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TS3: The Simspermits players to design their own environments, down to the homes they reside in. You can choose between homes with pools and gardens. To make their home feel more like a refuge, players can also alter the decor inside.

Sims 3 Best Houses – The Sims 3 Guide: Choosing a House or Plot of Land

You’ll need to select a plot of land or a preexisting house before you can begin enjoying the game’s Build and Buy modes.

Acquiring a Plot of Land

You’ll need to purchase some land before you can begin construction on your new home. If you’ve already played the game or cheated your way to a lot of cash, you could buy a house that’s already on a lot and knock it down to make room for your own. Minimal adjustments to the existing infrastructure are also permitted. When deciding on a storyline, you should keep in mind the following points:


The squares with no shading represent undeveloped areas.


Even though it doesn’t take too long to get into town from anywhere on the map, it’s still more convenient to live in close proximity to all the services you might need. No matter where you live, the carpool for your job will always pick you up at least an hour before you have to be at work. In other words, it’s not only a bad idea, but also a depressing one, to set up housekeeping right next to your place of employment. Perhaps the most important consideration when deciding where to put your house is your Sims’ interests (or the interests you hope to cultivate in them).

Plenty of prime locations in Sunset Valley are found close to various attractions. One of the most notable is located at 53 Waterfall Way. Located directly to the north of the canonical fishing spot under the waterfall, this plot stands on its own. Additionally, you own the largest plot in the game right next to Summer Hill Springs, as well as two properties on Skyborough Boulevard and one on Oak Grove Road that are located in ideal proximity to the center of town.


If you enjoy nature, fishing, or collecting insects, a lot on Waterfall Way is a fantastic investment.

Yet another option is to purchase an existing building in the downtown area or close to a tourist attraction and completely remodel it. But only if you can afford it. It is possible to claim land that was previously off-limits by entering Edit Town mode and switching the lot type from Communal to Private. However, you might have to demolish the library to do so.


Having your Sims purchase plots of land in particularly lovely areas will have its perks. When your Sim looks out the window, they’ll get a nice perk thanks to the Beautiful View moodlet. Having a view of the ocean from a home on Sunnyside Boulevard, Sun Song Avenue, or one of the cliffside lots on Redwood Parkway is a nice perk. Of course, the Beautiful View Moodlet isn’t limited to waterfront properties; it can be found elsewhere. Lots on Redwood Parkway, for example, are more expensive because it is considered a posh area.


Lot sizes are the last defining characteristic. This is also the primary reason why a lot costs what it does. Summer Hill Court has the most land area for sale at the outset. Located on the western hillside of town, close to the Alto and Landgraab homes. It costs twice as much (14,700 Simoleons) as any other lot in the game, despite being nearly twice as large. The Summer Hill Court is where you take your prosperous Sims to flaunt their achievements. The large lot on Sunnyside Boulevard and peaceful location will cost you nearly 7,000 Simoleons. That’s just the land, no construction costs added in.

No average Sim can afford to live on Summer Hill Court.

Pinochle Point has some of the best prices for the size of the lots you get because the area is sorely lacking in conveniences.

At the beginning of a new game, you will only have 16,000 Simoleons to spend. If you plan on starting from scratch, you will need to carefully select your land in order to ensure that you have enough money to construct and furnish your home.


Housing Vacancies:

Sunset Valley features completed homes that sit empty. These don’t require evicting anyone, and they even come furnished if that’s what you want. Only three houses in the game’s initial location to the north of town are available within the 16,000 Simoleon budget (with furniture). You can get a great house and make do with some old furniture until you land a good job if you want to furnish it for your own use. Mosquito Cove is a lovely home that, for around 16,000 Simoleons unfurnished, is almost within reach as a fantastic starter house for households with multiple Sims.


Mosquito Cove is a stunning home that won’t break the bank.

Pre-furnished homes are convenient because they eliminate the need for the player to go through the tedious process of furnishing their home, making them ideal for younger players or players who put more value on the simulation than the building and creative aspects of The Sims.

Keep in mind that your starting budget will increase by 2,000 Simoleons for each additional Sim in your household.

Forcible Removal of a Family:

Can’t say that about a house, can you? Anywhere in Sunset Valley is fair game; just use Edit Town to force out an existing family and set up housekeeping for your own Sims. As elementary as that. Once you’ve forced a family out of their home, anyone in your group who can afford it can buy it. If you like playing God and want to save the evicted from dwelling in oblivion, the evicted family can take all of their furniture and a copy of the house with them.



If you don’t get along with a family or if you want their house, you can legally evict them.

Predetermined Families:

As there are many families in the game that you can “take over,” you won’t need to use the Create a Sim mode and can instead select any home you like. Once again, this is perfect for novice players or those with limited time. Depending on the character’s background and the circumstances under which you assume control, each offers a unique scenario and set of difficulty levels.

Sims 3 starter house

You can’t go wrong with The Sims 3 Starter House as your first purchase. You have complete control over the house’s layout, decor, and even its location. This is a wonderful way to launch the lives of your Sims.

Sims 3 houses Sunset Valley

Players of The Sims 3 have their pick of many distinct communities in which to set up house. Sunset Valley is the name of one of the local communities. This area is stunning, with a wide variety of homes and a picturesque setting. The large, contemporary house is typical of the area.

The sims 3 house plans

You can get a head start on building your dream home in The Sims 3 with the help of the game’s official house plans. Several rooms are available for your selection, and the hues of your home can be altered to suit your tastes. Players of any age group will enjoy The Sims 3.

How to buy a house in sims 3

You must first decide whether you want a single-family home or a condominium in The Sims 3 before you can begin the house-hunting process. Condos are more affordable than single-family homes, but they are typically smaller and located in multi-unit buildings.

Sims 3 house building tips

The Sims 3 requires meticulous forethought when constructing a home. Before starting construction, there are numerous factors to consider. Make sure all of your Sims’ wants are fulfilled if you want them to be content.

FAQs about sims 3 best houses

1. Which Sims 3 Town has the biggest houses?

Riverview is the Sims 3 neighborhood with the most expansive properties.

2. How do you make a good house on Sims 3?

An important step in creating a great home in The Sims 3 is deciding what you’ll use it for. For a family, for instance, you’d want to include sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and a living area.

3. What is the best world to live in Sims 3?

The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack is where you should spend most of your time in the game. There are a lot of fascinating cultures out there in the world that you should check out. It’s going to feel like the journey of a lifetime.

4. What is the best house in sims?

There is no better home in Sims than one you build yourself. You have complete freedom to determine the scale. Even a castle is possible.

As a game, The Sims 3 thrives on players’ imaginations, which is part of what makes it so entertaining. You get to design your own universe, complete with livable structures, inhabitants, and storylines. Since there are numerous possibilities, deciding which one to pursue can be challenging.