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Fusion of Critical Core Materials in a Time of CrisisThe ability to combine Materia with others is unlocked at the start of Chapter 3. This can result in either improved Materia with enhanced stats or entirely new forms of Materia. This is the only method available for optimizing Zack’s performance. After finishing Chapter 5, complete Mission 7-2-1 to unlock the ability to add Items and Accessories. When fusing Materia, keep in mind these three factors: Materials Quality, Fusion Quality, and Materials Quality. Crisis Core assigns a category and a status to each Materia. It’s information that is hidden from view during gameplay. However, mastering this is essential for Materia Fusion. Here we begin with the Materia class. Material would be categorized like this.

Crisis Core Materia Fusion List & Tips - VeryAli Gaming

The fire class is used to illustrate this point. It would include the elements of Fire, Fira, and Firaga. The rank is the Materia’s position within the larger hierarchy. A Fire Materia, by way of illustration, would be ranked at 1, while a CostlyPunch, by comparison, would be ranked at 8. One of the Materia classes that comes to mind is the power of rank. The higher the rank, the stronger the Materia. Typically, the Materia with the higher ranking will serve as the foundation of the fusion. If you fused a Jump (rank 1) with a CostlyPunch (rank 8), the latter would become the fusion’s base. If two Materia have the same rank, the Materia with the higher rank will be used as the foundation. Since both the Costly Punch and the Ultima are level 5, the latter will serve as the base in the resulting hybrid. This page lists the various categories of Materia and the highest-rated Materia that can be found in each. All Materia fusions should start with this procedure.Ang xem:For the most important materials in a crisis, look no furtherClass

Rank Class Rank
Fire Fire (1) Fira, 3/Firaga, 5/ Ice Snowstorm (1) a three-tiered blizzard Snowstorm of the Fifth Magnitude
Lightning Strong gusts of wind (1) Three Thundaras, Five Thundagas Heal In order to (1)Cura (2) (4) Curaga Complete Regeneration (6)Regeneration
Defensive Wall (7)Elemental Ward (5)Barrier (2)MBarrier (3) Defensive Positioning for Your Status Esuna (1) Cancel out (2) Ward Status (4)
Magic Drainage Osmose (3)Drainga (7)Drain (2)Drainra (5)Drainga (7)Drain (6)Draininga (8)Osmose (6)Draininga (9) Status Symbolism Toxicity, Part 2 Death (4)Silence (5)
Preliminary Fire Report Lightning in the Dark (1) Hell Firaga (7), Dark Firaga (5), and Dark Fira (3) We’re on hold until further notice. One DarkBlizzard, three DarkBlizzaras, five DarkBlizzagas, and seven HellBlizzards.
Storm Report Black Lightning(1) Thracian Darkness (3) Thundaga, Hell (5), and Thundaga, Dark (7) Gravity Extremely Heavy (2) Gravity Four Gravigas Quake (7) Shadows (6)
Ultimate Trios Thundaga (3) Three-Shot (4) Flare (6) Energy (7) Ultimate (8) Electric Shock (5) Lightning Sword Jump (1) Long Leap (5) Attack Twister (three) Attack Twister (three) (seven)
Sword of Rapid Status Status Strike (8), Poison Aerial (3), Silence Aerial (5), Death Jump (6), PoisonTwister (2), Stop Twister (4), Death Twister (7), and PoisonTwister (8). Combat Expertise With a Sword Forceful Onslaught (1) Exploder Blade (3)VitalSlash (6) Element Strike (5)Blast Wave (5)
Respectable Swordsmanship The first blade is a PoisonBlade, followed by a SilentBlade, a DeathBlade, a StoppingBlade, and a DispellingBlade. Sharpened Sword of Hellfire Intense Swordfire(1) Three Fira Blades, Five Firaga Blades
IceSword Frozen Sword (1) Ice Sword (3) Blizzara Blade Polar Blade (5) Lighting Sword Cut Like Lightning (1) Assault Rifle: Thundara 3 Thunaga’s Knife, Level 5
Spit the Sword Blade of Osmosis (3)Power Osmose (6)Blade of Drainage (2)Power Drainage (5)Aerial Drainage (8)Drainage (2)Power Drainage (8) Item Steal(2) A Smart Consumer is a Mug (6), a Gil Toss (8), and a Mug (4).
Punch One Goblin Punch Two Iron Fists Costly Punch (8)Magical Punch (4)Hammer Punch (6) HP HP Up (1) A HP Up (3)A HP Up (5)
MP MP Up (1) There are three levels of “MP Up ,” “MP Up ,” and “MP Up .” AP AP Up (1) Level 3 Advanced Placement, Level 5 Advanced Placement, and Level 6 Honors
Str ATK Up (1) ATK Up (3) ATK Up (5) Vit VIT Up (1) VIT Up (3)VITUp (5)
Mag MAG Up (1) 3.MAG Up .5.MAG Up . Spr SPR Up (1) Three SPRUp five SPR Up
SP Turbo (4) SP Turbo Magic S.P. Turbo Assault (5) Intense Power Booster (SP Turbo) 6 (7) SP Master (8) SP Barrier Other Libra (1) Dualcast (8)Dash (3) DMW (8)

Class of Fusion

Once you know the Materia’s foundation, you can identify the fusion’s class. Check the following table to learn the category of the latest Materia. Materia’s base class is indicated in the leftmost column. To continue, look for the column header labeled “Non-Base Materia” at the top of the table. A Materia’s class is determined by the location of its fusion with another Materia. Once the fusion is complete, the classes from the previous Materia”s are no longer applicable. Fusion Class Table can be found at. To make viewing and saving the extremely long table on your computer more manageable, I have created images of each table.

The Rank and Outcomes of Fusion

Similarly to how the Fusion Class is not always the same as the rank of the base Materia, the Fusion Rank is not always the same as the rank of the Fusion. It could work as a basis for the fusion, but there are many variables to consider. – If both Materia have ranks between 1 and 4, the new Materia will have the same rank as the original Materia. – For each Materia that is mastered, the new rank increases by one. If both are mastered (which is a good idea), the new rank goes up by 2. Both of these can be seen in: When you combine a level-1 Thunder Materia with a level-3 Blizzard that you’ve mastered, you’ll gain a level-4 ability. It turns out that combining a level 3 Mbarrier with a level 5 Drainga will net you a level 7 overall. I know it sounds complicated, but trust me when I say that once you understand the basics, the rest is easy peasy. – The Item Fusion Tome is awarded at the end of Chapter 5’s Mission 7-2-1. Your personal effects and the Materia can then be fused together. Please be aware that not everything can be fused. There is a complete lack of fusion potential among Key items, summons, and shop cards. Generally speaking, you can’t fuse one-of-a-kind accessories. Ranking items include the (4) Phoenix Down and (3) Elixir. The remaining items are unranked. The Accessories page lists the various ranks of accessories. It is possible to increase or decrease the fusion rank by using certain items. When fusing Materia, an item’s bonus attributes will be multiplied by the item’s own bonus attributes if they are the same. To increase your attack power, combine an Assault twister with the ATCK bonus and a Power Wrist with the same bonus. However, the bonus can only be activated once a threshold quantity of the item has been reached. Both the Accessories and Items lists reveal the total count. Its rank will replace the base rank of Materia if it is higher. You can forget about the Materia’s ranking for now. However, the Mastered Materia’s bonuses will still be incorporated into the fusion, they will just be added to the Rank of the resulting item or accessory.

Completed Item

New Materia can be calculated by adding Fusion Class and Fusion Rank together. Your new Materia can be found in the intersection of the ranks and classes in the table found HERE. All Materia and items used in the fusion will be destroyed, and the used SP will be depleted. Then you’ll have access to the brand-new Materia. Don’t forget that you can always change your mind about accepting the fusion after seeing the new Materia. Since you don’t always hit the mark, this is for the best. It’s important to note that there are also items that can alter the Materia’s properties. That would include:

Item Name Inheritance shift
Chocobo Feather, Extra Fat HP attribute bonus is adjusted.
A Harp of the Moon MP attribute bonus is modified.
Zeo Nut Effects a shift in the value placed on attributes in terms of AP.
Heroic Beverage Upgrades ATK’s bonus attributes
Adamantite Alters the VIT bonus attribute.
Black Holes Adjusts MAG’s Attribute Bonus
Mythril affects the SPR attribute bonus change
In the Gysahl Greens Modifies LCK’s Attribute Bonus

You shouldn’t have any trouble tweaking Zack’s numbers to your liking with this piece of info. Always make a backup before you try to fuse anything. In this way, you will not lose anything in the event of a mistake. Feel free to experiment with it and give it a shot.

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