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You can give certain foundational items special, aimed effects via the Runecarving system, which are known as Legendary Powers. Easily the most crucial part of your equipment in Shadowlands, these allow you to fine-tune your Frost Death Knight for maximum effectiveness.

This page’s goal is to direct you to the appropriate legendary powers (and item slots for them) for your character based on the type of content you intend to engage in.

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The ability to create legendary items is one of the new features in Shadowlands.Runecarving. As you make your way deeper into Torghast, you’ll unlock access to runecarving. You can create your own legendary by collecting legendary powers from various in-game locations. Only 1 legendary item can be worn at a time, but they all increase your character’s power in different ways. This guide will explain the details of each legendary ability, making your decision much simpler.

Pay Attention to the Most Reputable and Powerful Slot Source Data Ever

Punishment by annihilation

The Luck of Koltira

Ring Castle Nathria’s Sludgefist Successful Critical Attack and Expertise
Blow Your Mind (Sindragosa) Fury of the Ice King Ring The Torghast (Skoldus Hall, Third Plus Layer). Mastery and Critical Strike
Classified as Mythic (Total Destruction) Painfully Chilly Waist What a Morbid Awakening! Mastery and a Critical Strike
The Breath of Sindragosa (Mythic ) Ice-Cold Fury of Victory Ring Torghast, (Skoldus Hall, Third Plus Layer) Mastery and a Critical Strike
Torghast Frostbite-Inducing Chill Waist Death’s Funeral Mastery and a Critical Strike

The finest Mythic and Torghastlegendaries are discussed here. Therefore, we have chosen to evaluate legendaries in both single-target and area-of-effect contexts.

29 Jun. 2021: Patch 9.1 now has a revised and updated guide.

25 Mar. 2021:We’ve corrected a minor error in the table.

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