Updated at: 13-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

If you’re as addicted to Ark: Survival Evolved as I am, you’ve probably had to start the game from scratch more than once. Still, no matter how enjoyable Ark is, grinding for experience levels can become tedious, so I looked into the quickest ways to advance in levels.

I’ll start by listing the quickest paths to experience in Ark: The Fight for Survival:

Ark: Survival Evolved: Quick Leveling Guide

If you aren’t beginning at level one, as this guide assumes, jump ahead to the sections that apply to you.

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1. Make Tools (Level 1-3)

It goes without saying that you’ll need a stockpile of stone pickaxes and Hatchets before you can move forward in the game.

2. Craft Thatch Foundations (level 4-11)

You should now have access to stone hatchets and picks; employ these tools to harvest as much raw materials as possible, focusing particularly on fiber, wood, and thatch; and continue piling up your build queue’s foundations.

As you approach your maximum weight, simply drop them to the ground and forget about them; you won’t need a structure to level up this way.

As of now, you should begin putting some of your points towards your weight; doing so will aid you in the subsequent steps and reduce the likelihood that you will be black boxed too quickly.

3. Craft Wooden Foundations (level 11-16)

Construction on a wooden base requires a large quantity of wood, but it is much quicker than you might imagine to stack a large pile of boards. You now have sufficient weight statistics to transport more wood, facilitating the rapid construction of additional foundations.

This may be a tedious process, but it’s the quickest way to level up to level 16 in Ark, so stick with it until you get there.

It will be beneficial to your progression if, as you level up, you prioritize melee damage and stats.

4. Build Wooden Rafts (level 16-20)

Construct a spear and travel to the closest easy beach; if none is in sight, comfort a T-rex and respawn at the map’s easiest beach.

Get your hands on as many Dodos or Parasaurs as you can kill and use them for cover. Then, go back to growing your own food and making your own clothes out of wood, thatch, and fiber. It may seem daunting to keep building rafts until you reach level 20, but rest assured that despite their time commitment, rafts are the most efficient means of gaining experience at this point in the game.

Rather than discarding the rafts, you should set them on the water and destroy them to partially recover your resources before beginning work on the next one.

5. Build a 2×2 Base & Make Forges (level 20-24)

At level 20, you can begin to think about getting metal tools; however, before you can do so, you must construct a few forges, which means you must once again resort to killing for hide.

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Once your forges are ready, you can begin searching for smooth gray rocks near rivers; by striking these with a stone hatchet, you may be able to obtain metal; if so, repeat this process until you have 10 metal.

After amassing 10 metal, which can be smelted into 5 ingots, you can establish a smithy, construct the smithy, and go out in search of more metal to continue producing metal tools.

Return to constructing rafts until you reach level 24 after acquiring your metal tools.

6. Build More Rafts & Explorer Notes (level 24-50)

I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for suggesting this, seeing as how you don’t gain access to rafts until level 16, but trust me, it works if you just spam as many as you can until you reach level 60.

You can use this to gain access to some explorer notes while taking a break from constructing rafts, making a crossbow and tranq arrows, and killing a Pteranodon. And construct additional rafts, this time with increased experience points.

To ensure that you receive the bonus XP, you must exit the Ptera before reaching the explorer’s note.

You should look for a permanent home base now. If you plan on playing on a player versus player server, you should also construct some defensive structures and get your fabricator, mortar and pestle, and other production buildings ready to go.

7. Tame, Kill & Horde (level 50-64)

Around level 50, you’ll gain access to saddles for more powerful dinosaurs, so it’s time to upgrade to a Carno or another formidable foe.

Gather as many explorer notes and kill as many dinosaurs as possible with your Carno; you’ll need their chitin and keratin to create the cementing paste that’ll be required for the next step in the guide.

You can do a couple of metal runs and try to stock up on crystal if you find that stomping around killing anything with a pulse gets boring after a while.


Obtain some dominant T-rexes if your tribe has enough good dinosaurs to feed them. They shouldn’t be too difficult to kill, but if you’re not well-equipped, Alpha raptors are your best bet.

Have Your Tribe Mates Craft Rafts

Instead of giving up when things get tough or boring, delegate the work. You can split the XP with your tribe mates if you can convince them to construct rafts. With you and your tribe members working together to construct rafts, you should quickly advance in levels.

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Having you and your people construct rafts while someone feeds materials into a grinder is another way to increase the tension. Putting it all together will cost you, but there’s no other way to guarantee consistent XP gains in Ark.