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Best Greatsword for PvE in Dark Souls – To this day, few games have captured the raw intensity of melee combat as well asEvil Hearts. Released by From Software in 2011, this game has since become one of the best in the history of video games, with many newer games attempting to replicate its groundbreaking design.Blackened HeartsIt’s hard to think of a more famous or cherished title.

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No doubt the fighting inDreadful Spiritsis a big reason why people all over the world have been enjoying this game so much. The vast arsenals available in these games gave rise to this trend, as they allowed players to experiment with unique strategies based on their physical attributes.

Nonetheless, the enormous scale ofDreadful SpiritsBecause of the community’s efforts, the best weapons for quickly and easily wiping out large numbers of foes have been identified. Having said that, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten PvE weapons inEvil Hearts.

10 Balder Side Sword


The Balder Side Sword, one of the game’s best early-game Dexterity weapons, is a safe bet for anyone looking to quickly and easily dispatch their foes.

There’s no denying that the blade’s usefulness more than makes up for the time players need to invest in getting it, barring a stroke of luck. However, the drop rate of this weapon isn’t all that great, leading to a rather frustrating hunt for this blade.

9 Black Knight Greatsword


When it comes to weapons, the Black Knight’s are the best of the best.Blackened Hearts, and one could probably fill this whole thing up with nothing but Black Knight weapons.

Given this, the Black Knight Greatsword is an excellent weapon to bring on a run if you don’t want to give up too much speed but still need a good amount of damage.

8 Quelaag”s Furysword


Although some people may disagree with the effectiveness of Chaos weapons,Evil HeartsIn spite of this, many fans will still have a hard time discounting Quelaag’s Furysword.

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The benefits of using this weapon outweigh the fact that they require players to always have 10 Humanity on hand. The Furysword, wielded by Quelaag, has a fantastic and dependable set of attacks, and its fire damage is enough to completely destroy most foes and bosses.

7 Zweihander


Many accomplished musicians prefer playing the Zweihander.In the Company of Dark SoulsIt’s easy to see why this weapon is so popular, as it makes short work of most enemies and even bosses.

Veterans of the series generally favor this weapon due to its dependable moveset, high level of upgrades, and early availability.

6 Uchigatana


When planning a build focused on Dexterity, the Uchigatana is hard to beat. Obtaining the Uchigatana early on requires the player to kill a merchant NPC, which may seem unnecessary, but the weapon is well worth it.

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The Uchigatana is usable in PvE and PvP due to its high Dexterity scaling, solid moveset, and unexpectedly long reach.

5 Moonlight Greatsword


The Moonlight Greatsword has stood the test of time for a reason.Soulsborne franchise. Truth be told, this weapon has immense utility, and those aiming for an Intelligence build will unquestionably be able to make the most of this legendary greatsword.

Having such a stunning blade in one’s hands certainly helps one’s appearance, but the real benefit comes from the player’s ability to effortlessly and swiftly annihilate anyone in their path.

4 Murakumo


If you’re looking to use a heavy weapon in your playthrough, the Murakumo is a good option thanks to having some of the highest damage stats possible by the endgame.

Though acquiring this weapon may involve some drudgery on your part, the payoff will be well worth the effort.

3 Claymore


Among the finest firearms ever created, the Claymore ranks high.Evil Heartsby a wide margin; many former players who yearned to return to the series favored this particular longsword.

One of the game’s best weapons, thanks to a repertoire that includes everything from close-quarters strikes to crowd-clearing slashes.

2 Lifehunt Scythe


In spite of the fact that the Great Scythe may have more fans, many players believe the Lifehunt Scythe is far superior due to its many useful bonuses.

Since this is one of only two weapons in the game that can cause 50% Bleed Damage, most monsters will be reduced to a writhing mess after taking a few hits from it.

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Bleeding is a side effect of this weapon, but it can be easily dealt with if the player has the right gear and resistances.

1 Black Knight Halberd


The Black Knight Halberd is so effective that even seasoned speedrunners will use it consistently throughout the entire game.

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The slowness of its attacks is offset by the incredible destructive force of its massive weight and blade. Because this weapon can be upgraded relatively easily in the beginning of the game, players will start out with a huge destructive tool at their disposal and a large number of enemies at their mercy.

What is the best greatsword in Dark Souls for beginners?

Dark Souls: The 10 Best Weapons, Ranked | ScreenRant
To those new to Dark Souls, what is the best greatsword to start out with?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for players to reach Dark Souls only to perish at the hands of the game’s hardest boss. Know which greatsword is the best for you in Dark Souls so you can make it through the game’s first several hours unscathed. Players have access to a wide variety of customization options and weaponry. If you’re new to Dark Souls, I have some suggestions for your first greatsword.

  • Just try different things and see what happens.
  • Think about how you normally play.
  • It’s important to pick the right weapon for the job.
  • Be familiar with your foe.
  • The weapon you pick should feel good in your hands.

What is the best greatsword for PvP in Dark Souls?

Dark Souls: 20 Best Dexterity Weapons, Ranked
When it comes to Dark Souls, which greatsword is ideal for combat?

PvP has all the makings of a fantastic game, whether you’re playing solo or against other players online. Those who like competing against other people will enjoy reading this wiki. Discover the best items for player versus player combat right here. You can get high-quality PvP equipment without breaking the bank. Many low-priced choices perform as well as, or even better than, their more expensive counterparts.

What is the best greatsword for farming in Dark Souls?

Dark Souls: 15 Best Strength Weapons, Ranked
If you’re looking for the best greatsword for farming in Dark Souls, what would you recommend?

Following the defeat of the game’s final boss, players in Dark Souls 3 will be able to engage in “farming,” or the collection of weapons and souls. This is useful for leveling up before facing the final boss, and it’s also good practice, since each weapon is handled differently. It’s all fun and games until you get lost on your way back to Firelink Shrine (the ToB farming spot), where you harvested those items.

The location of the Firelink Altar entrance next to the fire makes this a breeze. You can’t miss it, as it’s right next to a huge tower-looking building and serves as a convenient detour back to the temple. Climb the tower’s ladder to the very top and look to the left, as this is the general direction in which players should proceed. The aforementioned Firelink Altar can be found through an open window in that room.

Conclusion The Post Dark Souls Best Greatsword Pve

Many players strive to earn the title of “Best Greatsword PvE in Dark Souls.” Greatswords are formidable blades that can swiftly and efficiently dispatch their foes. Darkslayer is the best greatsword for player-versus-environment play in Dark Souls. It’s ideal for combat because it deals a lot of damage and stays in the field for a while.