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Thanks to You, Steve Aoki and Travis Barker have Reworked “You’re the Best”To be continued in Karate Kidwho is William Zabka


Joe Esposito, formerly of Donna Summer’s backing band Brooklyn Dreams, released a single in 1983 titled “You’re The Best” (co-written by Esposito and Summer).RockyBill Conti, composer, and Allee Willis, Earth, Wind & Fire member and collaborator. Later in life, Esposito revealed that the song wasn’t actually written for theRocky IIIOriginally intended to be included on the soundtrack, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor was instead chosen. Also, Esposito mentioned that he had entered “You’re The Best” in theFlashdancesoundtrack, but it was passed over in favor of Michael Sembello’s “Maniac.” However, “You’re The Best” did become a part of film history when it was used to accompany the karate tournament montage in the 1984 classic.AKA: The Karate Kid.

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Karate Kid, Moviehas remained prominent in people’s minds largely because of the showCobra Kaito reimagineTo be continued in Karate KidJohnny Lawrence, who plays the villain, as a heroic but torn individual. A must-see for any movie buffsCobra Kaimade its debut on YouTube Red before becoming a smash on Netflix. MTV presented William Zabka, who plays Johnny, with the GOAT: Zero To Hero award at last night’s MTV TV & Music Awards. Zabka gave part of his acceptance speech as Johnny during his remote acceptance of the award.

Congratulations to WilliamZabka for receiving the Zero to Hero award at the #MTVAwards: Greatest of All Time for kicking butt and taking names.