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For the best results, try this:Moving quickly from one destination to another.

To obtain D-Horse, one must: After the prologue is finished, D-Horse is the only friend that can be recruited immediately. She”s Snake”s horse when you first arrive in Afghanistan.

Explanation and reflections: You can rely on D-Horse to get you where you need to go. She may not be the most interesting companion out of the four choices in the game, but she will always come in handy. As a first step, D-Horse is the most dependable mode of transportation available to you. D-Horse is your only real option for traveling relatively long distances, especially early in the game when you won’t yet have easy access to vehicles. Naturally, she also makes much less noise than a truck or jeep.

D-Horse’s stealth capabilities are real and well worth exploring. The crouch button, when pressed while mounted, causes Snake to crouch behind D-Horse, giving you a tactical advantage. The scattered outposts on the map can be easily bypassed using this method, as guards are less likely to become suspicious of a horse that doesn’t appear to have a rider. But even in this advantageous position, you shouldn’t get too close to your enemies; instead, you should trot past them while remaining hidden.

You can pull out a weapon and start shooting while mounted on D-Horse, so don’t worry if you get spotted. There’s no doubt that this puts D-Horse in harm’s way, but it’s a viable strategy if you need to cut down on the opposition while also making a quick exit.



Most effectively used when: Espionage. D-Dog can be a great help if you ever need to be stealthy.

Steps to adopting D-Dog: You may find D-Dog as a puppy in the wild sometime early in the game, when you have more freedom to choose which missions to undertake. Listen for his barking; he’ll start to yap if you’re close by, making it easy to track down D-Dog. If you don’t hear a puppy barking and want to know where it is, Ocelot can tell you over the radio. After locating the eager dog, you can simply bring him back to Mother Base using the Fulton extraction system.

Naturally, you can’t send a puppy named D-Dog on missions just yet. As long as you keep checking things off your list, D-Dog will eventually mature into a muscular dog.

Explanation and reflections: Since stealth is of the essence, D-Dog is the ideal companion. Just by approaching a base or outpost, D-Dog will do his best to alert you to the presence of any guards he sees or hears, saving you the trouble of having to manually mark out their locations. When time is of the essence or you just need a quick count of how many troops you’re up against, this is a huge help.

However, D-Dog’s keen eye for detail doesn’t end there. As an added bonus, Snake”s best friend will also be able to point out any nearby amenities and wildlife. When searching the map for specific species of wildlife or medicinal plants, he will be an invaluable companion.

D-Dog, like any trained mutt, is responsive to a wide variety of commands, and knowing how to properly direct him can greatly simplify missions. D-Dog can be instructed to immobilize an opponent, injure them, or even sever their throat. The fact that he can eliminate a single threat makes him a great last resort if you’re worried about being uncovered while attempting a stealthier approach.

It’s usually not a good idea to send D-Dog in to deal with multiple guards. Although he has a high rate of kill, he will take heavy damage from three or more armed men. Therefore, if you intend to employ D-Dog in battle, keep him close by and punish any adversaries who get too close for comfort.



Is most effective when: Support. You can rely on Quiet for assistance in stealthy situations as well as dangerous ones.

The Art of Silence: Given Quiet’s prominence, you’ll likely be able to anticipate when she’ll make an appearance. The radio may report that a sniper is loose in Afghanistan, and that if you travel to the ruins of Aabe Shifap, you will locate her.

It gets complicated now, so be prepared. You will have to defeat Quiet in combat before you can recruit her. When she is unconscious, you will have the option of finishing her off. Remember that you’ll need her alive if you decide to recruit her as a friend, so avoid accidentally pulling the trigger.

It will take some time before Quiet can be an ally, just like it did with D-Dog. You’ll need to progress through the game and finish a few more missions before she can join your fight.

Narrative and reflections: The ability to remain silent can greatly improve one’s chances of success. She will assist you in combat, distract your enemies so you can sneak past them, and even mark guards for you. As a result of these factors, Quiet is arguably the most adaptable companion in the game; however, you may need to direct her abilities by giving her commands to get the most out of her.

In order to successfully conquer a base, you must first place Quiet in a strategic location from which she can observe the target area. This vantage point allows her to mark enemies and fire sniper shots when instructed. Assuming you’ve planned ahead, you can use Quiet’s sniping to disable guard outposts while you remain hidden or commit some form of sabotage, like cutting off communications, to prevent reinforcements from arriving.

Thus, it is precisely when the deck is stacked against you that Quiet shines. When facing a heavily defended base or a foe who is on high alert, having Quiet take out a large number of troops from a distance can make your life much easier. However, keep in mind that her position can be easily spotted if she fires her sniper rifle without a silencer.

Even when facing more formidable elite or heavy enemies, Quiet is a great companion choice because she will support your strategy. She is also, unsurprisingly, a damn good shot, which is crucial if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself with firearms against your attackers.



Ideal when: Combat. D-Walker is especially useful for crushing opponents who are utilizing vehicles.

Obtaining D-Walker can be done in a few different ways. After completing Mission 12, you gain access to D-Walker, but you’ll need to gather materials to customize it with weapons and equipment. Until this ally is prepared for combat, you must first complete some tasks before bringing it into the fray.

Explanation and reflections: When used properly, D-Walker is a phenomenal resource. It’s not quite as outwardly flexible as Quiet, but it’s highly modifiable to meet your specific requirements. The most obvious application for D-Walker is to slaughter your foes, and this is often the most enjoyable.

Its heavily armored frame makes it resistant to damage while shielding Snake from incoming fire, and its gatling gun allows you to quickly and easily shred regular infantry. You can’t go wrong with D-Walker if you’re in the mood for pure chaos as you charge headfirst into an enemy base without much preparation.

D-Walker is a mechanical killing machine, so it isn’t exactly stealthy. However, its fate is somewhat malleable, and can be changed by adding or modifying certain components. D-Walker can be equipped with a stun gun, for instance, for use in nonlethal situations.

Although the D-Walker is essentially a small bipedal tank, you should still proceed with caution when using it in an overwhelming numerical disadvantage. Bear in mind that the mech is surprisingly agile. It’s possible to use buildings or other structures as cover to flank the enemy or make a quick retreat.

Can you name your favorite companion in Metal Gear Solid V? What advice can you give us that we haven’t already taken into account? Leave a comment below and tell us about a time you had to use tactical espionage.

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The best thing about D-Dog that you didn’t mention. He doesn’t use his teeth to rip out their windpipe; instead, he grabs a knife from his vest, puts it in his mouth, and leaps at them, slashing their throat with it.

It”s not obvious from a distance, and I was unsure for a long time; however, on one occasion he was unusually close to the camera, and as he twisted to put the knife in his mouth, I caught a clear image. Wow, that’s absurd, but in a cool way.

SteveButler2210 I didn’t want to give anything away! But, yes, it’s awesome in the extreme. That dog in the video game might just be the best dog ever.

Almost always, D-Dog will be the best choice. While stealth and quiet are useful in battle, DD is superior for any situation requiring distraction, including high-profile assassinations. As we work together to take down an enemy, I frequently give him the order to kill.

In this game, I’ve heard that friends die permanently. (T-T ) I really, really, really hope that isn’t true, because losing D-Dog would be devastating.

Utena-mobile To be honest, I don’t think that’s correct. Even though I had to pay GMP to get my D dog back to health after he was shot, he was ready for the next mission.

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gkeller16 The details were helpful, so please accept my gratitude. Whenever a character or NPC I care about is killed on screen, it always saddens me, but when a dog is killed, it really hits you in the heart. (T-T )

Excuse me, but where’s the critique?! Fantastic additions, but I’d rather learn about them after the review has been released. With all these Metal Gear Solid 5 strategy guides, I feel like Push Square could have saved everyone time by simply writing the review.

Hopefully I’ll make some story progress this weekend while switching back and forth between MGSV and Mario Maker; those side ops are addicting.

I’d really appreciate it if someone could just explain that to me. I’m looking forward to picking up this game, but I have a few questions before I do. First, are “partners” like Quiet completely AI controlled (do you have to give them orders constantly, or do they like doing things on their own accord? ), and second, does bringing them along affect your trophies/mission ranking?