Updated at: 12-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Proms have evolved into increasingly elaborate affairs over time. Things have certainly changed since I went to prom in the 2000s, from elaborate proposals to extravagant evening gowns. However, the most worn prom dress of 2016 demonstrates that simplicity is often best. Lyst’s data, as reported by Fashionista, shows that the most sought-after prom dress style this year is the free-flowing boho fantasy. No, this is not the fancy beaded style of yesteryear. Instead, I’ve noticed a beautiful trend in prom dresses lately: they’re getting simpler.

The evolution of the prom dress is something to marvel at. Duct tape dresses and spaghetti straps can safely be considered vintage. Crop top prom sets, which are both fun and unique in their design, and the sparkling, bejeweled dresses that have long been a prom staple, both appear to be having a moment. Dress-wise, however, it seems like anything goes in today’s prom scene.

What’s this? Another fad in prom gowns? A key feature of Lyst is online purchasing. While many ladies still prefer to shop in-person at formal wear boutiques, an increasing number are instead purchasing their dresses online. The most popular prom dress of 2016 appears to have been bought from the online retailer ASOS. Snagging a dress online is easy if you know what you’re doing and have good advice on how to shop online.


Pink Strappy Backless Maxi Dress with Tulle Embellishments by Needle & Thread, $300 on Lyst

The most popular dress for the prom can be purchased for only $300 from the store Needle & Thread. This free-flowing, bohemian-style dress is a steal compared to the average price of $720 for a prom gown, as reported by Fashionista. The site also notes that popular searches for prom dresses include popular fashion labels like Halston and Marchesa. Considering the other expenditures, a $300 dress is practically cheap.


Needle & Thread’s Pink Maxi Dress with Backless Straps and Tulle Embellishment, $300 on Lyst

One of the most terrifying things for women attending prom is the fear of rocking the same gown as someone else, but this most affordable dress should definitely be on your list as a potential dress. If you like the way this dress flows, you will also like these variations.

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Price: $109.95 at David’s Bridal, strapless chiffon prom dress with beaded sash.

The same lovely color, with a touch of decoration added to the sash. Especially nice if you prefer a strapless look.

Short & Sweet


Dress, Needle & Thread, $369, Fit & Flare, Tulle, Beaded, Needle & Thread, Nordstrom

You can see why this dress is a fantastic option. It’s the same label, but with a shorter hem that’s great for the dance floor.

Spaghetti Strap & Exposed Back


White Dress That Glitters Like a Bridal Diamond, $325, ModCloth

While it is true that this dress is part of Modcloth’s bridal collection, it is nearly perfect and will allow you to stand out from the crowd even among those who order the Needle & Thread gown.

Simple & Chic

Giselle Ballet Maxi Dress by Needle & Thread, $219 at ASOS

You’ll stand out from the crowd in this easygoing dress because of how stylishly simple it is.