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We’re here to help.

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Tech can be brought to us, or we can travel to your house to set up or fix devices. Make plans for a home visit or store consultation right away.


Total Tech Support

Learn more about Total Tech Support, a membership service that will assist you with any electronic device in your home, regardless of where you purchased it.

Find out more about Complete Tech Help


Free In-Home Consultation

Planning to purchase some cutting-edge home gear? Our In-House Consultant can travel to your residence to present options and formulate a unique strategy.

Find out more about our Free In-Home Assessment today!

Cell Phone Services

No matter where you bought your phone, we’ll fix it. Broken screens, malfunctioning displays, insufficient battery life, etc.

In many areas, we can fix your Apple device the same day. 1Reservation required; see disclaimer 1 Replacement iPhone screens start at $129 in Apple’s online store.

Prepare a booking.

Computer & Tablet Services

We’ll help you set up, safeguard, and fix your laptop, tablet, or desktop. Installation of Wi-Fi, elimination of viruses, and retrieval of lost data are just some of the services we offer. Price reductions for new device setup start at only $39.99.

TV & Home Theater Services

We will hang your TV, link it to your devices, and set up your wireless network. The price to mount a TV begins at $129.99. In addition, we fix televisions.

Smart Home Services

Together, we can make your smart home a reality. We can set up all kinds of smart home features, including video doorbells, locks, cameras, and light switches and thermostats. Rates for these services begin at $99.99.

Appliance Services

No matter where you purchased your major or minor appliance, our technicians can fix it. Basic installation is typically provided at no cost when an appliance is delivered.

Portable Audio Services

We will help you set up your new MP3 player or iPod. We can also fit your car with an MP3 player interface.

Video Game Services

We specialize in repairing gaming consoles and can also set up your home network and devices. Your old gaming system’s data can be transferred here as well.

Camera & Camcorder Services

If your camera, lenses, or camcorder are broken, we can fix them! If you’ve lost photos or videos, we can get them back for you.

About Geek Squad

Best Buy lisbdnet.com boasts that Geek Squad’s Agents are available online, over the phone, in-home, and at the store to provide unrivaled support for your electronic devices and home appliances. Agents are on call around the clock, every day of the year. Geek Squad is a service that fixes and sets up electronics such as computers, tablets, televisions, home theaters, mobile devices, cameras, camcorders, portable audio, smart home, and video games. In need of a TV wall mount? Get that broken appliance fixed, would you? Do you have car stereo equipment? Can I get my broken iPhone or Android fixed? No matter where you bought your device, Geek Squad is here to help.

We’re happy to offer you advice.

Learn how to use and troubleshoot your computer, mobile phone, smart home device, and more with these helpful hints from the Geek Squad. If you’re looking for more information, you can also visit our Geek Squad Intelligence blog, where we cover a wide range of topics in in-depth articles, forums, and FAQs.

We’ll help protect your products.

Your tech will continue to function as new even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, thanks to Geek Squad Protection.

Have questions about your tech?

Make an appointment to speak with a Geek Squad Agent in person at your local Best Buy. Any issues or questions you have with your product will be addressed. To help you get the most out of your gadgets, electronics, and home appliances, we’re here to assist you. We can also point you in the direction of exciting new technological developments and help you stay abreast of any relevant developments in the field.

All deals and prices are subject to alteration. A Top Pick for 2017! Each and every one of your rights are protected. Best Buy and its subsidiaries own the trademarks BEST BUY and its logo, the Tag Design, My Best Buy, and lisbdnet.com.COM.

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One, it only applies to a few models of smartphones. You have until the end of the day (wherever you are) to return the device. The use of a reservation system is required. When they’re gone, they’re gone; no reservations. If the device is not severely damaged and all of the required parts are readily available, most repairs can be finished on the same day. Mail-in exchanges can be time-consuming and possibly necessary for some repairs. Talk to a staff member if you need further clarification.