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For Joe LaPorta, Young Thug (Vocals, Producer) Mastered by Ricky Racks is the main artist, and Ricky Harrell Jr. is the producer. Jeffery Lamar Williams, Author Kalia Ola Asugha, author. Scriptwriter: Rhondo Robinson Sean McNichol, Author. Drum Programmer & Producer / Babatunde Balogun & Ricky Harrell

Released in the United States by 300 Entertainment / Atlantic Recording Corporation and internationally by WEA International Inc. in 2015. As of the year 2015, Atlantic Recording Corporation is a division of Warner Music Group.

This work is licensed for domestic use by 300 Entertainment / Atlantic Recording Corporation and international distribution by WEA International Inc. in 2015. A Corporation Warner Music Group Released in the US by 300 Entertainment / Atlantic Records and internationally by WEA International Inc. in 2015. A Corporation Warner Music Group

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Young Thug

Super Exciting (Ultimate)

Youn Thug

Young Thug – So Much Fun (Deluxe)

Gorgeous Criminals

A.K.A. Young Thug

The Most Attractive Female Gangsters Thug, Young


To the young Thugger


Such Good Times

Youn Thug

Wow, You’re Having a Blast, Young Thug

Barter 6

“Young Thug”

6 Young Thug for 6 Barter


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