Updated at: 15-05-2023 - By: Craig Huey

If you’ve read our piece on the best restaurants in the Valley, you may have noticed that North Hollywood wasn’t included.

Hello, ang xem:Top-Rated NoHo Eateries

Our honest opinion was that NoHo’s dining scene was substantial enough to warrant its own overview, so that’s what we did down below.

If you’re a foodie and don’t happen to live in close proximity to The Valley, you should still pay NoHo a visit because of the wide variety of hearty, savory, and decadent options available.

Just like with any ranked list, we know we didn’t include everyone’s favorite eatery, so if you think we missed yours, please let us know in the comments.

So, without further ado, here are 15 of NoHo’s finest eating establishments.

Have fun eating!


Eat NoHo is where you should go for some delicious pancakes and berries. Credit Social media dinner at Noho

1. Vicious Dogs

Its Mac Daddy dog answers the question, “What would a hot dog that was covered in mac ‘n’ cheese taste like?” with glorious gluttony. Their inventions, like the Hot Chick (an L.A. dog topped with chicken tenders and ranch dressing) and the Sweet and Spicy (a kielbasa link topped with a house-made sweet and spicy chili glaze), seem to be conceived with a childlike sense of wonder.

2. Salsa and Beer

Among the finest Mexican eateries in the Valley, serving up delicious, traditional fare in generous portions. Begin with a Corona and some bean dip and chips, then dive into their signature dishes like creamy enchiladas and burritos that will leave you feeling satisfied for the rest of the day.

3. Mofongos

Fried plantains and pork with arroz con gandules (yellow rice and pigeon peas) is a popular dish in Puerto Rico; it was the inspiration for the restaurant’s name.

4. EAT

However, French toast with frosted flakes on top takes the cake. The café serves other tasty variations on breakfast classics like raspberry Nutella French toast. Ned’s Benedict features avocados generously doused in hollandaise sauce, as the dish simply wouldn’t be complete without them in a California café. The tasty zucchini shreds were developed as a low-carb substitute for hash browns.

5. Lilit Bakery Cafe

It’s been said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but at Lilit’s, you absolutely can. Pizza with your own special toppings to kick off the day, then Nutella cheesecake and a strawberry Nutella croissant for dessert, because why not?

6. Hayat’s Kitchen

Shawarma and falafel, two staples of the Mediterranean diet, are safe bets here, and they don’t let you down. However, since this is a genuine Lebanese restaurant, you absolutely must order the chicken or filet mignon kabobs. The vegetarian platter, which includes baba ganoush (eggplant), falafels, and stuffed grape leaves, is large enough to feed four people. Get the potatoes harra with garlic, red pepper flakes, and cilantro to go with whatever you order, whether it’s the vegetarian option or one of their savory meats.

7. Krua Thai

Though Pad Thai is widely available in Los Angeles, few establishments come close to the quality of this one. If you get a late-night craving for Pad See Ew, you know where to go. They’re open until 3:30 a.m.

8. Coley’s Jamaica’s Best Cuisine

Do as the locals do and order some spicy jerk chicken, red bean soup, fried corn bread (festival bread), and a Jamaican cream soda at a Jamaican restaurant.

9. Lotus Vegan

There is nothing more Los Angeles than vegan Thai food. You should visit this restaurant again and again just for their orange (soy) chicken, which is just as good as the real thing.

10. Bow and Truss

Classic Spanish dishes like ceviche and paella can be found at this restaurant, which is owned by the same people behind the popular local bar The Federal Bar. The grilled romaine and shaved manchego in their Caesar salad are also not to be missed. Another well-liked menu item is the adobo fish taco, which comes with jicama slaw.

11. The Swingin’ Door Texas BBQ

Hidden gem, if you will; it’s in the parking lot of a gas station, but don’t let that put you off; the meat is authentic and smoked in the back. If you order any of their meats with their spicy sauce, you can rest assured that it will taste exactly how barbecue meat should. Dessert of fried Oreos is recommended but not required.

12. Chiba

As popular as his restaurant is among locals, Chef Shig is beloved for his friendly demeanor and wealth of culinary knowledge. Try the Power Hand Roll, which consists of six different kinds of eggs and avocado and is served in a shot glass.

13. Marv’s Deli

Located off Magnolia, this unassuming deli claims to be the oldest in The Valley, and if Donna is working that day, she’ll be sure to tell you so.the bestproximity to Brent’s Deli notwithstanding, in the vicinity. No matter what you think, you can get a huge, juicy deli sandwich (brisket, corned beef, pastrami) for under $10 that will satisfy any hunger. A must-have for any North Hollywood lunch schedule.



Sandwich at Marv’s Deli: smoked brisket on wheat. In honor of Brian Champlin

14. Spumante

At this Italian restaurant, you can get garlic the size of an elephant and pizzas the size of Bagel Bites. Elephant garlic, a leek relative with a garlicky flavor, is served with goat cheese and pesto and is a must-try. Gluten-free and whole wheat pastas are available, but if you’re in the mood for a treat, try the penne spumante or pumpkin ravioli. Additional Resources

15. District Pub NoHo

District Pub, which was also featured on our “Best Bars for Pub Enthusiasts in The Valley” list, is known for its eclectic menu, which includes alligator, lamb, and duck sausage as well as the more conventional District Burger topped with cherry tomato thyme jam and fontina cheese.

So, what did you think should have made the cut but didn’t? Share your thoughts in the space provided below.