Updated at: 26-05-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Do you feel helpless as a leader, wondering what you can do to turn around your team’s losing record in team battles? Try out the split push method.

Because of the intense competition in League of Legends, the team with the best composition and strategy usually wins. Even for exceptionally talented individuals, good teamwork can often mean the difference between success and failure.

An alternative strategy, split pushing is both team-oriented and performance-based. By going it alone, you can distract the other team from the fight. When you put enough pressure on enemy turrets, some of their players will be drawn to you, taking them away from the main fight. While any champion in principle could use this strategy to victory, some are more adept at it than others.

We’ve compiled a list of the year’s top 10 split pushers.

Teemo split push – Top 10 Best Pushers In League Of Legends -Best split push top laners

10. Yi


The Gameplay of Yi Split Push.

Yi, or Master Yi as he is more properly known, is a champion of the jungle. Due to his lack of focus on defense, he is able to become a formidable offensive force by prioritizing attack damage and attack speed. The passive ability that grants him an extra attack after he’s landed three basic attacks greatly improves his potential as a split pusher. When combined with Wuju Style, his e, which increases true damage by an additional amount, this becomes extremely effective. Additionally, since his q can target up to four enemy units, he can clear the map much more quickly, which allows him to quickly dispatch of minions and get closer to towers.

But don’t be fooled by his split push abilities; Master Yi is also a great team fighting champion. He usually plays a significant role in battles thanks to his insane damage output and cooldown reductions on takedown. However, because of this ability, a fed Yi player can easily plow through a large number of enemies on his own. Master Yi is a superb choice as a split pusher because of his ability to entice foes and maintain composure under fire.

What Makes Yi So Effective at Split Pushing

Powerful and quick attacks His passive ability grants him extra attacks, which can significantly increase damage. To aid in the destruction of towers, his e increases the destructive potential of his attacks. If they send more than one enemy his way, he should be able to handle them with his equipment alone. If he is outmatched and must retreat, he can do so quickly and efficiently thanks to the speed boost and immunity to slows granted by his ult.

9. Singed


Playing with a Singed Split Push.

Singed is the poison expert and he uses it to his advantage when split pushing. Most of his damage comes from his q, which he sprays behind him and which causes harm to anyone who steps in it. This makes wiping out minions a breeze, allowing you to quickly amass gold and apply pressure to enemy turrets. His damage to towers will be lower than that of AD champions with higher attack speed and basic attack damage because he is not an attack damage champion and instead focuses on building ability power (AP) and dealing damage primarily through his abilities.

Both his w and e skills give him access to crowd control options. His w skill lays down an adhesive goop that slows down foes who walk on it, and his e tosses them over his shoulder. If they fall into the adhesive, they will be rooted there, unable to move or use any type of flash. And if that isn’t enough to keep the bad guys at bay, his ultimate also grants him a number of bonuses that should help him out in a pinch: increased ability power (damage), resistance to magic, increased movement speed, and health and mana regeneration. Singed has a knack for escaping tight spots.

Here’s Why Singed Is Perfect for Pushing Splits:

His poison trail facilitates the elimination of minions quickly, which in turn increases pressure on the tower. Because of his access to crowd control tools, he can clear, apply pressure and damage, and then quickly escape (especially in 1v1). His chances of successfully escaping when necessary are improved by the bonuses granted by his ultimate. Due to his lackluster performance in team fights compared to other champions, Singed can make more of an impact by splitting pushes.

8. Yorick

Gameplay/Guide for Yorick’s Split Push (*older versions of the game may not work, you should look for a newer version of the game).

Top lane champion Yorick is known for his ability to split push and eliminate enemy towers even when he is not physically present in the lane. His ultimate power allows him to call forth a mist maiden minion. In effect, he can call forth a sixth teammate to help with the split push by ordering The Maiden down a specific lane, where she will continue attacking minions and towers until they are defeated. If Yorick decides to go into battle with her, he can also call upon his passive ability and q ability to bring in a swarm of additional henchmen. These will also try to destroy the lane trolls and towers, albeit with less success than the maiden.

Yorick has two crowd control abilities to use if your enemies arrive to stop you. His e, Mourning Mist, makes his minions aim for and slow enemy champions. If you’re lucky, the minions can act as a barrier by preventing the enemy from moving. Yorick’s w ability can help maintain order in crowded areas by dispersing pursuers and/or isolating enemies behind a barrier. To sum up, Yorick is an ideal candidate for split pushing and has been one of the best split push champions for many years.

Yorick’s Capability as a Split Pusher.

His ultimate ability is the pinnacle of split-pushing because it provides an extra teammate to do the work for you, albeit a mindless one. Even if he and The Maiden decide to go their separate ways, his other minions will still push the lane and deal damage to towers. Because of his passive minions and the Maiden’s help, he may be able to take on more than one foe at once. Due to the crowd control provided by his w and e, Yorick has the ability to possibly escape if he is overrun.

7. Shen

Top lane split push and general strategy guide (*old content, update your build ASAP)

Shen’s ability to enter a team fight at any time makes him one of the better split pushers, not his damage dealing or minion clearing or mobility or crowd control prowess. Shen’s ultimate is a channel ability that grants protection to a single ally and, after a short delay, teleports him there. Therefore, he can be working alone in a lane to put pressure on towers without having to worry about alerting his teammates. If he can distract an enemy into defending a tower instead of joining the main fight, his team will have a much better chance of winning the 4v4 match.

Just a few of the many reasons why Shen is so effective for split pushing:

Able to splinter off, attract allies, and immediately jump into team fights to turn the tide. Even with his autos disabled, he will still deal significant damage to turrets. Since he is a tank, taking demolish will allow you to deal damage to turrets based on their maximum health. It’s common practice for top laners like Shen to use teleport. His ultimate allows him to teleport into battle and then back out again after he has finished what he started. When he splits, he can use his q dash ability to get away from the police.

6. Teemo

Matches in Teemo’s Split-Push Gameplay.

Teemois another top-tier hero who does well in split-pushing lanes. Multiple factors contribute to this, but his ultimate is the most important. The Noxious Trap he plants as his ultimate ability poisons and slows all enemies in its blast radius and grants them vision. Any split pusher would benefit greatly from this item, as it alerts them to the presence of enemies and deals extra damage even before the battle has begun.

Teemo’s other skills, especially his w, allow him to quickly escape while under the influence of the poisonous mushrooms. After evading danger, Teemo can wait in the bushes for his foes to leave before continuing his devilish split push. And if you decide to fight instead of running away, his q ability temporarily blinds foes, making them immune to auto-attacks. As a result, you’ll have a better chance of escaping danger or of coming out on top in a direct confrontation.

That’s why Teemo is so fantastic for split pushing.

His shrooms have wide-ranging effects, including crowd control (slow), damage, and vision; they can serve as a deterrent by letting enemies know they have been spotted and may take significant damage as a result. Pressure is increased and enemies are cleared with the help of his shrooms, which have an area of effect. His w grants him superhuman speed, allowing him to quickly flee danger, even after being alerted by shrooms. As he combines his blindness and his willpower, he has the upper hand in one-on-one exchanges thanks to the damage the mushrooms deal before a fight even begins. As long as he remains undetected, he can resume split pushing as soon as the enemy team returns to its previous positions or moves to a different part of the map thanks to his passive.

5. Fiora

Using the Fiora Split Push in a Game.

Like many other AD top laners, Fiora focuses primarily on dealing damage. That’s why she’ll be able to quickly take out towers with her auto-attacks thanks to the items she equips. Most of her split push potential comes from this, though it is augmented by her high deul potential and some extra mobility thanks to her skillset.

Her q ability essentially serves as a dash, greatly increasing her speed and agility. In the interest of split pushing, this dash serves a dual purpose: first, it allows her to escape a bad situation by dashing away repeatedly (with a short cooldown); second, it activates her true damage passive, increasing her damage output and the likelihood of winning duels. Because her w can be used to deflect crowd control back at her opponents, she is more difficult to hit during a duel. Her ultimate is the most powerful part of her arsenal, as it places multiple “vital spots” that deal true damage from her passive on the marked enemy and a large healing circle around them when they are activated or defeated. This improves her chances in a duel and her ability to fight against multiple foes simultaneously.

As a result, she has the option of fleeing or fighting, with the latter being the more ferocious of the two. The opposing team will likely need to assign multiple fighters to take on a Fiora. You can then divide your remaining team and theirs and exert more pressure on other parts of the map, as the team fight becomes more even.

Reasons Why Fiora Is an Ideal Push-Pull Partner:

Her q gives her superhuman agility, letting her dodge attacks and dance around enemies. Heavy turret damage is equal to her high damage output, and her e, which resets her next basic attack and has a short cooldown, increases the attack speed of her next two autos. Since the enemy team will need to send more than one champion to deal with her, this eases the pressure in other parts of the map and gives your team a chance to capitalize. Due to her ultimate’s heal and true damage markers, she has a better chance of dealing with multiple foes at once; if they send two, she can quickly finish off the easier target, heal up, and then finish off the other.

4. Tryndamere

For more information on the Tryndamere split push, check out our walkthrough!

As yet another top lane champion, Tryndamere exemplifies the dominance of top laners in split pushing. In spite of his advanced age, he remains one of the most effective split pushers in the game, regularly bringing down towers with ease. Tryndamere, like many other places on this list, produces AD. This is already insanely powerful, but his q increases it by flat damage, making his hits on champions and towers even more devastating.

If his health bar gets low, he can still deal more damage thanks to his q. When combined with a lifesteal item and the increased damage on low health, Tryndamere becomes nearly unkillable in the late game thanks to the active on his q, which heals based on fury. Therefore, trading with him is very challenging, and stopping his assault on your towers or base usually requires more than one player.

Tryndamere’s other skills, meanwhile, bolster his readiness for either combat or escape. In the event that an enemy turns their back on him, his w ability will lessen the damage of their attacks and slow them down, allowing him to safely retreat or pursue with renewed vigor. Because it affects all nearby foes, he can make deals with several people at once. For five seconds after using his ultimate, he is immune to death, allowing him to safely escape danger or keep fighting a single or multiple foes. His spin ability (his e) serves as a dash and allows him to pass through certain walls, further expanding his range of motion.

There are many reasons why Tryndamere is ideal for split pushing.

Minion waves can be quickly wiped out, and champions and towers can take a beating, all thanks to the high damage output. In the mid to late game, he is very strong in 1v1s, especially if he has a lot of gold, so it is important to draw multiple opponents to you in order to exert maximum pressure. Against champions with lower health, like mids or adcs, he can usually trade with more than one person; if he gets on them, it’s overGood mobility to escape from trouble if things get too out of hand. His lack of cc is the only thing holding him back from being a truly phenomenal split pusher.

3. Nasus

Push-Split-Nasal-Circle Gameplay.

Nasus is another example of a top lane champion who has been a strong split pusher for a long time. There are two main components of his arsenal that allow him to split push so successfully. Nasus’ q gains additional damage with each successive minion he executes with it, and this damage accumulates over the course of the game. Nasus requires farming to level up due to this mechanism, and split pushing is the most effective method of farming due to the increased availability of minions. Nasus can also use his q ability to take out towers, resulting in insane turret takedowns.

While you should use your q to execute minions as often as possible, there will come a time when you can slow down and focus on supporting your team or eliminating towers. Nasus can quickly clear out waves of enemies and focus his q damage on the towers thanks to his e, a powerful area-of-effect ability.

In addition, he is a master deuler and can take on a swarm of foes with ease. His wither ability (w) makes his foes slower, letting him catch up to them or get away from them more easily. His ultimate increases his health, armor, and resistance to magic, greatly improving his survivability. Nasus, as a split push champion, has the perfect trait of being able to hold his own once the early game has passed. His equipment is lacking in terms of mobility and area-of-effect crowd control, but that is his only real drawback.

Here’s Why Nasus Is the Best Choice for Pushing Apart:

As one of the game’s heaviest hitters (if not the heaviest), thanks to his q stack damage, he can easily destroy enemy turrets. The increased survivability of his ultimate is a result of the passive life steal he receives. Nasus is difficult to kill due to the threat he poses from his q damage and the fact that you can build tank without taking damage. Because of his dueling ability, he is yet another champion that necessitates the cooperation of several players to defeat. Depending on their crowd control and mobility, he may be able to take on more than one opponent, and even if he doesn’t succeed in killing them, it may take three or more opponents to actually take down a Nasus if he is in peak condition.

2. Camille

Camille Split Push Walkthrough & Strategy Guide (*older content, try searching for a more recent build).

One of the most nimble top laners in the game, Camille also has a high damage output, making her a fantastic pick for split pushing. Camille’s e ability grants her two dashes, the first of which grapples to a wall or nearby terrain before launching her in the desired direction. As a result, she can easily outrun her pursuers by ducking out of harm’s way faster and further than the vast majority of champions. As a result, her pressure and turret damage is high-impact with low risk.

Her mobility from her e ability combines well with the rest of her tool set, especially her w, which slows enemies and heals her. She can use w to slow her foes and restore some health, and then immediately follow up with e to escape their range.

Her strengths also lie primarily in duels. Her passive ability provides a shield against the enemy’s damage type when she deals damage to them. In addition, her ultimate will temporarily knock away any bystanders before isolating a single foe to fight with her in a small area. With one swift move, she can enter the fray, zero in on the opponent with the fewest health points, and then escape. In addition, her q ability deals extra damage, allowing her to swiftly kill enemies and turrets before escaping.

To further elaborate on why Camille is so ideal for push-up splits:

Her speed and agility allow her to enter and leave the game with minimal risk to the team. Her ability to engage in a duel makes her an exceptionally dangerous opponent, necessitating the use of a team effort to defeat her. You can simply eliminate the weakest link of any group of enemies and continue on as if nothing happened. The increased damage she deals with her q ability also affects towers.

1. Jax

How to Play Jax’s Split Push, and a Quick Overview.

Jax dominates the art of split-pushing. In comparison to the other champions on this list, he has all the advantages with almost none of the disadvantages. Because of his adaptable kit, Jax is a powerful champion who can be used effectively in a variety of situations, from team fights to split pushing. In light of this, you should try out his split push, which is surprisingly effective.

The sum of Jax’s gear gives him insanity as a split pusher. His passive increases the attack speed of his basic attacks, allowing him to quickly and easily destroy enemies and turrets alike. When he reaches two stacks from his ultimate ability, he will consume them and deal additional magic damage to whatever he attacks.

To put it simply, Jax is fantastic. deuling and escaping are two different aspects of the same concept. His ultimate’s active ability improves defense by increasing magic resistance and armor. Furthermore, he has access to an area-of-effect stun that begins as a defensive stance that mitigates damage from champions’ basic attacks. In addition to these defensive and, depending on your perspective, offensive stun measures, he also possesses a dash ability that allows him to leap to a targeted unit, including allies and allied minions. His speed makes him more agile, allowing him to flee or be pursued with ease.

The Reasons Why Jax Is an Excellent Choice for Split Pushing

His ability to dash gives him the speed he needs to quickly eliminate an opponent or make a break for it. Through his abilities, he is able to put up a strong defense, allowing you to prioritize damage without compromising defense too much in his build. He can easily destroy enemy turrets thanks to the stacks provided by his passive and ultimate’s passive. His e ability’s crowd control has offensive and defensive applications; he can use it to stun foes before leaping out with his q, to easily win a duel after stunning his opponent, or to take on multiple foes at once (just take out the weakest link first) because it stuns more than one person. It’s up to him whether he wants to rejoin his team and help secure objectives or win fights after completing a split push and taking down a tower and/or an enemy champion, or whether he wants to keep wailing away at their turrets/base.

The Teemo split push is an effective method for destroying towers and completing objectives in a short amount of time. Yet, knowing when and how to use it effectively is crucial. Using these guidelines, you’ll be able to use Teemo split push with impunity.

Best split push champions

Some of the most played split-push champions include Ahri, Master Yi, and Yasuo. These heroes are great at pushing lanes and eliminating enemies in a hurry. A split push can quickly turn into a disaster for the opposing team if they aren’t ready for it.

Best tower pusher lol

The best tower pusher in League of Legends is a question without a clear answer. Nonetheless, champions like Ahri, Jhin, and Zed, who are able to split push effectively thanks to their high mobility and effective crowd control, are among the most common. Your team will have a significant advantage over the opposition thanks to these heroes’ ability to easily breach their defenses and destroy vital towers.

One shot Teemo build

One of the most crucial elements of League of Legends is split pushing. To gain an advantage, your team should push lanes and force the enemy to spend more time defending their base. One Shot Teemo is your best bet if you need a champion who is great at split pushing. Because of his high damage output and rapid movement, he poses a significant threat to anyone he faces. One Shot Teemo is the best choice if you want to create a champion who can defeat even the most powerful opponents through the use of split pushing.

Teemo mobafire

To answer the question of “who is the best tower pusher in League of Legends?” we cannot give a single, conclusive answer. However, champions like Ahri, Jhin, and Zed, who are both highly mobile and possess potent crowd control abilities, are among the game’s most effective split pushers. You’ll gain a decisive advantage over the opposition with the help of these heroes, who can easily breach their defenses and destroy vital towers.

You can quickly and effectively destroy towers and achieve your objectives by employing the Teemo split push strategy. However, proper timing and application are crucial. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to use Teemo split push to annihilate your foes.