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Shadow Heartsas a whole, there are a lot of cool sets of weapons and armor to amass. Your character’s survival during their fights against the various bosses and enemies depends heavily on this gear. When you’ve honed your skills enough,Evil Heartsfocuses less on performance and more on appearance. With Fashion Souls, you can design a persona with a one-of-a-kind appearance. Whether you’re rocking a custom-made set of boss armor or a collection of separate pieces, you can make a statement. Since I have already ranked the best weapons in Dark Souls 2, I will now shift my focus to the armor. Go look at what I’ve got to offerSecond incarnation of the Soul Reaverbest ten armor sets are listed below.

10. Moon Butterfly Set


Location: DS2’s original Dark Souls

Description: Since the moon butterfly only flies around during the winter months on full moon nights, very little is known about it. The caterpillar stage of the butterfly’s life cycle has never been observed, leading some to believe that the insect is a supernatural creature.

The Moon Butterfly Set stands out as the most cheesy ensemble here, and for good reason. The pieces all go together to form a look that is reminiscent of festival attire seen at events like Burning Man and Ultra. Pairing the set with theChannel’s Trident, which grants the player the ability to dance, is a lot of fun. This is a ridiculously bad combination for competitive play.

9. Xanthous Set


Location: DS2:Dark Soulsthe fundamentals

Description: It is said that Xanthous King wore this incredibly fluorescent yellow outfit.Possibly there was a reason for the monstrously huge cloth crown on top of their heads, or maybe it was just a bizarre show of power.The yellow colors on the costume have somehow survived despite the fact that it is in tatters.

When I look at the Xanthous Set, I can’t help but picture a used Q-tip. Another unique aspect of this set is its vivid hues, which stand in stark contrast to the majority of Dark Souls 2’s armor sets. The Xanthous Set is my ninth-favorite armor in Dark Souls 2 for these two reasons.

8. Agdayne’s Set


Location: Second Coming: Dark Soulsstarting point

Description: It is the robe, cuffs, and kilt that Agdayne wore in the Undead Crypt.

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Karma, or pain, is what life is all about, according to some people.It’s inevitable that everything will eventually perish. Does death really put an end to pain and suffering, though?

Like Agdayne’s set, I have a soft spot for armor that seems out of place in the Dark Souls world. The Agdayne ensemble, which was abandoned by the undead in the Crypt, is reminiscent of ancient Roman garb. In addition, I believe that Agdayne’s set contains one of the best description texts of any set in theDS2:Dark Souls.

7. Velsdtat’s Set


Location: DS2:Dark Soulsbasic play

Description: Royal Aegis’ headgear, gauntlets, and leggings. After spending some time in the Undead Crypt, the miraculous energy it once contained has been drained away.A faraway knight was lured to this cursed land, but he soon forgot why he had come and was reduced to nothing more than a shell of his former self.

For many years, Veldstat protected King Vendrick, who hid out in the Undead Crypts. If you want to find Vendrick in these tombs, you’ll have to get past Veldstat first. Upon killing Veldstat, you gain access to his full suit of armor. One intriguing aspect of Veldstat’s Set is that it itself makes a direct allusion to Garl Vinland from the Demon’s Souls franchise. In addition to carrying enormous hammers, both foes also sport matching headgear. This is why I ranked Veldstat’s Set as number seven on my best-of list.

6. Drakeblood Knight Set


Location: Add-on content: Crown of the Sunken King

Description: The Drakeblood Knights, led by Sir Yorgh, were dragon worshippers who attempted to lay siege to the Eternal Sanctum but were ultimately defeated when the sleeping dragon awoke and dove into the Sanctum.

The Drakeblood collection appears to be the most conventional of all these options. It looks like a set a medieval knight would wear. The legends of the Drakebloods are what draw me to this collection. It’s cool to be a military unit whose members worship dragons’ blood.