Updated at: 09-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

I’ve been a fan of Rise Against for quite some time. In 2003, I stumbled upon the music video for their song “Heaven Knows,” which was featured on their second studio album.A Measure of Speed In Terms Of Its Rotations Per Minute. Their subsequent albums have only improved my opinion of them. Some fans prefer the band’s earlier material while others prefer the more recent releases.

Even though they are now widely recognized as one of the best rock bands working today, I still believe that Rise Against are criminally underappreciated.

In that case, which Rise Against tracks do you consider to be their best? I’m sure the band and their fans all have their own preferences, but I did my best to include a wide variety of material and appeal to both longtime and newer listeners while still giving due credit where credit is due. Take this as “Rise Against’s Greatest Hits” mixed with “if I had a $20 iTunes gift card to buy Rise Against songs, which ones should I buy?”

Find out what you can about it online. How well each song performed on various music charts like Billboard’s The songs’ overall popularity (as measured by things like the number of times they’ve been viewed on YouTube, their position on the iTunes and Amazon charts, the availability of lists of them on various online forums and blogs, etc.). The songs are fantastically amazing. There are some aspects of my perspective and the people I know who love Participate in a Rebellion The possibility of developing feelings for the tune Favorite live sets that the band always performs Hear the entire Top 20 list in one convenient Spotify playlist right here. The full Top 20 list is available as a Youtube playlist, which you can view here. 20. “From Unworthy Minds”(2008)