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Sacred Chimes are a great asset for an Ashen One who plans to use powerful miracles in Dark Souls 3. Sure, but which ones stand out as the best?

Spells must be cast inThird installment in the Dark Souls seriesthe player must attune them at a bonfire and wear a catalyst. The Ashen One’s spellcasting abilities vary depending on the nature of the catalyst; Spellcasting and fire-making staves Fire for use in spellcasting, along with talismans and sacred bells.miracles. The latter two classes are distinguished from one another primarily by the special weapon abilities each class typically possesses. Talismans have the ability Unflinching Prayer, which grants hyper armor during casting, and Sacred Chimes have the ability Gentle Prayer, which grants slow HP recovery over time.

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One other major distinction is that Sacred Chimes typically have a higher Speff Buff stat, a hidden mechanic that determines the efficacy of miracles. Many miracle builds go with Sacred Chimes because of this, though they need to be wary of wasting resources on subpar versions of the item. There are seven such catalysts in total, and they all have their own unique play styles, from rapid casting to blaspheming and embodying the power of dark miracles, to zapping enemies with lightning. Although, some fill much more fruitful niches than others.

Best Miracle Catalyst DS3: Dark Souls 3 Best Talisman/Chime

7 Crystal Chime

You can hear this peculiar chime in a little room at the end of a hallway on the second floor of the Grand Archives. To get it, though, you’ll have to overcome a Lothric spear-wielding knight with bloodshot eyes. Despite the Crystal Chime’s relative ease of acquisition, it might not be worthwhile to pursue this opponent.

It has the ability to perform both sorcery and miracle casting, but its scaling is so poor that neither will ever be particularly effective. The Spell Buff growth from this chime is not shared between Faith and Intelligence, as it is in other chimes. The Crystal Chime is best suited for sorceries and miracles, as the majority of caster builds that level both Int and Faith intend to specialize in dark (or fire) spells, for which it is not optimally designed. However, because it requires investment into both statistics regardless, the souls spent on it will never be sufficient to compensate for its inefficiency.

6 Sacred Chime Of Fillianore

This Sacred Chime can be obtained from Shira, Knight of Fillianore, but only if the player either agrees to kill Darkeater Midir for her or kills Shira. As a parting gift, Fillianore, one of the game’s final deities, has givenAstral Beingsuniverse, is fascinating for its history but not much else.

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The Sacred Chime of Fillianore’s skill, Pray for Favor, functions similarly to the Gentle Prayer skill found on most chimes, but its effects are shared with nearby allies and last even if the chime is removed from the player’s inventory. As a result, this is only really useful in co-op play. The ridiculously poor scaling ensures that it, like its proverbial forebear, will soon be forgotten.

5 Saint-Tree Bellvine

It’s in a shallow riverbed outside the Cathedral of the Deep proper, guarded by three of the vile corpse grub foes. The Saint-Tree Bellvine has other qualities that make it useful for a caster, despite the fact that it cannot unleash much Faith-based damage on its own.

In the hands of a proficient user, it is equivalent to having a Dexterity of 50, granting the wielder maximum casting speed. This enables the player to fire lightning spears and arrows at incredible velocities, albeit with average damage. Interestingly, this affects not only miracle spells but all spells cast, as well as any other catalysts the user may have in their possession. The Saint-Tree Bellvine is an excellent offhand tool for any caster build in need of more speed, as holding this chime in one hand allows one to hold any other kind of catalyst in the other to deploy spells quicker than normally possible.

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4 Caitha”s Chime

For those who prefer a more blasphemous build, Caitha’s Chime is the perfect catalyst because it is the only Sacred Chime that provides a Speff Buff bonus to dark miracles. It’s a great asset for an offensive approach because of the nasty spells it can cast, like the Dorhys” Gnawing and the always terrifying Lifehunt Scythe.

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However, players will need to invest heavily in two stats—Intelligence and Faith—for Caitha’s Chime to be at its most powerful.

3 Priest”s Chime

After returning from his mission to the Undead Settlement, everyone’s favorite unhollow thrall, Greirat, will be selling the Priest’s Chime. It’s well worth trading 4000 souls to the hunched man in a hood with a hole in it to get this to the Ashen One.

When your Faith is lower than 45, this chime provides the highest scaling and Spell Buff stats of any Sacre Chime, making it a great choice for the early to mid game. It has one of the lowest stat requirements of any Sacred Chime, making it a great choice for new players and solidifying its place as the go-to miracle catalyst.

2 Cleric”s Sacred Chime

The Cleric’s Sacred Chime is even more accessible than the Priest’s Chime because it is a class starting item for Clerics. Keep in mind that this initial catalyst can be swapped out for the Priest’s Chime later on, if that seems like a better choice.

At the same time that the Priest’s Chime’s scaling becomes less optimal, the Cleric’s Sacred Chime reaches its full potential. As the damage from this chime scales with Speff Buff, it is most effective when used at 45-50 Faith.

1 Yorshka”s Chime

The ability to do so requires great care and attention. The best Sacred Chime in the game can be obtained by eliminating the non-player character (NPC) for whom it is named: Company Captain Yorshka. Killing her will prevent you from receiving the Darkmoon Blade miracle and the Darkmoon Ring covenant rewards, as she is the Blades of the Darkmoon’s leader in the covenant.

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Having a Faith requirement of 30 makes this chime an extremely late-game purchase. One with the highest possible Spell Buff scaling and stat out of all Faith-oriented catalysts, including all Talismans. After reaching level 50 Faith, when the benefits of the Cleric’s Sacred Chime diminish, this is the best option available to the player. The Ashen One’s miracles are unstoppable when Yorshka’s Chime is in his or her possession.

FAQs about best miracle catalyst ds3

1. What is the best catalyst for miracles in ds3?

A chime and two talismans can be combined to create a set of three catalyst (2x crimson, 1x holy), which is the best catalyst for miracles in ds3.

2. What is the best talisman Dark Souls 3?

The Rusted Tusk is the best talisman in Dark Souls 3. This is a solid base for any character build that prioritizes Pyromancy, invests heavily in Intelligence and Intelligence scaling, or simply needs infusion to function (like a pyromancer).

3. Is Miracle good in ds3?

Yes. Among the game’s healing spells, Miracle is among the best. Since pyromancer bonuses to attack and Strength do not scale well with Dexterity, but do work very well with low Dexterity and low Intelligence builds, this class is best suited for bosses that require a lot of time to kill (such as Ornstein and Smough).

4. How good is crystal chime?

It’s not great, to be perfectly honest. To put it another way, the more damage you deal with a specific element, the less of an effect the weapon will have on your character overall when dealing physical damage.

Some players have claimed that the Dancer’s Key is the most effective miracle catalyst in Dark Souls 3. It is said that this one-of-a-kind item can exponentially boost the efficacy of miracles.