be used with both hands.

It’s also a serrated weapon, so it’s great for taking on the beast enemies that tend to hang out near the beginning.

Location:The Messengers’ primary weapon.

The Threaded Cane is an excellent foundational item for any dexterity build. As a bonus, it’s also one of the best Dex weapons in the game, making it the best starting weapon for that strategy. This trick weapon appears to be a silver cane at first glance, but it quickly transforms into a vicious barbed whip.

A great feature is that its cane form is a Serrated weapon while its whip form is a Righteous weapon. In combat against two distinct enemy types, this grants a 20% buff, provided the two forms are identical.

Location:In Hamlet, the King Fishes

Do you like to shoot things? A ruse weapon from Simon, the BowbladeA Few of the Old HuntersDownloadable content consisting of a one-handed sword and a large silver recurve bow.

One Quicksilver Bullet is needed for each bow shot. Both the blade and the bow (which inflicts bloodtinge damage) are skill weapons with “S” ranked scaling. With its ranged attacks, the blade is useful in situations where it would be dangerous to get too close to the enemy, but it can still hold its own up close. If you combine the bow with the Monocular, you can even snipe them from afar.

Location:Hamlet, The Fisherman

When it comes to skill weapons, the Rakuyo is among the best.Bloodborne. At first glance, it resembles a light saber similar to Darth Maul’s, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a pair of blades.Legendary Old-Time HuntersConcealment weapon that can be used as a long saber or a parrying dagger.

This weapon’s combined speed comes from the fact that each attack alternates between its two blades, leaving only a fraction of a second in which to react. In the hands of two attackers, they become exponentially more lethal. As long as your stamina holds out, you can alternate thrusts, and pressing L2 will launch a lethal double-spin attack.

Location:This is Every Hunter’s Worst Nightmare

The Kos Parasite and Bloodletter aren’t the only two unique-looking weapons available. Indeed, some of them can be stunning in their own right. A holy moonlight sword, also known as theLegendary Old-Time Huntersa silver sword that, with the flick of a switch, becomes a two-handed greatsword whose blade glows a ethereal blue-green when held by two people. Even so, aesthetics are not the only factor. This is the fifth most potent weapon on our list, and for good reason.BloodborneRanking the world’s weapons.

With the Holy Moonlight Sword, your attacks will be bolstered by 50% righteously and by 50%-70% arcane, depending on the form you wield it in. The thing’s both lovely and terrifying all at once.

Location:Close to the Church of Nightmares

The Whirligig Saw appears to be two circular saw blades attached to a pole. What does it become after being transformed from a mace?Fextralifea “buzzsaw on a stick,” as the author puts it. Despite its clumsy appearance, it is a top pick for strength weapons.

You can expect nothing but destruction from this monstrosity. The two-handed version of this weapon is classified as serrated, and by pressing and holding L2, you can unleash an endless barrage of buzzsaw attacks, locking enemies in place and preventing them from escaping for as long as your stamina allows.

Location:Cainhurst Manor, or Have It Sold by the Heralds

You may have noticed that there aren’t many exceptional firearms on our list so far. The vast majority of them can be replaced by any other item of the same type. Nonetheless, there is the Evelyn to consider.

Aside from the Hunter Pistol and the Repeating Pistol, this is the only other pistol available in the game, and its statistics are far superior to those of both. It has the highest bloodtinge scaling of any weapon in the game, and each Quicksilver Bullet is the most effective one.

Location:You can buy stuff from the messengers.

Chikage is a type of katana that, once “imbrued with blood,” transforms into a two-handed weapon. The blade becomes covered in a layer of blood, which gives the impression of making it longer than it actually is.

In its one-handed form, it causes physical harm, while in its transformed state, it causes blood damage. With its blood form scaling at “S” ranked bloodtinge, it is one of the game’s most potent weapons, though it does so at the expense of health. It takes about 0.85% health per second. The “quickdraw” attack available during mode switching is also original to this system.

Location: Get your stuff from the Deliverers.

The arsenal ofBloodbornein the same vein as Ludwig’s holy sword. A simple broadsword by day, this trick weapon transforms into a colossal silver greatsword with two hands.A Fantasy Endingcharacters nod in agreement.

The regular one-handed sword has good range and speed, while the extended version has greater range and damage at the cost of speed. All righteous damage in both forms is increased by a factor of 50%. It’s not because Ludwig’s Holy Blade is the best for any specific build that it’s the best weapon. It’s fantastic in every respect.

The Hunt is On

Our sincere appreciation for your time is expressed in light of your reading our list of the twenty most influentialBloodbornea ranking of weapons. If you like our lists, you might also like3.0: Dark SoulsandSekiroPlacement order for superiors. Take care to adhere toA Game Played on Higher Groundfor similar articles, evaluations, and rankings.

Have fun, gamers!

15 Best Weapons You Should Know

15. Bloodletter

14. Logarius’ Wheel

13. Boom Hammer

12. Stake Driver

11. Kos Parasite

10. Beast Claw

There’s no denying that the Beast Claw is the most entertaining weapon in the game. While using the Beast Claw, the user will gain a temporary state of Beasthood, increasing their damage output significantly and making them susceptible to being one-shot. It’s a strategy that’ll have players on the edge of their seats and make every fight in Bloodborne exciting and tense.

The Beast Claw increases the ferocity of battles against beasts. To obtain it, one must first vanquish a hunter armed with the same weapon.

9. Saw Cleaver/Saw Spear

The Saw Cleaver is one of the best initial weapons in Bloodborne, and by a wide margin. It also scales well with most builds, and its Saw Spear variant is useful for those who prioritize Skill over Strength.

The Saw Cleaver and Saw Spear are useful for dispatching tough foes because their serrated attacks increase damage by 20%. This makes it a fantastic weapon for novice players, as they can experiment without fear of dire consequences.

8. Blade Of Mercy

The Blade of Mercy is unparalleled in its class of Skill weapons, and its power remained unrivaled until the Old Hunters arrived with their vast arsenal.

7. Ludwig’s Holy Blade

While Ludwig’s Holy Blade’s inclusion on the list may disappoint some, it’s clear that this Quality-crafted weapon is a powerful asset in PvE and PvP encounters alike. The only reason it’s so low on the list is that it’s the game’s most overused weapon. After earning the Radiant Hunter Sword Badge, this weapon is a must-have for any player’s Bloodborne PvE build.

6. Church Pick

5. Holy Moonlight Sword

When it comes to cool weapons, the Holy Moonlight Sword is near the top of the list. Although it will cost you some Arcane, the payoff will be substantial. Seeing the weapon’s ranged attacks decimate enemies is always a good time. To include this weapon in a PvE build for Bloodborne, the player must first defeat Ludwig, the game’s strongest boss.

4. Chikage

3. Burial Blade

2. Rakuyo

1. Whirligig Saw

The Whirligig Saw is, without a doubt, Bloodborne’s top weapon for player versus environment play. It deals the most damage per second (DPS) and can one-hit-kill bosses with ease. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing a boss go down without a fight.

Bloodborne best build pve

To help you create a character fit for PvP with bosses, this guide will walk you through the best weapons to use and the necessary stats. Once you reach level 20, you can do this regardless of your class. If you follow this advice, you’ll be able to take on players significantly higher in rank than you are and earn a boss blood ring.

Bloodborne weapons. Bloodborne best weapon for bosses.

The Crypt Blacksword is located centrally in the Cathedral Ward, behind a boss who is not immediately visible. For a skilled player, this weapon may be the key to defeating any of Bloodborne’s current bosses. Find out how to use this devastating weapon to defeat all of the bosses and end the game in style.

Bloodborne whirligig saw best weapon

Finding the right weapons is crucial in any game, and the market never lacks for variety. The Bloodborne protagonist can equip a wide selection of weapons and items. The right ones will prove invaluable in combating the game’s more challenging foes. But that’s not why we’re here; we’re here to talk about the “Whirligig Saw.” Intro to.

Bloodborne best dlc weapon

The fact that you never feel like there’s something missing is one of the game’s best features. However, most players enjoy a game more if they can acquire new items. If this describes you and you thrive on mental and physical challenges, you should look into the later weapons. As an example, consider the hunter’s axe.

Bloodborne best stunlock weapon

Bloodborne best stunlock weapon
The best weapon for using a stunlock in Bloodborne

The term “Stunlock” is used in the gaming industry to describe the condition in which an individual is repeatedly attacked and forced to defend themselves or take no other action.

Bloodborne best build for each weapon

For some reason, I decided to start playing Bloodborne again, and I’m really enjoying it. On the other hand, it’s incredibly frustrating when you’re unable to progress past a particularly difficult boss or foe. If you’re playing Bloodborne with a friend, you shouldn’t expect a high power level.

Bloodborne best fast weapon

Bloodborne best fast weapon
Best quick weapon in Bloodborne

In spite of having just finished Dark Souls 2 on the PS4, I am immediately diving into the third installment. It is precisely because of the world’s greatness that some parts of it can be so frightening. There is an undeniable sense of accomplishment when you defeat a boss, be it a dragon, a giant, a dungeon, a puzzle, loot, or magic, or when you lose your body to PVP (let’s just say I was distracted while invading another player’s game). But with every obstacle cleared,.


The Ludwig’s Holy Blade is the best weapon for use in PvE situations in Bloodborne. It’s a great all-around weapon, effective in both close quarters and at longer ranges.