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Best Equipment in KH3 and How To Get Them

There is a plethora of equipment in Kingdom Hearts 3 that can be used to make Sora the most powerful good boy in history. While some of these items have appeared in previous games in the series, others are brand new additions to the series that are well worth the effort to find due to their useful special abilities. Use this guide to figure out what you should bring for your equipment.

15. Hero’s Belt


Gather the five golden Hercules statues for the little boy in the Agora in Olympus to receive this early game armor. It’s not a bad early find, increasing your defense by 3 points and boosting your thunder, aero, and water defenses by 20%. With the Frontline Photographer ability, your Gummi phone will not close automatically if you take damage while taking a picture. Only with this suit of armor will you be able to take photographs of such high quality, even in the midst of the action.

All the reasons why the Hero’s Belt is awesome:

Assist in the defense right off the bat Capability as a Frontline Photographer Improved resistance to multiple elements

14. Master Medal


You can get the Master Medal by getting an A or B in the KH3 minigames. There are 12 different kinds of Medals to obtain, and each one has a special power. Extra Cast, obtained by achieving an A rank in the Festival Dance minigame with Rapunzel, and Lucky Strike, obtained by achieving an A rank in Verum Rex, are two of my personal favorites. Since there is only one Lucky Ring in the game with this ability, you should probably get multiple of them if you intend to collect synthesis materials for the more powerful items.

The many merits of the Master Medal

To accommodate your preferred mode of play, you can choose from a wide variety of options. Unique skills that are hard to come by You can get more than one of the same medal, and their effects will accumulate.

13. Soldier’s Earring


The Soldier’s Earring, like the other early game items, can be found in a chest in Toy Box (in the Action Figures section) or synthesized with common materials. This is one of the earliest ways to obtain the Defender ability in the Kingdom Hearts series, increasing your strength by 3, your magic by 1, and bestowing it upon you. When your health is low, this accessory can be crucial for surviving early boss fights because it boosts your defense.

The many merits of Soldier’s Earring

Boost your defenses early in the game. The ability to defend yourself is guaranteed to save your arse at some point. Stunning, right? It’s got a dragon on it.

12. Gourmand’s Ring


The Gourmand’s Ring is a unique piece of jewelry whose primary function (as the name should have hinted) is to aid the wearer in the preparation and enjoyment of delicious meals. Both can be obtained in-game; the first is awarded for getting the Bistro its first star rating, and the second is won from a postcard in Twilight Town. It adds 8 AP to your total and comes with the Harvester and Chef Extraordinaire abilities, both of which are quite useful. These make it easier to get “excellent” ratings in the kitchen and allow you to collect an extra ingredient every time you gather one. As I’m not sure how much longer I can take Remy telling me how bad I am at cracking eggs, this is good news.

The many merits of the Gourmand’s Ring

Quite the tasty proficiency increase Increased harvesting capacity Extraordinary skill of a chef that makes cooking simpler.

11. Divine Bandana 


Within a trunk in the heart of San Fransokyo is hidden the fabled Divine Bandana. However, if you don’t want to wait that long, you can either defeat a Heartless ship in the Caribbean and receive one as a reward, or you can bring 28 different synthesis materials to the Moogles and have them synthesize one for you. Your defense will be increased by 4, your water defense will be increased by 30%, and you’ll gain the ability Water Syphon, which restores your MP whenever you take damage from a water attack, all thanks to this armor. When facing off against swarms of the Water Core enemies, this tactic is invaluable.

As to why you should buy a Divine Bandana:

Improved defense Defenses in the face of water receive a significant boost Able to Syphon Water

10. Ribbon


The Top 10 list kicks off with the Ribbon. This classic piece of Kingdom Hearts gear can be found early on in the game if you photograph 30 lucky emblems. Since it grants a moderate boost in defense of 3, but most notably a 30% defense boost against all elements, I advise pulling out your camera and snapping each emblem you come across to obtain this armor as soon as possible. Furthermore, these protections stack, so you can combine this with other accessories to your advantage.

Good reasons to use Ribbon:

Location: Early to Mid-Game Valid fortification protects from any form of elemental attack

9. Cosmic Arts


The silver charm adorned with stars and a moon known as Cosmic Arts provides reliable enhancements to all of your character’s attributes. This can be found in a chest in the Caribbean area of Ship’s End, and if you need more for your party, there is a 20% chance that a Black Ship will drop one upon defeat. Gain 4 points in Strength and 4 points in Magic, and 12 additional AP. Damage Syphon, a skill that restores MP when taking damage, is included as if that weren’t incentive enough to obtain one.

Good reasons to love Cosmic Arts:

Increases both attack and defense significantly. Amplifies the damage you can siphon from AP

8. Orichalcum Ring


You should have this item if you want your Sora to have a significant impact. You can either grind materials to create an Orichalcum Ring at the Moogle Shop, or you can take pictures of 60 lucky emblems to buy one.

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A useful late-game ability, Cure Converter grants a chance to increase your situation command bar whenever you use cure magic, and boosts your strength by 6 and AP by 10, giving you more ability slots.

This is why the Orichalcum Ring is so wonderful:

You don’t have to grind to get them; they’re just waiting to be photographed on various emblems. significantly boosts sturdiness and AP Supports Stacking Cure Converter to expedite the process of

7. A Ring of Knowledge


All you magicians out there, this ring is for you. Once you’ve taken photos of 45 lucky emblems, you’ll unlock the ability to synthesize this item using Moogles. It increases your AP by 10, allowing you to maximize the magic boost by equipping some MP-related abilities, and it adds a solid 5 points to your magic stat. It also comes with the rare ability Wizard’s Ruse, which gives Sora the chance to regain HP whenever he uses MP in combat. In the event of a lengthy boss fight or if you’re attempting a Pro Code playthrough with the DLC, this can prove invaluable.

Just a few reasons why Wisdom Ring is so awesome:

Gives your magic a huge boost. Boosts AP The Wizard’s Ruse Abilities

6. Royal Ribbon


Armor that boosts your defense by 4 and your elemental defenses by 40 percent; it’s like the big brother to that Ribbon we mentioned earlier. This, like the Ribbon, can be stacked, so you can either keep the original equipped to boost your elemental defenses even further or swap it out for someone in your party who isn’t as defensive (looking at you, Donald). The only way to obtain this item in the game is to use your Gummi Phone to take pictures of 70 special emblems hidden throughout the world.

Several reasons why Royal Ribbon is awesome:

High, stackable resistance to the elements Stronger defenses We can skip the synthesis grinding.

5. Cosmic Belt


This armor is ideal for those who aren’t particularly vulnerable to elemental attacks but could still benefit from a boost to their regular defenses. It’s got you covered with a 10% increase to all types of elemental defense, and its 6 defense bonus will be especially helpful against later-game bosses. When combined with the Royal Ribbon, you’ll be completely protected. Get it by completing Battlegate 2 and taking pictures of 65 lucky emblems, and use them to strengthen your party.

Reasons to love Cosmic Belt :

Greatly improved defenses No pulverizing of synthesis Two is enough to ensure that you’re covered in all situations.

4. Flanniversary Badge


Even if you ignore the fact that the Flanniversary Badge is shaped like a bowl of pudding and tastes like heaven, it serves a number of practical purposes. The accessory’s charm lies in its abilities, not its modest strength and defense boost of 4. Sora can quickly regain lost MP with MP Thrift, and cast spells for less total cost with MP Hastera. This is great for a wide variety of uses, such as casting cure multiple times during a particularly challenging boss fight or unleashing a flurry of magic attacks to deal with a large group of enemies at once. Once you’ve completed all of the Flantastic Seven and earned a perfect score, you’ll unlock this bonus item.

The many merits of the Flanniversary Badge

Boosts power and defense to a respectable degree. With its two features, your MP drain will be slowed and it will be replenished quickly if it ever gets low. Once again, the dish could easily pass for a rich pudding. It’s hard to find fault with anything about it.

3. Breakthrough


To obtain this DLC-only accessory, you must complete one of the final two Data fights in the Re:Mind DLC. It provides a massive 7 to strength and 15 to AP. One of the best skills to have if you plan on taking on powerful bosses is Cure Converter, which comes standard. If you want to increase your firepower, it’s worth it to purchase this accessory and use it in tandem with armor that increases your defenses.

Several reasons why Breakthrough is awesome:

Because of its massive strength increase, Sora will be able to strike harder than ever before with this. The Cure Converter is an extremely difficult to obtain perk that provides a significant advantage in boss fights.

2. Mickey Clasp 


You won’t be able to get the Mickey Clasp until late in the game, after you’ve photographed all 90 lucky emblems. It’s well worth it, as you gain two extremely potent magical abilities in addition to moderate increases in strength and magic. Since Endless Magic allows you to continue a magic combo even after a finishing move would normally end it, and since MP Hastega is the game’s most powerful MP replenishment ability, you can expect to see a lot of use out of both of these skills. If you’re a magic user, you should combine this with MP enhancements for maximum effectiveness, as it can deal significant damage on its own.

The many virtues of Mickey Clap

Reasonable increases in stats and magic power When you combine your two magical skills, you’ll turn into a magical automaton. There is no need for grinding synthesis ingredients.

1.Crystal Regalia


It should come as no surprise that the Crystal Regalia tops this particular chart. There’s only ever one of these, and it’s unlocked once Battlegate 14 has been vanquished. It gives you a massive 5 Strength and 5 Magic plus 16 AP. It’s the best single-accessory stat boost in the game, and if you also happen to own the bundled DLC, it’s the best boost in the game period. Once you’ve defeated the final DLC boss, you’ll unlock the Crystal Regalia , which grants an additional 6 strength and magic and a massive 25 AP boost. The Crystal Regalia comes with MP Hastega in both versions, so you can put your increased magic into good use and cast a barrage of spells.

A few reasons why Crystal Regalia is fantastic:

Possesses a significant increase in both power and magic increase in AP allows for more abilities Possesses the unusual MP Hastega talent