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In DS3, rings play the same pivotal role they do in every other souls game.

Since FromSoftware was in a giving mood, they gave us four ring slots to play with this time!

While the likes of the ring of favor and the chloranthy ring are surefire go-tos, there are a plethora of additional, less conventional possibilities that are just as entertaining to experiment with.

Here I will discuss some of the most useful, intriguing, and potentially game-changing options for your builds.

15/14. Skull Ring and Calamity Ring

Let’s get the mood set with a humorous example, andnotfor the vast majority of players

Some people find Dark Souls to be too easy. Here’s where this duo comes in handy.

Your enemies will be able to locate you more easily thanks to the skull ring, and they will focus on you rather than other targets.

The disaster bracelet forces you to act Doubling the harm.

I dare anyone reading this to give it a shot; you might need an extra controller or two, but you won’t regret it.

Methods of obtaining (Skull ring): This item can be obtained by killing Ludleth (He will respawn).

In order to acquire a Calamity ring, one must: In order to call upon the drakeblood knight, make the path of the dragon gesture in front of the dragon statue on archdragon peak.

13. Sages Ring


The time has come to get down to business.

It’s possible that some players don’t realize that your dexterity level affects your casting speed up to level 50 for all schools of magic.

You don’t want to make 50 tiers, do you? It’s no sweat! There is where the brilliance of this ring can be best appreciated.

A wearer of the Sage’s Ring receives “virtual” dex, effectively increasing their casting speed without receiving actual stat points.

When you add 2, you get inconceivable 40 arbitrary virtual dex! With only 10 points left, you’re very close to reaching the limit.

Where to find:The original version can be located in a ruined room off to the left of the Road of Sacrifices’ crab-infested waters. In the charred remains of the king’s garden, you’ll find the 2 version on the crumbling staircase.“(needs NG )”

12. Dusk Crown Ring


As we continue in the realm of magic, the dusk crown ring lowers the FP of all spells at the cost of 15% of your maximum HP.

This is scary, and it’s probably why the ring isn’t used more often, but most people who use magic (especially sorcerers) aren’t very reliable to begin with, especially in NG and beyond.

The FP savings from the dusk crown will be greatly appreciated if you frequently cast spells.

Tips on Obtaining: In a dungeon cell beneath Irithyll.

11. Leo Ring


You can tell I have a thing for Leos if you’ve read any of my lists in the past.

It increases the damage done by 15% for thrust weapons used to counter an opponent mid-attack animation.

This ring is a great addition to any weapon that frequently stabs.

Since they rely solely on thrust, and can often outrange their opponents even as they attack, spears benefit the most.

When it comes to food, nothing beats a hollow whoomph A sound that plays when a counterattack is successfully executed.

The steps to take to obtain: On the second floor of the Irithyll, in the silver knight room, is a chest containing some valuables.

10. Hawk Ring


a necessity for anyone who uses a bow.

The hawk ring’s unique effect is to increase the effective range of arrows, and by a fair margin, too!

However, the hawk ring also increases the distance before an arrow’s damage begins to drop off, so they can still deal full damage even when fired from a great distance.

Because of this ring, you can make long-range sniping builds, which are a blast to use to attack other players.

Instructions on Obtaining: If you kill the friendly giant in the undead settlement, or if he dies of old age later in the game, he’ll drop this item.

9. Knight Slayer’s Ring


Although it’s a much more situational choice, I always have the knight slayer in my back pocket whenever I’m engaging in PvP.

Its effect reduces the enemy’s endurance plummet when blocking your attacks, making it great for punishing players who spam their shields, and landing you a riposte 9 times out of 10.

It also has uses in the game proper, particularly against Lothric knights armed with spears or the dreaded mace cathedral knights.

Where to find: Left behind by the knight-killer Tsorig in the underground tunnels of Carthus.

8. Farron Ring


The Farron ring’s lack of flashiness belies the versatility it has afforded me in construction.

It makes weapon skills 25% cheaper to use, so you can spam your fancy ones without completely draining your FP pool.

It works wonders with all sorts of blades, including Friede’s great scythe, a frayed blade, a ringed knight’s weapon, an onyx blade, and so on.

Try it out; the extra uses of your skills could prove decisive in a fight.

The steps to take to obtain: After you have vanquished the abyss watchers, make your way to Hawkwood in Firelink.

7. Red Tearstone Ring


The RTSR gives a huge 20% damage buff to players who play on the edge while low on health with the caveat that it only applies when your HP is 20% or lower.

To use this ring effectively requires a lot of confidence, but the reward for doing so is a huge increase in damage output.

The RTSR will always hold a special place in the hearts of Dark Souls players, as it is an essential part of one-shot builds.

Where to find: In the room adjacent to the boss fight involving the dragonslayer armor, in Lothric Castle.

6. Lloyd’s Sword Ring


Lloyd’s sword ring, on the other hand, is a reward for exemplary performance that grants a 10% damage bonus while at full health.full HP.

Although the increase is less significant than the RTSR, it ismuchsimple to activate, and you can take damage without dying right away.

This is fantastic for long-range builds like bows and sorceries, which prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible.

Where to find: The first time you see a giant is in the Cathedral of the Deep.

5. Pontiff’s Right Eye


Pontiff’s right eye, the last of the damage enhancers, grants bonuses to damage dealt if you keep attacking.

Its effect, which increases attack power while attacking, ranges from 3% to 10%.

Depending on the weapon, the effect will go off every three to five hits, but it will only work with melee weapons.

It’s still fantastic for spamming weapons like daggers and straight swords.

Where to find: The Irithyll, which can be accessed by killing the Sulyvahn’s beast on the starting bridge.

4. Carthus Bloodring


Important public service announcement: you can buy this ring.

Carthus’s blood ring is so odd and so limited in scope, and thus largely ignored by the general public.

A devastating reduction in your resistance to damage is one of the effects of this item 30% instead of lowering it, but increasing your i-frames while rolling by a factor of 1.3.

It sees limited use in PvP, but it really comes into its own when racing through heavily populated areas, at least in my experience.

If I hadn’t had this ring, I wouldn’t have made it across the terrifying double angel bridge run in the ringed city downloadable content.

It’s also helpful to have on hand if you’re having trouble with a boss fight or are at a high enough NG level to be one-shot regardless.

What you need to know to: Discovered in the Carthus catacombs, past the skeleton wheel and the slime.

3. Silvercat Ring


The silvercat ring, while not as essential as it was in DS2, still has some interesting uses.

If a fall wouldn’t kill you instantly, the rings effect would cause you to take significantly more time than usual to recover. Fortunately, it caused no harm. It’s a lot of fun to leap from a tall building, free-fall for a few seconds, and land with full health.

You can use it to your advantage in PvP invasions, where it will allow you to be a real pain in the neck and, on occasion, lure other players into a fatal fall.

What you need to know to: Sirris presented it to me at Firelink after I assisted her in eliminating Creighton on the bridge to Irithyll.

2. Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring


It’s the ideal ring for making a stealthy entrance.

When you’re wearing the sleeping dragoncrest ring, your every step and roll goes completely silent. It has the added benefit of disguising other visual cues that might alert intruders to your presence, such as tears of denial.

Although it isn’t very useful on its own, when combined with the other set of stealth rings, it forms an essential part of the infuriating invader rig.

Where to find: As a thank you for purchasing the “gimmick” spells (aural decoy, Farron flashsword, pestilent mist, and spook), Orbeck bestows upon you the following.

1. Obscuring Ring


Let’s face it: toying with others is hilarious.

The obscuring ring will be an excellent aid in this endeavor.

Causes you to completely Players more than 10 meters away can’t see you. When worn in conjunction with the hawk ring, you can pepper your enemies without leaving a trace.

Enjoy yourself as their character spins in circles trying to locate the source of your arrows.

Further your stealth by donning the silvercat and the sleeping Dragoncrest ring to become an untraceable ninja.

And a major source of irritation.

Where to find: Complete Rosaria’s Fingers Covenant Level 1.

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