Updated at: 01-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Here are 15 of Orange County’s finest ice cream parlors to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Indulge in some dessert after dinner

You won’t find anything like it at Afters, because they specialize in unique ice cream flavors. Flavors like Jasmine Milk Tea, French Toast Churro, and Cookie Monster are just a few examples of how art and culture come together in this place. Enjoy heaping servings in homemade waffle cones or on a Milky Bun., a sweet, sticky bun crammed with whatever fillings you like. Places in a number of Different Cities,aftersicecream.com

Milk Kisses

We’re talking 100% genuine gelato right here. There are two Italian brothers who have brought their family’s recipes and ingredients all the way to Newport Beach for you to enjoy. Witness the art of gelato making as you indulge in the finest ingredients, such as Sicilian pistachios and Belgian chocolates.Telephone: (949) 520-7538, Location: Newport Beachbaciodilatte.us

Firepot Frozen Treats

Cauldron Ice Cream is a must-visit if you want a treat that looks as good as it tastes. Fourteen flavors, ranging from Matcha Red Bean to Peaches and Cream, are made creamy using the liquid nitrogen method. The perfect vessel for your ice cream, the Hong Kong–inspired Puffle Cone was invented at this spot.Numerous places,cauldronicecream.com


Chunk-N-Chip is the perfect way to keep things genuine, tasty, and easy. The shop’s dedication to traditional values shines through in the way each indulgence is crafted with skill, attention to detail, and love. Try our famous Frozen Sammich, which combines our delicious cookies, perfect scoops, and delicious pints.Anaheim (714) 450.6800chunknchip.com

Dessert Gelato

Whether you’re craving a cool sorbet or a rich gelato, Dolce Gelato makes every scoop unique. Every month, the shop chooses a different theme for its menu, and every week, at least three new flavors are added to the menu.It’s spread out over a number of different places,gelatobydolce.com

Creamy Ice Cream Frost

Frost Gelato offers an impressive selection of ice creams, with 64 unique flavors of gelato and 25 different sorbets. Using the app’s digital flavor picker, you can create unique gelato combinations like cinnamon apple pie and vanilla swirl or a strawberry Champagne scoop.Located in Irvine and available at 949-932-0631,frostgelato.com

Paradise Found in a Cone of Gelato

Gelato Paradiso’s daily artisanal cake and gelato production brings smiles to Orange County residents. The shop serves gelato made in small batches in over 30 traditional Italian flavors like nocciola and stracciatella, in addition to sorbets and other unique beverages.A number of different places,gelatoparadiso.com

Made with Love: Ice Cream from Handel’s Kitchen

Since its founding in 1945, Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream has become a national institution. The shop’s menu features over a hundred different flavors of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet, and ices, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Several Different Places,handelsicecream.com

Ice Cream Prepared by Hans

Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream, known for being fresh, rich, and creamy, has been a family favorite for decades. Butter pecan and cookies and cream are two of the most popular flavors, and new ones like Nutella Krunch are constantly being added to the mix. It offers alternatives to the standard cone or cup, such as ice cream sandwiches, munchies, and frozen bananas that are hand-dipped.Several Different Places,hanshomemade.com

Rose and Saffron

At Saffron & Rose, they have perfected a modern take on traditional Persian ice cream recipes. All the different fruity, floral, and nutty tastes are 100% natural, home-cooked, and delicious. The saffron and pistachio dish is the menu’s highlight because it features two of the most distinctive flavors in Persian cuisine.Located in Irvine and can be reached at (949) 333-3938saffronroseicecream.com

Salt and Pepper

Salt & Straw reimagines ice cream as a medium for sharing stories and bringing people together, with scoop shops serving as neighborhood hubs and an ever-rotating menu that draws inspiration from nearby farms and kitchens. Although staples like honey lavender and sea salt with caramel ribbons will always be available, new seasonal flavors will always be available to try.The number to call in Anaheim is (714) 855-4321.saltandstraw.com

Hand-Dipped Ice Cream from the South Bay

After trying South Swell, you will never go back to regular ice cream again. Custom ice cream bars with your choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream that has been dipped in warm, smooth chocolate and topped with your choice of candy or other treats are the shop’s specialty. A constantly-changing menu encourages you to think outside the box and experiment.Call (949) 388-4948 in San Clemente.southswellicecream.com

Ice Cream from Stella Jean’s

This ice cream parlor makes delicious ice cream in small batches for the enjoyment of regulars. Its team uses real ingredients to create chef-made, hand-crafted ice cream, exemplifying the company’s commitment to its core values of community and class. Brown butter pecan, s’mores, and oat crumble with strawberry preserves are just a few of the standard and unique flavors available.949-791.8133, Costa Mesastellajeans.com

The Roll ‘n Scoop

Roll ‘n Scoop is the next evolution of ice cream; it’s entertaining to watch and delicious to eat. Decide on a premium ice cream base, a plethora of delicious toppings, and a drizzle to finish it off. Thirteen different base options and over twenty-five different toppings, including fruits, cereals, and candies, provide a virtually infinite number of flavor combinations.In the event that you are in the Costa Mesa area, please contact us at 949.887.1888.rollnscoop.com

a Thrilling Ice Cream Parlor on Wheels

Because of Rollin’ Creamery, rolled ice cream is here to stay. Every dessert is a work of art, with its own special flavor profile and a variety of lavish drizzles, toppings, and extras. Choose two flavors from the double roll menu and enjoy them in a cup, sugar taco, or even coffee if you can’t decide.The address is 714-909-8202 and the phone number is in Fountain Valley.